Sr.No Author Name Discipline Enrollment No. Title
1 Pintu Kumar Kundu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604001 Diversity Oriented Synthetic Strategies For Functionalized Organo-Silicon Compounds And Their Applications
2 Prasuna Koshy Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604002 Structural Evaluation In Surfactant Assemblies And Their Application In Nanomaterials Synthesis For Biomedical Application
3 Naresh Kumar Jena Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604003 Computational Investigations On The Structure And Reactivity Of Nanomaterials
4 Sanyasinaidu Boddu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604004 Synthesis And Characterization Of Lanthanide Ions Doped Nanomaterials
5 Arup K. Pathak Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604005 Microsolvation Of Charged And Neutral Species: A Theoretical Study
6 Amit Kunwar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604006 Cellular Localisaton, Pro-Oxidant/Anti-Oxidant Effects Of Natural Products And Organometallics In Normal And Tumor Cells
7 Sumana Sengupta Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604007 Gas-Phase Chemistry Of Atmospherically Important Compounds
8 Sandeep Verma Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604008 Ultrafast Interfacial Electron Transfer Dynamics In Dye-Sensitized Semiconductor Nano-Materials
9 Sreejith Kaniyankandy Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604009 Charge Transfer Dynamics In Quantum Dot & Quantum Dot Based Nanostructures
10 Atindra Mohan Banerjee Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604010 Synthesis, Characterization And Catalytic Activity Of Novel Mixed Oxides For Energy And Environmental Related Reactions
11 Vaidehi Sharan Tripathi Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604011 Experimental And Data Modeling Methods For Targeted Water Chemistry Studies Related With Nuclear Power Reactors
12 Dibakar Goswami Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604012 Asymmetric Strategies For The Synthesis Of Biologically Relevant Molecules
13 Rakesh Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604013 Synthesis And Characterization Of Membrane Supported Metal Nanoparticles
14 Satinath Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604014 Theory And Modelling Of Nucleation And Interfacial Phenomena
15 Sumit Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604015 Equilibrium And Kinetic Studies Of Sorption Of Actinides And Fission Products At Solid/Liquid Interface
16 Neetika Rawat Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604016 Thermodynamics Of Complexation Of Actinides And Lanthanides With Ligands Relevant To Environmental And Separation Science
17 Aishwarya Soumitra Kar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604017 Speciation Of Actinides And Lanthanides: Spectroscopic And Modeling Studies
18 Manoj Mohapatra Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604018 Spectroscopic Investigation Of Radiation Induced Effects In Borosilicate Glasses Used For Immobilization Of Nuclear Wastes
19 K. Tirumalesh Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604019 Characterisation Of Ground Water In The Coastal Aquifers Of Pondicherry Region Using Chemical Isotopic And Geochemical Modeling Approaches
20 Ramanjaneyulu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604020 Chemical Characterization Of Nuclear Materials For Trace Elements
21 Ankita Rao Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604021 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Of Metal Ions From Various Matrices
22 Subrata Dutta Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604022 Studies On The Separation Of Carrier Free Y-90 From Sr-90 Using Diglycolamide Extractants
23 Aditi Chakrabarty Patra Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604023 Disequilibrium Of Naturally Occuring Radionuclides And Distribution Of Trace Elements In A Highly Mineralised Zone
24 Raja Kishora Lenka Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604025 Nano Electroceramics For Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
25 M. R. Gonal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604026 Preparation Of Bulk High Temperature Super Conductors By Textured Growth Techniques, And Their Characterization
26 Ramani Venugopalan Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604027 Development Of Carbon Based Materials With Sic Coating For High Temperature Nuclear Applications
27 R. Govindan Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604028 Electroanalytical Chemistry Of Nuclear Materials
28 Sangita Dhara Lenka Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604029 Analytical Characterization Of Technologically Important Materials Using Txrf And Edxrf
29 P.G. Jaison Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604030 Trace Analysis Of Lanthanides And Actinides Using Liquid Chromatography
30 Arnab Sarkar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604031 Laser Induced Break Down Spectroscopic Studies For Material Characterization
31 Manoj Kumar Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604032 Synthesis, Characterization And Electrochemical Applications Of Nanomaterials
32 Sanju Francis Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604033 Studies On Radiation Induced Synthesis, Thermal Behavior And Applications Of Polydiallyldimethylammonium Chloride System
33 Dayamoy Banerjee Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604035 Physico-Chemical Studies On The Recovery And Immobilization Of Radio-Cesium
34 Madhava B. Mallia Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604036 Synthesis And Evaluation Of 99Mtc(Co)3 Complexes Of Differently Substituted Nitromidazoles As Agents For Targeting Tumor Hypoxia
35 Anupam Mathur Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604037 Design And Evaluation Of Novel Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals Based On 99Mtc-Nitrido([99Mtc=N]2+) Core
36 Vinit Kumar Mittal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200604038 Antimony Adsorption And Its Inhibition Of Carbon Steel And Magnetite Surfaces In Chemical Decontamination Process
37 Charu Dwivedi Chemical Sciences CHEM01200704001 Development Of Novel Sorbent Beads For Removal Of Radionuclides And Organic Contaminants
38 Pankaj Kandwal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200704002 Studies On The Separtion Of Cesium And Strontium From Acidic Solutions Using Liquid Membranes
39 Rohit Singh Chauhan Chemical Sciences CHEM01200704003 Organometallic Chemistry Of Platinum Group Chalcogenolates: Synthesis, Structure And Spectroscopy
40 Monali Shankarrao Kadu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200704005 Photodissociation Dynamics Of Polyatomic Molecules In Gas-Phase
41 Sibanarayan Tripathy Chemical Sciences CHEM01200704006 Development Of Asymmetric Routes To Biologically Active Cyclic Molecules: Synthesis Of Carbocycles And Heterocycles
42 Seemita Banerjee Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804001 Studies On Advanced Materials For Hydrogen Storage
43 Prabhat Kumar Singh Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804002 Studies On The Dynamics Of Ultrafast Photoinduced Processes In Condensed Phase Using Thioflavin- T And Coumarin As The Probes
44 K Srinivasu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804003 Theoretical Studies On Novel Molecular Systems And Nanomaterials For Hydrogen Energy Applications
45 Jayashree Biswal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804004 A Study On Synthesis Of Silver And Gold Nanoparticles By Employing Gamma Radiation, Their Characterization And Applications
46 Narender Kumar Goel Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804005 Study Of Radiation Induced Polymerization Of Quaternary Ammonium Based Monomers For Biomedical And Environmental Applications
47 Sandeep Kumar Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804006 Study Of Nanostructures Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
48 Chhavi Agarwal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804007 Nondestructive Assay Of Nuclear Materials By Gamma Ray Spectrometry
49 Rubel Chakravarty Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804008 Development Of Radionuclide Generators For Biomedical Applications
50 Raghunath Chowdhury Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804009 Michael Addition Reaction For The Synthesis Of Functionalised Organic Molecules And Their Applications
51 Sadhan Bijoy Deb Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804010 Synthesis, Characterization And Coordination Chemistry Of Hard And Soft Donor Ligands With Lanthanides And Actinides
52 Poonam Verma Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804011 Studies On Photoinduced Electron Transfer And Charge Transfer Processes Involving Organic Donor-Acceptor Systems, Lanthanide Complexes And Uranyl Ions
53 Pranaw Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804012 Chromatographic And Mass Spectrometric Studies For Lanthanides, Actinides And Platinum Group Elements
54 Ritesh Ruhela Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804013 Synthesis And Evaluation Of Novel Reagents For Separation Of Palladium From High Level Liquid Waste
55 Surajit Panja Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804014 Studies On The Transport Behaviour Of Actinides And Lanthanides Across Supported Liquid Membranes Containing Di-Glycolamide Carriers
56 Ajay Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804015 Study Of Long-Term Behaviour Of Actinides In The Tropical Marine Ecosystem Of Trombay
57 P. Kothai Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804016 Chemical Characterization Of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Using Nuclear Analytical Technique And Source Apportionment Studies
58 Sureshkumar m k Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804017 Application Of Biomaterials And Nanomaterials In Enviromental Remediation
59 Saikat Kumar Nandy Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804018 Novel Synthesis And Purification Process For Pet-Radiopharmaceuticals For Rapid And Convenient Production
60 Amit Das Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804019 X-Ray Crystallographic Studies On Hiv-1 Protease
61 Sujoy Biswas Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804020 Extraction And Separation Studies Of Uranium And Thorium From Various Aqueous Media Using Organophosphorous Extractants
62 Manoj Kumar Tripathy Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804021 Theoretical Studies On Molecular Interactions Under Nanoconfinement And Catalytic Properties Of Nanoclusters
63 Chinagandham Rajesh Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804024 Theoretical Studies On Molecular Interactions With Free Clusters And Clusters On Surface
64 Sachin Gajanan Mhatre Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804025 Development Of New Chemical Dosimeters For Radiation Processing Applications
65 Neelam Shivran Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804026 Synthesis Of Functional Bodipy Molecules For Multiple Applications
66 Neelam Kumari Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804027 Nn-Dialkylamides As Alternative Extractants In Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
67 Manju Taxak Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804028 Interaction Of Hydrogen With Tantalum Metal And Its Alloys
68 Kavita Garg Chemical Sciences CHEM01200804029 Synthesis And Fabrication Of Molecules For Molecular Electronic Devices And Sensors
69 Jyoti Prakash Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904001 Development Of Oraganosilicon Compounds : Derving Sic Coating, Nanomaterials And Ceramic Composites
70 Deepak Kumar Sahoo Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904002 Study On Electrodeposition Of Light Rare Earth Metals And Alloys From Molten Chloride Electrolytes
71 Sanu S. Raj Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904003 Synthesis Of Oxide Based Systems: Search For Novel Optical Materials For Radiation Dosimetry
72 Siddhartha Kolay Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904004 Synthesis, Characterization And Thermal Studies Of Cyclometalated Palladium And Platinum Complexes Derived From Chalcogen Ligands
73 Saurav Kumar Guin Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904005 Template-Free Electrosynthesis Of Metal Nanoparticles
74 Jyoti Tripathi Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904006 Impact Of Radiation Processing On Some Phytochemical Constituents Of Selected Indian Vegetables And Their Products
75 Priya Maheshwari Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904007 Study Of Nanoscale Materials Using Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy
76 Rajib Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904008 Ultrafast Excited State Dynamics Of Intramolecular Charge Transfer Molecules In Solution
77 Remya Devi P.S. Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904009 Synthesis, Characterization And Applications Of Polymeric Sorbents
78 Sanjay Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904010 Studies On Hydrogen Interaction With Vanadium And Vanadium-Aluminium Alloys
79 Manjulata Sahu Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904011 Thermodynamics And Solid State Properties Of Complex Oxides Involving Transition Metal, Rare Earth And Actinide Oxides
80 Shikha Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904012 Synthesis Of Novel Extractants For Back-End Fuel Technology
81 Sumit Chhillar Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904013 Development And Applications Of Particle Induced Gamma-Ray Emission Methods For Low Z Elements
82 Debashree Manna Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904014 Electronic Structure, Bonding And Properties Of Novel Lanthanide And Actinide Complexes Involving Various Ligands And Clusters
83 K.V. Vivekananda Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904015 Synthesis And Characterization Of Multinuclear/ Supra-Molecular Complexes Of Platinum Group Metals With Chalcogen Ligands
84 Gangamallaiah Velpula Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904016 Solute Rotation And Photoisomerization In Complex Fluids
85 Jerina Majeed Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904017 Nanostructures For Bioapplication And Toxic Species Remediation
86 Shagufta Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904018 Corrosion Of Austenitic Stainless Steels In Nitric Acid At Transpassive Potentials: Effect Of Material And Process Parameters
87 Monika Gupta Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904019 Synthesis, Photo-Physical And Laser Characterization Of Fluorescent Dyes
88 Sh. Yusufali C. Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904020 Interaction Of Aluminide Coated Ni-Cr-Fe Based Superalloy Substrates With Simulated Nuclear Waste And Borosilicate Glass
89 Katari Vasundhara Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904021 Preparation And Characterization Of New Oxide Ion Conducting And Dielectric Materials With Fluorite And Perovskite Related Structures
90 Mohmed Ahmed Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904022 Spectroscopic Studies On Interactions Of Ions, Water And Biomolecules And Applications
91 Avishek Pal Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904023 Development And Characterization Of Charged Membranes For Separation Studies
92 Suman Rana Chemical Sciences CHEM01200904024 Synthesis,Characterization And Biomedical Applications Of Surface Functionalized Nanoparticles
93 Sucheta Biswas Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004001 Asymmetric Synthesis Of Bioactive Polyols
94 Soumitra Das Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004002 Study Of Laser-Cluster Interaction In Gas Phase
95 Brindaban Modak Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004003 Theoretical Studies On Materials For Hydrogen Energy Applications
96 Ankur Saha Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004004 Laser-Induced Photodissociation Of Halogenated Molecules In Gas Phase: Dynamics Of Oh & X(Cl,Br) Formation
97 Anil Boda Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004005 Studies On Selected Metal Complexes: Computational And Experiments
98 Pradeep Samui Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004006 Thermodynamic And Phase Diagram Investigations Of Lead]Bismuth Interaction With Cladding And Fuel Materials
99 Dibyendu Bandyopadhyay Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004007 Structure And Dynamics Of Water In Bulk And At Molecular And Nanoscopic Interfaces: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
100 Debashis Banerjee Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004008 Study Of Group-Ivb Metal Oxides In Bulk And Lower Dimension Using Perturbed G-G Angular Correlation Technique
101 Jagannath Datta Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004009 Some Studies On The Synthesis And Characterization Of Ncd/Uncd Thin Films Deposited Over Various Substrates
102 Deepak Tyagi Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004010 Development Of Catalysts For Hydriodic Acid Decomposition Reaction For Hydrogen Generation From Thermochemical Cycles
103 Vikas Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004011 Synthesis, Evaluation And Theoretical Studies Of Calix-Crown Based Ligands For Cesium Recovery From Acidic Media
104 Komal Chandra Shrivastava Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004012 Physico-Chemical Investigations Of Different Materials Of Relevance In Nuclear Technology
105 Mohini Guleria Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004013 Development Of Diagnostic And Therapeutic Radiotracers For Targeting Tumors Using Different Approaches
106 Ruma Chandra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004014 Preparation, Characterization And Electrochemical Applications Of Modified Electrodes
107 Sumana Paul Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004015 Development Of Polymeric Sorbent Based Analytical Methods For Actinides
108 Sanhita Chaudhury Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004016 Study Of Transport Of Cs+ Through Modified Ion-Exchange Membranes
109 Kshama Kundu Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004017 Development Of Synthetically Useful Methodologies For Applications In The Preparation Of Functional Molecules
110 Ram Avtar Jat Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004018 Investigation Of Effects Of Ternary Alloying On The Hydrogen Storage Behavior Of Zrco Alloy
111 Vivekanand Dubey Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004019 Formation And Dissolution Of Magnetite At High Temperature And High Pressure In Different Environmental Conditions
112 Satyapriya R. Sreejith Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004020 Estimation Of Dietary Ingestion Intake Of Thorium For Inhabitants Of High Background Radiation Area Of Southern India
113 Sh. Abdul Nishad P. Chemical Sciences CHEM01201004021 Synthesis And Evaluation Of Specially Designed Polymeric Materials For The Removal Of Metals And Metalloids In Low Level Concentrations
114 Apurav Guleria Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104001 Radiation Chemical Studies Of Microheterogeneous Media And Their Role In The Templated Synthesis Of Cdse Nanoparticles With Tuned Morphology And Optical Properties
115 Sandeep P. Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104002 Physico-Chemical Characterization Of Airborne Particulate Matter And Source Apportionment Using Different Receptor Models
116 Milan Kumar Dey Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104003 Preparation And Characterization Of Thin Film And Nano Phase Based Modified Electrodes For Electrochemical Sensor Application
117 Papiya Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104005 Asymmetric Synthesis Of Some Biologically Relevant Oxygenated Heterocyclic Compounds
118 G. Saipriya Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104006 Solid Phase Extraction Behavior Of Am(Iii) And Eu(Iii) In Solvent Impregnated Resins Containing Cmpo, Tehdga And Hdehp And Their Degradation Studies
119 Debasish Das Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104007 Structural And Theoretical Studies Of Complexes Of Uranyl(Vi) And Palladium(Ii) Ions Having Soft And Hard Donor Ligands
120 Jhimli Paul Guin Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104008 Effects Of Radiation On Waste Water Containing Organic Pollutants
121 Amrita Das Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104009 Synthesis Of Novel Ligands For Extraction Of Metal Ions From Aqueous Medium And Theoretical Investigation For The Extraction Mechanism
122 Vivekchandra Guruprasad Mishra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104010 Development Of Analytical Methodology For Trace Elements In Nuclear/Environmental Samples Using Chromatography Techniques
123 Arijit Sengupta Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104011 Studies On The Extraction/Complexation Of Actinide And Fission Product Elements Using Selective Ligands In Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
124 Sivaramakrishna Mallampalli Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104013 Design And Synthesis Of Novel Organic Molecles For The Selective Extraction Of Metal Ions From Complex Chemical Matrices
125 Juby K. Ajish Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104016 Synthesis And Study Of Carbohydrate Based Hydrogels And Self Assembled Glycoacrylamides For Biomedical Applications
126 Neha Thakur Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104017 Development And Applications Of Tailored Polymer Sorbents For Selective Extraction Of Fluoride, Boron And Mercuric Ions From Natural Waters
127 Virbahadur Yadav Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104018 Assessment Of Inorganic Pollutants, Mixing Process And Transport Of Water Mass Using Naturally Occurring Radium Isotopes In Marine Environment
128 Priyanka Ruz Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104020 Studies On Solid State Hydrogen Storage Materials
129 Nidhi Garg Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104021 Preparation And Characterization Of Zirconia Coatings On Stainless Steel Developed By Hydrothermal Process
130 Debabrata Chattaraj Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104022 Studies On Hydrogenation Behavior Of Zirconium And Uranium Based Alloys
131 Kartikey Kumar Yadav Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104023 Studies On The Separation Of Rare Earths Using Solid Phase Extraction And Liquid Membrane Techniques
132 Joyeeta Mukhopadhyaya Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104025 Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanomaterials For Uptake Of Radio Nuclides And Toxic Metal Ions
133 Santosh Kumar Gupta Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104026 Synthesis, Characterization And Photoluminesence Spectroscopy Of Lanthanide Ion Doped Oxide Materials
134 Lakshminarayanan N Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104027 Synthesis And Evaluation Of [18 F] Labelled Amino Acids For Pet Imaging
135 Santosh Kumar Suman Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104028 Radiation Defects In Materials And Their Charazation Using Esr, Uv-Visble Spectrometry And Tl
136 Poonam P. Jagasia Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104030 Studies On The Separation Of Cesium From High Level Liquid Waste
137 Sumathi Suresh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104031 Electrochemical Studies Of Barrier Films On Structural Materials Of Nuclear Power Plants
138 Partha Maity Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104032 Ultrafast Charge Transfer Dynamics In Quantum Dots And Quantum Dots/Molecular Adsorbate
139 Tushar Debnath Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104033 Ultrafast Charge Transfer Dynamics In Solar Cell Materials
140 Aruna Kumar M Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204001 Understanding The Ultrafast Dynamics Of Molecular Rotor Based Probes In Amyloid Fibrils
141 Ranita Basu Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204002 Studies On Thermoelectric Properties Of Heavily Doped Semiconducting Alloys For The Development Of Power Generators
142 Manish Chopra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204003 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies On Behaviour Of Water And Aqueous Solutions Of Uranyl Ions In Bulk And Nanoporous Materials
143 Sunil Kumar Bonagani Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204004 Correlating Microstructure To Localized Corrosion And Hydrogen Embrittlement Of 13 Wt.% Cr Martensitic Stainless Steel
144 Nilanjal Misra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204005 Studies And Development Of Nanomaterials And Polymer Nanocomposites For Health, Environment And Industrial Applications
145 Sukanta Maity Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204006 Studies On Transfer Factors Of Trace Metals In Marine Ecosystem
146 Sabyasachi Patra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204007 Investigation On Synthesis,Mechanism Of Formation And Catalytic Application Of Metal Nanoparticles In Nanoscale Confinement Of Polymer Matrices
147 Bal Govind Vats Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204008 Synthesis Of Bi-Functional Oxygen Donor Neutral Ligands And Their Coordination Chemistry With Lanthanide(Iii) And Uranyl(Vi) Ions
148 Bholanath Mahanty Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204010 Studies On The Diglycolamide-Functionalized Extractants Containing Polymer Inclusion Membrane For Actinide Separation And Sensor Development
149 V. Kusum Vats Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204011 Development Of Target-Specific 99Mtc-Radiotracers As Potential Radiopharmaceuticals For Diagnostic Application
150 Sh. Sabyasachi Rout Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204012 Migration And Speciation Of Uranium In Terrestrial Environment
151 Hirakendu Basu Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204013 Synthesis And Characterization Of Hybrid Materials And Their Application For Decontamination Of Groundwater From Heavy Metals And Radionuclides
152 Dheeraj Jain Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204014 Preparation, Characterization And Thermophysical Investigations On Thorium-Based Nuclear Fuels And Related Systems
153 Abhishek Kumar Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204015 Radiochemical Separation And Purification Of Molybdenum-99 For Medical And Industrial Applications
154 Vidya Shreedhar Thorat Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204018 Chemical Durability Assessment Of Glasses For Immobilization Of High Level Radioactive Waste
155 Manoj Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204019 Development Of Radioactive Sources For Insustrial And Meical Applications Through Different Chemical Methods
156 Rama Mohana Rao Dumpala Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104019 Speciation Of Actinides Or Their Lighter Homologues In Aquatic Environment
157 Subhasis Pati Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204021 Palladium Based Dense Metallic Membranes For Purification Of Hydrogen Isotopes
158 Parvathi K. Chemical Sciences CHEM01201204022 Hydration Of Acids: Towards Molecular Level Understanding
159 Deepak Rawat Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304001 Thermodynamic Investigations Of Phosphate-Based Crystalline Ceramic Matrices For Hlw Immobilization
160 Biswajit Sadhu Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304002 Binding And Transport Of Radionuclides In Natural And Synthetic Environment - A Computational Study
161 Adish Tyagi Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304003 Synthesis And Characterization Of Molecular Precursors For Iv-Vi Materials
162 Praveen Kumar Verma Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304005 Sorption Behavior Of Selected Radionuclides On Natural Clay Minerals
163 Ayan Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304007 Investigation Of Weakly Interacting Chemical Systems Involving Noble Gas Atom
164 Rajwardhan Nandram Ambade Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304009 Studies On The Development Of Technology For The Production, Separation And Purification Of Iodine-131 For Formulation Of Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals
165 Telmore Vijay Madhukar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304011 Chromatography Based Methods For Determination Of Trace Elements In Nuclear Materials
166 Mamta Kumari Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304012 Development Of Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Polymer-Based Solid Polymer Electrolyte Membranes For Fuel Cell Application
167 Ashish N. Nadar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304013 Investigations On Functional Materials For Hybrid Sulfur Cycle For Thermochemical Hydrogen Production
168 Sushma ArjunRawool Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304014 Investigations On Photocatalytic H2 Generation Using Modified Tio2 And G-C3N4 Semiconductors
169 Bitan Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304015 Studies On Cellulose Acetate And Polyamide Based Osmotic Membranes For Treatment Of Aqueous Streams
170 Biranchi Muni Tripathi Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304016 Synthesis, Characterization And Sinterability Of Nanoceramics
171 Mahesh Tiwari Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304017 Inter-Compartmental Behavior Of Persistent Organic Pollutants In Aquatic Environment
172 Chiranjit Nandi Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304018 Oxide Materials For Hosting Minor Actinides:Investigation Of Phase Relations And Thermophysicalproperties
173 Madhusudan Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304020 Studies On Interaction Of Niobium And Protactinium With Hydrous Oxides
174 Nimai Pathak Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304021 Understanding Defect And Dopant Mediated Optical Properties In Oxide Matrices
175 Akanksha Jain Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304023 Development Of 68Ga Based Target-Specific Radiotracers For Diagnostic Imaging Applications
176 Mhatre Amol Madhukar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304027 Tailored Polymer Ligand Sorbents For Radioanalytical Applications
177 Jayanta Dana Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304028 Ultrafast Charge Transfer Dynamics In Dye-Metal And Semiconductor Material
178 Ganga Babu Vamisetti Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304029 Organocatalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis:Chiral Intermediates And Their Applications
179 Gonna Somu Naidu Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304030 Synthetic Studies On Cross-Conjugated Olefins And Their Applications In Construction Of Complex Molecular Skeletons
180 Pavitra V. Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304031 Redox Reactions And Antioxidant Activities Of Organoselenium Compounds And Their Nanocomposites
181 Sankara Rao Chappa Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304032 Functionalized Polymeric Materials Supported Noble Metal Nanoparticles For Catalyzing Inorganic And Organic Redox Reactions
182 Samatha Bevara Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304033 Crystalline Inorganic Ion Exchangers For Separation Of Cations From Nuclear Waste: Design And Mechanistic Investigations From Structure-Property Correlations
183 Avinash Singh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304034 Synthesis Of Cdse Nanoparticles: Tuning Of Optical Properties And Potential Application
184 Doddipatla Srinivas Chemical Sciences CHEM01201304035 Photodissociation Dynamics Of Halogenated Heterocyclic Molecules In Gas Phase
185 Sunil Goswami Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404002 Study Of Flow Dynamics Of Solid Phase In Fluidized Bed System Using Radioisotope Techniques
186 Biswajit Manna Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404003 Dynamics Of Excited States And Transient Species In Self Assembled Media
187 Kavitha Jayachandran Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404004 Electrochemical Studies Of Actinides Using Bis(Trifluoromethyl Sulphonyl) Imide [Ntf2] Based Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
188 Nicy Ajith Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404005 Studies On Uptake Of Arsenic By Metal Oxides
189 Lokpati Mishra Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404006 "Experimental Detection Of Actinides In Human Body And Computational Investigations Of Their Decorporation Mechanism"
190 Asmita Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404007 Kinetic Studies Of Gas Phase Reactions Of Volatile Organic Compounds (Vocs) Relevant In Atmospheric Chemistry
191 Goutam Chakraborty Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404011 Modulations Of Photophysical Properties Of Fluorogenic Dyes Through Supramolecular Interaction And Their Applications
192 Abhijit Saha Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404012 Tailored Cloud Point Extraction Studies For Detection Of Ultratrace Levels Of Uranium
193 Ashish Kumar Singha Deb Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404014 Computational Design And Screening Of Functionalized Solid Support For Metal Ion And Isotope Separartion Validated By Experiments
194 Kaushik Sanyal Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404016 Some Studies For Trace Elemental Characterization Of Technological And Environmental Samples Using Txrf
195 Gitender Singh Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404017 Development Of Microwave Based Methods For Recycling Of Oxide And Mixed Oxide Nuclear Fuel Rejects
196 Raj Kumar Mondal Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404018 Studies On Radiation Synthesized Conducting Polymeric Nano Composites For Chemiresistive Sensors
197 Abhishek Das Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404021 Synthesis, Mechanistic Study And Interaction Of Metal Nanoparticles With Biologically Important Molecules
198 Diksha Pant Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404022 Isotope And Hydrochemical Investigation On Uranium In Groundwater Of South-West Punjab And Central Rajasthan
199 Rahul Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404024 Theoretical Studies On Selected Organic Chalcogen Systems
200 Sriram Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404025 Investigation Of Bi-Metallic Oxide Composites For Electrochemical And Photoelectrochemical Splitting Of Water
201 Sumit Pahan Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504001 Preparation And Characterization Of Ligand Functionalized Solid Support For The Selective Extraction Of F- Elements
202 Brijlesh Kumar Nagar Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504003 Development Of Analytical Methodology For Quantification Of Trace And Ultra-Trace Metallic Impurities In Nuclear Materials Using Icp-Ms
203 Meenakshi Joshi Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504005 Electronic Structure And Chemical Bonding In Novel Lanthanide And Actinide Compounds: A Comprehensive Theoretical Study
204 Pallavi Singhal Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504011 Synthesis Of Nanomaterials For Energy Conversion And Environmental Applications
205 Y. Sunitha Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504016 Proton Induced Gamma-Ray Emission In The Analysis Of Semiconductors And Energy Materials
206 Arjun Sharma Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504017 Photophysical Processes And Metal Ion Complexation Of Fluorogenic Ligands With Single Molecule Sensitivity
207 Raman Khurana Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504018 Supramolecular Assemblies Of Organic/Inorganic Guests Through Macrocyclic Receptors:Construction, Characterization And Their Prospective Applications
208 Santosh Lala Gawali Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504019 Interfacial Modification Of Nanoparticles For Biomedical Applications
209 Santu Kaity Chemical Sciences CHEM01201604002 Investigation Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of Fast Reactor Metallic Fuels
210 Prithwish Sinharoy Chemical Sciences CHEM01201604005 Synthesis And Evaluation Of Specific Extractants For Separation Processes In Back-End Of Fuel Cycle
211 Lipika Rani Bairi Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704001 Development And Characterization Of D9 Stainless Steel-Zirconium Metal Waste From Alloys
212 Arpita Datta Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704002 High Performance Separation Studies On Lanthanides And Some Actinides
213 Nilamadhab Padhy Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704003 Role Of Passivity And Surface Modification On The Corrosion Behaviour Of Alsi 304L Stainless Steel In Nitric Acid Medium
214 Ashit Krishna Pattanaik Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704004 Experimental Investigations On The Phase Diagram And Thermodynamic Properties Of U-Sn System
215 Alok Rout Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704006 Room Temperatute Ionic Liquids For The Separation Of Actinides And Fission Products
216 Shima P. D. Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704007 Synthesis, Characterization, Thermal And Rheological Studies In Nanofluids
217 Satyabrata Mishra Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704008 Studies On Development Of Process Related Issues In Aqueous Reprocessing Of Fast Reactor Spent Fuels
218 S. Sukumar Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704009 Synthesis And Characterization Of Substituted Hydroxamic Acid And Its Performance In The Separation And Purification Of Pu And U
219 T. Vandarkuzhali Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704010 Electrochemical Studies On Uranium And Rare Earth Elements Related To Pyrochemical Reprocessing
220 Rajini P. Antony Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704011 Synthesis, Characterization And Selected Applications Of Quasi One Dimensional Nano-Architechtures Of Tio2
221 Madhusmita Behera Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704012 A Study On High Temperature Phase Stability And Phase Transformation Characteristics In Ti-Ta And Ti-Ta-Nb Alloys Using Calorimetry And Microscopy Techniques
222 Bishnu Prasad Kar Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704014 Conformations Of Molecules Containing ᴫ Systems: Matrix Isolation Infrared And Ab Initio Studies
223 Girish Kumar Padhy Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704016 Study Of Diffusible Hydrogen In Steel Welds Using Indigenously Developed Hot-Extraction Techniques
224 Rahul Pal Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704017 Electrochemistry Of Boron Deposition From Fluoborate Containing Mixed Chloride-Fluoride Melts
225 Trinadha Raja Pilladi Chemical Sciences CHEM02200704018 Studies On The Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanocrystalline Boron Carbide
226 Maneesha Mishra Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804001 Studies Of Microstructures, Optical, Nanomechanical And Thermal Expansion Properties Of Y2O3, Zro2, Ceo2, And Gd2O3 Thin Films And Y2O3/Zro2 And Ceo2/Gd2O3 Multilayers Prepared By Pulsed Laser Deposition
227 Debasmita Dash Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804003 Thermodynamics Of Ion Interaction In Solvent Extraction
228 Pravati Swain Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804005 Studies On The Separation And Recovery Of Ruthenium
229 P. ILAIYARAJA Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804007 Dendrimer Based Chelating Agents For Removal Of Radionuclides From Aqueous Medium
230 Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804008 Corrosion Behaviour Of Materials For The Nuclear High Level Waste Storage Application
231 Jammu Ravi Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804009 Development Of Advanced Reagents And Methods For The Separation Of Actinides From Nitric Acid Medium
232 Sudhanshu Shekhar Pati Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804010 Synthesis And Characterization Of Magnetic Nanoparticles With Enhanced Thermal Stability
233 Dunaboyina Srimaha Vishnu Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804011 Studies On The Molten Salt Electro-Deoxidation Of Niobium, Titanium, Silicon And Uranium Oxides
234 R. Ananthanarayanan Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804012 Physico-Chemical Applications Of Pulsating Sensors
235 E. Prabhu Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804013 Studies On The Characteristics Of In2O3, Ag6Mo10O33And Pd Based Materials Towards Sensing Different Gaseous Species
236 Sajal Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM02200804014 Thermochemical Studies Of Alloys And Molten Halide Salts Of Relevance To Pyrochemical Reprocessing Of Metallic Fuel
237 Priyadarshini Chemical Sciences CHEM02200904001 Studies Related To Polymerization And Colloid Formation Of Actinides Under Off-Normal Conditions
238 Arunchandran C. Chemical Sciences CHEM02200904002 Development Of Nanocontainer Impregnated Coatings For Active Corrosion Protection
239 P. Manikandan Chemical Sciences CHEM02200904003 Vaporisation And Thermodynamic Studies On Systems Of Relevance To Nuclear Technology
240 Meera A.V Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004002 Thermochemical Investigations On Bi-Fe-O And Bi-Cr-O Systems
241 Benadict Rakesh Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004003 Evaluation Of Tri-Iso-Amyl Phosphate As An Alternate Extractant To Tri-N-Butyl Phosphate For Nuclear Materials Processing
242 K. R. Rasmi Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004006 Synthesis Of Noble Metal Nano Coatings On Titanium For Electrode Application
243 Kamali K. Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004007 High Pressure Raman Spectroscopic Studies On Anomalous Thermal Expansion Materials
244 Sajimol R. Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004010 Nuclear Fuel Characterization Studies Using Mass Spectrometry
245 Sh. Satendra Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004011 Luminescence Studies Of Eu3+ And Uo2 2+ Complexed With Aromatic Carboxylic Acid Ligands In Acetonitrile Medium
246 Sh. Binoy Kumar Maji Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004012 Synthesis And Thermo-Physical Properties Of Sr-Chloroapatite And Its Various Glass-Bonded Composites Loaded With Pyrochemical Chloride Waste
247 G.V.S. Ashok Kumar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004015 Characterization Of Irradiation Positions In Kamini & Fbtr And Radiochemical Purification Studies
248 N. Desigan Chemical Sciences CHEM02201004016 Chemical Aspects Of Dissolution Of Fast Reactor Nuclear Fuel
249 Sanjay Kumar D Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104001 Studies On Some Novel Methods Of Synthesis And Sintering Of Nanocrystalline Ceramics
250 Suranjan Bera Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104002 Mass Spectrometric Studies On Some Materials Of Relevance To Nuclear Technology
251 A. S. Suneesh Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104003 Development Of Extractants For The Mutual Separation Of Lanthanides And Actinides
252 Rimpi Dawar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104005 Phase Equilibria And Thermochemical Studies On Oxide Fuel Materials
253 Prasant Kumar Nayak Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104006 Development Of A Single-Cycle Approach For Minor Actinide Partitioning
254 Annapurna Rout Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104010 Study Of Uranium Luminescence In Borophosphate And Borate Hosts
255 Sh. Balija Sreenivasulu Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104011 Studies Related To Spent Fuel Reprocessing Using Tri-Iso-Amyl Phosphate As An Alternate Extractant To Tri-N-Butyl Phosphate
256 Clinsha P. C. Chemical Sciences CHEM02201104013 Studies On Synthesis Characterization Of Agi1-Xclx Solid Solutions For I2 And Cl2 Sensing Properties
257 Chinaraga Pitchaiah Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204002 Solubility Studies On Ligands In Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Medium And Their Application To Extraction Of Actinides
258 M. Bootharajan Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204003 Studies On Preparation And Charactrization Of Some Ytterbium Substituted Zirconates And Thorates
259 Ms. T. Pratibha Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204004 Synthesis And Evaluation Of N,N-Di-Alkyl-2-Hydroxyacetamides For The Modifier- Free Separation Of Trivalent Actinides From Nitric Acid Medium
260 Aiswarya P. M. Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204006 Phase Diagram Studies Of Bi-Mo-O And Pb-Mo-O Systems And The Development Of A High Temperature Piezoelectric Material For Use In Liquid Metals
261 Rama R Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204007 Solvent Extraction And Electrochemical Studies Of Lanthanides And Actinides In Room Temperture Ionic Liquid Medium Containng Various Extractants
262 R. Gopi Chemical Sciences CHEM02201204008 Experimental Evidence For Blue And Red-Shifted Hydrogen Bond: A Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopy And Ab Initio Studies
263 Ranjib Kumar Padhi Chemical Sciences CHEM02201304005 Studies On The Formation Of Trihalomethanes (Thms) And Haloacetic Acids (Haas) During Chlorine And Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Of Natural Water
264 Gurudas Pakhui Chemical Sciences CHEM02201304006 Electrochemical And Thermodynamic Investigations On Th4+And Cd-Th Alloys Inlicl-Kcl Eutectic Melt
265 Soja K. Vijay Chemical Sciences CHEM02201304007 Study On The Synthesis And Sinthering Of Nanicrystalline B4C And Ysz
266 E. Jayanthi Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404001 Studies On Noble Metal Electrocatalysts Coated Diffusion Electrodes For Applications In Pem Based Sensors And Fuel Cells
267 Aditi Chandrasekar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404002 Experimental And Quantum Chemical Studies On The Extraction Of Actinides Using Organophosphorous Compounds: Elucidating Structural Effects And Third Phase Formation
268 Raj Narayan Hajra Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404003 Study Of High Temperature Phase Stability And Thermo-Physical Properties Of Fe-Cr Based Alloys
269 Gajula Murali Krishna Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404004 Some Studies On The Electrochemical Behavior Of Actinides And Fission Products In Room Temperature Ionic Liquids For Nuclear Fuel Cycle Applications
270 Amit Kumar Mishra Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404005 Studies On Nano-Inclusion Assisted Enhancement In Thermal Conductivity And Photo-Thermal Conversion Of Organic Phase Change Materials
271 Chiranjit Poddar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201404006 Electrochemical And Corrosion Behavior Of Ni-Base Amorphous Alloys And Coatings For Nitric Acid Application
272 Beatriceveena T.V. Chemical Sciences CHEM02201504003 Investigations On Agino2 And Pbs: Preparation, Characterization And Gas Sensing Behavior Of Thick And Thin Films
273 Kantamani Rama Swami Chemical Sciences CHEM02201504004 Solvent Extraction Of Some Trivalent Lanthanides And Actinides In Alkyldiglycolamides And The Aggregation And Spectroscopic Investigations On The Extracted Phase
274 Shri Sitakanta Panda Chemical Sciences CHEM02201504006 Lanthanide And Transition Metal Ions Activated Advanced Phosphors For Optical And Radiation Dosimetry Applications
275 Shubhra Sarkar Chemical Sciences CHEM02201504010 N-H•••X (X=O, N, ?) Hydrogen-Bonded Interactions Of Pyrrole: Matrix Isolation Infrared And Computational Studies
276 Rajesh Kumar Saini Chemical Sciences CHEM03200804001 Spectroscopic Investigations On The Properties Of Two Drugs: Curcumin And Chlorin P6
277 Gopal Kishor Varshney Chemical Sciences CHEM03201104001 Second Harmonic (Sh) Spectroscopic Studies On The Effect Of Curcumin-Induced Adsorption And Transport Characteristics Of An Organic Cation Across A Lipid Bilayer
278 Srinivasarao Kintali Chemical Sciences CHEM03201204001 Second Harmonic (Sh) Spectroscopic Studies On The Effect Of Amphiphilic Molecules-Induced Adsorption And Transport Characteristics Of An Organic Cation Across A Popg Lipid Bilayer
279 Shramana Chatterjee Chemical Sciences CHEM05201404001 Crystal Structure Of A Unique Lmwptp From Vibrio Cholerae And Its Functional Studies
280 Maireyee Bhattacharya Chemical Sciences CHEM05201504001 Development Of Highly Anisotropic Nanomaterials For Fabrication, Detection And Theranostic Applications
281 Sudeshna Daschakraborty Chemical Sciences CHEM05201504002 Photophysics Of Prototype Anticancer Drugs Sanguinarine And Chelerytherine On Plasmonic, Magnetic And Magnetoplasmonic Nano Surface: A Transient Absorption Study
282 Sandip Kumar De Chemical Sciences CHEM05201504003 Crystal Engineering To Fabricate Au, Ag And Au-Ag Alloy Nanoparticles: Application In Technology, Pathology And Theranostics
283 Ajesh P. Thomas Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004001 N-Confused Porphyrin Derivatives : Syntheses Tautomeric Existence, Exchange, Aggregation Properties And Photodynamic Therapy
284 Pardhasaradhi Satha Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004003 Cyclotriveratrylene Based Molecular Capsules : Synthesis, Characterization And Guest Entrapment
285 Sudhir Kumar Das Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004004 Studies On The Dynamics Of Solvation And Rotational Relaxation Of Some Well-Known Dipolar Fluorescent Probes In Room Temperature Ionic Liquids
286 G Karthik Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004005 Fused & Bridged Expanded Porphyrins And Expanded Calixphyrin: Structural Diversity And Receptor Property
287 Subba Reddy Marri Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004008 Investigations Of Open-Framework Metal Sulfates And Supercapacitors Based On Vanadium Chalcogenides-Rgo/Cnt Hybrids
288 Antara Garai Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004011 Synthesis Of Functionalized Porphyrins And Corroles And Their Applications In Materials Science
289 Milan Kr. Barman Chemical Sciences CHEM07201004014 Bulky Guanidinate Ligand Stabilized Main Group Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization And Reactivity Studies
290 Woormileela Sinha Chemical Sciences CHEM07201104008 Synthesis, Structures, Spectroscopic Characterization And Oxidation State Distributions In Metallocorroles
291 Manoj Kumar Janni Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004002 Synthesis Of Deuterated And Novel Heterocyclic Compounds Via Metal Mediated Organic Transfromations
292 Giri Teja Illa Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004006 Pyridine / Pyrazine As Supramolecular Building Blocks For Molecular Capsule And Heterometallic Complexes
293 Mriganka Sadhukhan Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004007 Zero-Dimensional, Two-Dimensional Carbon Materials And Their Composites : Bottom Up Synthesis, Properties And Applications
294 Tapas Kumar Achar Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004010 Enabling Non-Conventional Pathway For Organic Synthesis
295 Ashim Baishya Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004012 N-Heterocyclic Carbene And Its Derivative "Zwitterion" Supported Magnesium And Zinc Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization, Reactivity Studies And Catalytic Applications
296 Thota Peddarao Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004015 Lithium, Aluminum And Gallium Complexes Of Sterically Bulky Conjugated Bis-Guanidine Ligands And Aluminum Complexes Of Bridged Bis-Guanidines: Synthesis, Characterization And Their Reactivity Studies
297 Basujit Chatterjee Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104001 Catalytic Transformations Based On Pincer And Half-Sandwich Ruthenium Complexes
298 Chandrasekharreddy Gade Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104002 Synthesis And Biochemical Evaluation Of Nucleoside Triphosphates And Nucleic Acid Analogues
299 Prabhat Kumar Sahu Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104004 Towards Understanding Solute And Solvent Dynamics In Mono And Dicationic Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Through Fluorescence And Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Nmr) Studies
300 Prasit Kumar Sahoo Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104005 Subcomponent Synthesis Via Mechanochemistry
301 Renuka Pradhan Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104006 Computational Study Of Protontransfer In Diformyldipyrromethanes Anddenitrogenation Of1-Pyrazolines
302 Saikat Maiti Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104007 Hypervalent Lodine(Iii) Mediated C-N Bond Formation Reactions
303 Adinarayan Bellamkonda Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104009 Contracted And Expanded Porphyrinoids With Polucyclic Aromatic Units; Syntheses, Receptor Properties, Reactivity And Coordination Chemistry
304 Chenikkayala Balachandra Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104010 Syntheses Of Unnatural Amino Acids, Peptides And Novel Fluorescent Molecules From Tropolone
305 Dhanunjayarao Kunchala Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104011 Esipt Based Imidazole Probes For Fluoride Ion Detection: Design, Syntheses And Photophysical Properties Of N,O- And N,C-Chelate Organoboron Compounds
306 Ramesh Mamidala Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104012 Strategic Design, Syntheses Of Novel Pyrazole- Based Cyclometalated Palladcycles And Their Utilization As Pre-Catalysts In Organic Syntheses
307 Sidheswari Prusty Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104013 Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Moiety For Interlocked Structure And Heterometallic Complex
308 V. Mukundam Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104014 Pyrazole And Imidazole Based Fluorescent Boron Compounds: Synthesis And Study Of Aggregation Induced Enhanced Emission Properties Of Tetraaryl Pyrazole Supported Polymers And Cyclophosphazenes
309 Amarnath Bollu Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204001 Syntheses And Biochemical Evaluation Of Caged-Sirna, Tropolonyl-Dna And Aminopyrazolonyl-Peptides
310 Annaram Thirupathi Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204002 Metal/Metal Free Mediated Heterocycle Synthesis Through C?N, C?S & C?C Bond Forming Reactions
311 Arindam Ghosh Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204003 Novel Expanded Porphyrin Analogues: Syntheses, Conformation, Aromaticity And Structural Diversity
312 Manas Kumar Kundu Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204004 1-D, 2-D, 3-D Hybrid Based On Carbon Nitride And Metal Or Metal Oxide Nanostructures: Materials For Environmental And Electrochemical Energy Applications
313 Sourav Palchowdhury Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204006 Molecular Dynamics Studies Of Ionic And Molecular Liquids In Aqueous And Non-Aqueous Multi-Component Systems
314 Tanmay Bhowmik Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204007 Carbon Nitride Supported Nanostructured Materials: Catalysts For Fuel Cell Reactions And Organic Reactions
315 Tiwari Ranjay Kumar Dashrath Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204008 Investigations Of Open-Framework Metal Sulfite, Sulfite-Oxalate And Related Materials
316 Venkateswara Rao. M Chemical Sciences CHEM11201204009 Unusual Non-Covalent Interactions In Biomolecules: A Combined High Resolution Laser Spectroscopy, Nmr Spectroscopy And Benchmark Quantum Chemical Calculations
317 Debashis Majhi Chemical Sciences CHEM11201304001 Towards Understanding The Microscopic Structural Organization Of Some Mono And Dicationic Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Through Various Spectroscopic Techniques
318 Somnath Koley Chemical Sciences CHEM11201304002 Study Of Fast Photo-Physical Processes In Heterogeous Environments To Semiconductor Nanomaterials
319 Anima Bose Chemical Sciences CHEM11201404001 Peroxide Promoted C-X (X = -O, -N) Bond Syntheisi
320 Bratati Patra Chemical Sciences CHEM11201404003 Synthesis, Structural Studies, Spectroscopic Investigations And Oxidation State Variation In Corrole Metal Complexes
321 Mainak Das Chemical Sciences CHEM11201404006 Contracted And Expanded Porphyrin Analogues:Syntheses, Conformation, Aromaticity And Coordination Chemistry
322 Pankaj Kalita Chemical Sciences CHEM11201404007 Homo-(4F) And Hetero-(3D-4F) Metallic Complexes As Molecular Nanomagnets
323 Khokan Choudhuri Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504003 Sustainable Strategies For Carbon-Sulfur Bond Formation Reactions In Organic Synthesis
324 Ramu V Ranga Naidu Chinta Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504005 Naphthalimide, Naphthaldehyde And Benzaldehyde Based Fluorescent Materials: Synthesis Of 1,2-Disubstituted Ferrocenes From Ferrocenyl P-Tolyl Sulphoxide
325 Sangya Chitranshi Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504006 Contracted And Expanded Carbaporphyrinoids: Syntheses, Conformation And Coordination Chemistry
326 Gawali Suhas Shahaji Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504008 Catalysis By Iron And Manganese Pincer Complexes
327 Md. Toufique Alam Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504013 Organic C-X (X = N & O) Bond Synthesis Using Organo-Iodine Reagents
328 Thiyagarajan S Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504016 Catalysis Based On Ruthenium Pincer Complexes
329 Syamasrit Dash Chemical Sciences CHEM11201604031 Expanded Porphyrins: Ideal Models To Probe Conformational Topology, M.Bius And Huckel Aromaticity
330 Imran Ali Khan Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704002 Strength Mismatch Effects On Weld Centre Cracks Under Mode-I Loading: Analytical And Numerical Investigation
331 Suneel Kumar Gupta Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704004 Cyclic Tearing Investigations On Carbon Steel And Stainless Steel Nuclear Piping Components
332 T S R Ch. Murthy Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704007 Effect Of Sinter Additives On The Consolidation And Properties Of Titanium Diboride Composites
333 Ved Prakash Sinha Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704008 Studies On The Preparation And Characterization Of U3Si2 Intermetallic And U-Mo Alloys
334 Nagaraj Alangi Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704009 Development Of Molten Salt Electrochemical Process For Electrolytic Reduction Of Uranium Oxide
335 Joy Mittra Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704010 Structure Property Correlation For Selected High Performance Material
336 Anil Kumar Tiwari Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704011 Experimental And Computational Investigation Of H2-F2 Reaction In A Tubular Reactor
337 Ajit Kumar Mahendra Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704012 Meshless Method For Slip Flows
338 Payal Sarkar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704013 Modelling And Simulation Of Hybrid Membrane Separation System
339 T.L. Prasad Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704015 Study Of Recovery Of Heavy Metal Ions From Seawater By Novel Adsorbents
340 Deb Mukhopadhyay Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704016 Experimental And Theoretical Study Of Severe Core Damage Scenario In Phwr
341 Parimal Pramod Kulkarni Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704017 Coolability Behaviour Of Top And Bottom Flooded Molten Corium Pool With Molten Core-Concrete Interaction
342 Jayanta Kumar Mukherjee Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704020 Modeling And Response Conditioning For Remote Perception Enhancement In Telemanipulation System
343 Siddhartha Mukhopadhyay Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704024 Identification Of Dynamic System In The Presence Of Noise With Wavelets As Basis Functions
344 Gopinath Karmakar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704025 Engineering And Analysis Of System Support For Partitionable Resources
345 S. V. Desai Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704026 Analysis Of Electromagnetic Welding Process For Thin Similar And Dissimilar Metallic Strips
346 Namita Maiti Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704027 Process Control Of Electron Beam Systems For Thin Film Coating
347 Biswaranjan Dixit Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704030 Studies On Electron Beam Vapor Generation In Pvd Processes
348 Swapnalee Baruah Thakuria Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704034 Investigations On Subcritical And Supercritical Natural Circulation Phenomena Relevant To Advanced Reactors
349 N. Naveen Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200704035 Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Mechanical Properties Of Irradiated Ferritic/Martensitic Steel-T91 With Microstructure Evaluation
350 Gaurav Bhutani Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804002 Modeling, Design And Development Of Frameless Stereotaxy In Robot Assisted Neurosurgery
351 Sh. Samiran Sengupta Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804003 Turbulent Mixing Of Opposing Flows Inside Chimney Structure Of Pool Type Research Reactor
352 Kundan Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804004 Evaluation Of Mechanical Properties Of Structural Materials Using Miniature Tensile And Small Punch Test Techniques
353 Sh. Arnab Dasgupta Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804005 Investigations On Mechanistic Models For Annular Flow Dryout And Post Dryout Heat Transfer Phenomena
354 Santosh Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804008 Laser Welding Of 9Cr-1Mo(V, Nb) Ferritic / Martensitic Steel (Fms): Process Optimization And Modelling
355 Gargi Choudhuri Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804010 A Study Of Evolution Of Microstructure Through Modeling And Its Effect On Oxidation Behavior Of Zr Based Alloys
356 Santhosh Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804015 Development Of Remaining Life Prediction Models For Instrumention And Control (I&C) Cables For Use In Reliability Assessment Of Npp Systems
357 Sh. Ajith K J Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804016 Scalable Quantifier Elimination Techniques For Formal Verification
358 Rajesh Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200804017 Design Studies On Rf Power Couplers For Accelerator Cavities
359 Nudurupati Saibaba Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904003 Studies On Designing And Optimization Of Hot And Cold Deformation Process For A Two Phase Zr Based Alloy
360 A. Rama Rao Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904013 A Comprehensive Study On The Detection Of Blade Vibration In Rotating Machineries
361 Swati Ghosh Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904016 Effect Of Surface Working Operations On Electrochemical Corrosion And Susceptibility To Stress Corrosion Cracking Of 304L Stainless Steel
362 Karri Venkata Mani Krishna Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904017 Study Of Role Of Crystal Orientation In Phase Transformation And Deformation Of Zr Based Alloys
363 Santosh Kumar Satpati Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904020 Uranium Recovery From Effluents Generated In Uranium Processing Plant Using Novel Sorbent
364 Bathula Vishwanadh Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904021 Characterization Of Microstructure, Texture And Oxidation Behaviour Of Low Temperature Processed Nb-1Zr-0.1C (Wt.%) Alloy
365 Subhankar Manna Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904022 Studies In Reactive Precipitation: Morphology Of Ammonium Diuranate
366 P. S. Somayajulu Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904023 Synthesis And Characterization Of Coated Agglomerate Pelletisation (Cap) Pellets Of Thoria Based Materials For Nuclear Fuels
367 Rabi Sankar Dutta Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904024 Aluminizing Of Alloy 690 And Alloy 800, Their Microstructural Characterization And Property Evaluation
368 Aravapalli Shriniwas Rao Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904025 Modeling Of Agitated Bunsen Reactor For Iodine Sulfur Thermochemical Process For Production Of Hydrogen With Experimental Validation
369 Priti Kotak Shah Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904026 Fracture And Dhc Behavior Of As- Fabricated & Irradiated Indian Phwr Pressure Tubes
370 Suman Neogy Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904027 Studies On Phase Transformations In Zr-1 Wt.% Nb And U-9 Wt.% Mo Alloys And Their Metallurgical Interaction
371 Paritosh nanekar Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904028 An Integrated Approach To Sound Beam Focusing Using Phased Array And Saft For Flaw Characterization
372 R.V. Kulkarni Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904030 Studies On Effect Of Chemical Composition And Microstructure On Phase Boundaries And Physical And Mechanical Properties Of Dilute Zr-Nb Alloys
373 K. Anand Rao Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904032 Carbonate Leaching Of Uranium From Indian Alkaline Host Rocks Using Oxygen: Mathematical Modeling And Experimental Validation
374 Bhaskar Paul Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904033 Synthesis, Characterization Oxidation Of Mo-W And Mo-Cr-Si Alloys
375 Narendra Kumar Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904039 Analysis And Experimental Validation Of Temperature Compensating Hydraulic Dashpot For Shut-Off Rod Drive Mechanism
376 Jitendra Kumar Sonber Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904041 Studies On Synthesis, Densification And Oxidation Of Zirconium Diboride Based Materials
377 S R Gurumurthy Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904044 Investigations Into The Optimal Energy Extraction From Pm-Bldc Machine Based Flywheel Energy Storage System
378 Surendra Kumar Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904045 Development Of Compact Pulsed Power System And Study Its Performance
379 Shabana Khan Engineering Sciences ENGG01200904050 Precipitation Behaviour And Its Effect On Mechanical Properties Of Alloy 693
380 Pooja Saxena Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004001 Design And Implementation Of Cmos Time-To-Digital Converter Asic For Ino Experiment
381 Toshanlal Meenpal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004002 Studies In Techniques For Image And Video Security
382 V. Satish Kumar Reddy Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004003 Mobile Robot Navigation In An Outdoor Environment
383 Somesh Vinayak Tewari Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004004 Study Of Surface Flashover Of Insulator In Gases At High Pressure
384 P. Veerender Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004007 Development Of Organic And Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Solar Cells
385 Anupam Saraswat Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004010 Response Evaluation Of Freestanding System Subjected To Seismic Loading
386 Shri Mahesh Kumar Sahu Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004013 An Innovative Method To Obtain Material J-Rcurve From Test Data Using R6 Failure Assessmentdiagram
387 Anuj Kumar Kansal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004014 Experimental And Computational Studies On Liquid Poison Injection In The Calandria Of Pressure Tube Type Reactor
388 Gokhale Onkar Suresh Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004016 Development And Experimental Validation Of Computation Model For Re-Flood Conditions In A Partially Degraed Reactor Core
389 Smita Mishra Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004017 Mass Transfer And Coalescence In Liquid- Liquid Systems With Releveance To Dispersion Liquid Membrane In Hollow Fiber Contactor
390 Sudhir Mishra Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004018 Studies On Fabrication Of Cermet Fuels And Interaction With T91 Cladding
391 Sanjay Kumar jha Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004022 Studies On Mechanisms Of Microstructure And Micro-Texture Development During Thermo-Mechanical Processes In Single/Multiphase Zirconium Based Alloys
392 Sh. Ratnesh Singh Sengar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004024 Use Of Wavelets And Filter Banks In 2D Gel Electrophoresis Images In Spot Picker Robot For Precise Protein Identification
393 Amit Rav Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004025 Data Processing And Estimation Techniques For Uncertainty Minimization In Dynamic Compression Experiments
394 Sabyasachi Mitra Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004027 Modeling And Simulation Studies Of Pulse Power System With Nanosecond Rise Time For Ultra Wideband Applications
395 Hemangi Laxman Gawand Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004029 Vulnerability Analysis And Protection Of Cyber-Physical Systems From A Control Perspective
396 Narwane Ganesh Khandu Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104001 Formal Verification And Automated Analysis Of Software Product Lines
397 Radhakanta Dash Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104002 Study Of Beam Dynamics In 100 Mev, 100 Kw Rf Electron Linac
398 Jayaraj Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104003 Investigation On The Natural Circulation Characteristics Of A Molten Salt Loop
399 C.S. Reddy Bhoomireddy Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104004 Recovery Times Of A Spark Gap With High Pressure Gases As Insulation Suitable For Repetitive Applications
400 Mohit Pramod Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104005 Investigation On The Flow Distribution Within The Rod Bundle Of Ahwr
401 Vidya Sagar Yellapu Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104006 Data Reconciliation Based Scheme For Sensor Fault Detection
402 Preeti Hemnani Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104007 Design And Development Of Fpga Based Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectrometer
403 Amit Chandrakar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104008 Passive System Reliability Analysis
404 Harshit Kumar Khandelwal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104009 Influence Of Thermo-Mechanical Processing On Fracture Behavior Of Zr-2.5 Nb Alloy
405 Archana V. Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104010 Steady State And Transient Characteristics Of Supercritical Pressure Natural Circulation Loop
406 Anshu S. Anand Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104011 Concurrent And Parallel Systems:Robust Enhancement Of Performance
407 Rajasekhar Ananthoju Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104012 Computation Of Neutron Flux Distribution In Large Nuclear Reactors Via Reduced Order Modeling
408 Pasula Naresh Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104013 Analytical Design And Development Of Resonant Converter Based Fast Capacitor Charging Power Supply (>40 Kj/S)
409 Ashwini Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104014 Organic Chemiresistive And Organic Field Effect Transistor Gas Sensors
410 Abhay Gusain Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104015 Development Of Organic Solar Cells And Their Performance Characterization
411 Eshita Pal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104016 Simulation And Design Of Passive Moderator Cooling System For Advanced Heavy Water Reactor
412 Nitin Minocha Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104018 Simulation And Design Of Passive Decay Heat Removal System For Advanced Heavy Water Reactor
413 Ankur Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201104019 Numerical Analysis Of Air Cooled Condenser And Selection Of Optimal Design Parameters
414 Mukesh Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204001 Modeling Of Multi-Dimensional Flow Over Heated Rods And Rod Bundle: Cfd Simulation And Experimental Validation Under Station Black Out (Sbo) Conditions
415 Amol Wakankar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204009 Theories, Techniques And Tools For High Integrity Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
416 Soumitra Kar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204011 Development Of Nanocomposite Membranes For Enhanced Performances
417 Shivam Mishra Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204012 Design Analysis And Performance Evaluation Of Fiberoptic Pressure Sensors Based On Fabry-Perot Interferometer
418 Sibasis Chakraborty Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204014 U-Mo Fast Reactor Fuels: Microstructure Characterization And Fuel Clad Chemical Interaction
419 Rupesh Kumar Choudhary Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204015 Formation Of Alumina Coatings By Thermal And Anodic Oxidation Processes And Their Characterization
420 Neha Trivedi Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204016 Evolution Of Size Independent Fracture Energy Through Characterization Of Fracture Process Zone In Concrete Structures
421 Ritesh Krishnaji Bagul Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204021 Gravity Separation Of Two-Phase Flow In Steam Drum: Experiments And Cfd Simulation
422 Bhuvaneshwar Gera Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204022 Studies On Buoyancy Driven Flows Through Large Openings
423 Pradeep Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204023 Determination And Validation Of Fracture Properties Using Small Punch Test Specimens For Nuclear Reactor Materials
424 Nitendra Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204026 Physics Of Melt Coolability For Corecatcher Design For Advanced Nuclear Reactors
425 Vinod Belwanshi Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304001 Design, Simulation And Performance Study Of Mems Technology Based Pressure Sensors
426 Shri Somenath Chatterjee Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304002 Heat Transfer Characteristics Ofa Rotary Evaporator
427 Ravi Dhawan Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304007 Studies On Optical Techniques For Precise Position Measurement And Alignment Of Machinery
428 Parul Goel Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304008 Study On Bubble Generation, Growth And Departure From A Nuclear Fuel Pin Under Boiling Conditions
429 Paridhi Goel Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304009 Design Of An Efficient Venturi-Scrubber For Retention Of Radionuclides During Severe Accident Of A Nuclear Reactor
430 Shelke Ashish Vishnu Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304011 Studies On Fireball Formation Associated With Aircraft Crash
431 Anuj Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304013 Numerical And Experimental Investigations Of Tool-Workpiece Interaction In Diamond Turning Of Copper Beryllium
432 Tyagi Megha Rajkumar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304014 Development And Characterization Silicide Coating For Nb-1Zr-0.1C Alloy
433 Abhishek Tiwari (DGFS) Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304015 Characterization Of Fracture Behaviour Of Indian Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel In Ductile To Brittle Transition Region Using Master Curve Approach
434 Vineet Vajpayee Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304016 Subspace-Based Identification And Control Using Wavelets
435 James Jacob M. Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304022 Experimental And Numerical Investigations On Excimer Laser Lithography In Various Environmental Conditions
436 Shri Prabhat Ranjan Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304024 A Comprehensive Investigation Into Chemo-Mechanicalmagneto-Rheological Finishing (Cmmrf)Process
437 Sujay Bhattacharya Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304027 Surface Characterization And Optimization Of Wire Electric Discharge Machining Process Of P91 Steel
438 Nirvik Sen Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304030 Numerical Simulation Of Hydrodynamics In Pulsed Columns
439 Joti Nath Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304031 Development Of Macrocyclic Extractants For Selective Separation Of Cesium, Strontium And Technetium From Radioactive Waste Solutions
440 Vakil Nafees Ahmed Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304032 Evaluation Of Bunsen Reaction And Phase Separation In Continuous Reactor
441 Mihir Chatterjee Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304034 Investigation Of Gas Species And Thermal Separation In Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube
442 Uttam Jain Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304035 Development Of Vanadium Alloys For Advanced Energy Systems
443 K. Sairam Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304036 Processing And Properties Of Boron Carbide Based Composite With Rare Earth Metal Oxide As Sinter Additive
444 Poulami Chakraborty Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304040 Liquid Metal Corrosion Studies On Ferritic/Martensitic Steels In Lead Lithium Eutectic For Fusion Energy Applications
445 K.G. Girija Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304049 Design, Simulation And Development Of Microelectronic Devices And Materials For H2S Sensing Applications
446 Darekar Mayur Ramesh Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404004 Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow And Mass Transfer In Microchannels
447 Vikram Shukla Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404010 Characterization Of The Catalyst Used In Passive Autocatalytic Recombiners For Hydrogen Mitigation In A Nuclear Reactor And Formulation Of A Method For Containment Analysis
448 Abhishek Kaushik Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404017 Robot-Based Autonomous Neuro-Registration And Neuronavigation For Neurosurgery
449 Tarpara Eaglekumar Girdharbhai Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404023 Ultrasonic Viewing Of Structures And Components For Immersion Applications
450 Dond Shantaram Kisan Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404024 Parametric Influence On Electromagnetic Forming Processes
451 Tribeny Roy Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404026 Experimental And Numerical Investigations On The Generation Of 3-D Hemispherical Micro Features Using Reverse Micro Edm
452 Anita Gupta Engineering Sciences ENGG01201504003 Multipass Optical Cavity Based Technique For Trace Level Detection Of Heavy Water
453 Amita Bedar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201504008 Development And Characterization Of Radiation Resistant Nanocomposite Polymeric Membranes
454 Ravi Kiran Akella Engineering Sciences ENGG01201504016 Risk-Based Seismic Performance Assessment Of Pressurized Piping Systems Considering Ratcheting
455 Hrishikesh Mishra Engineering Sciences ENGG01201718002 Design And Optimization Of Microwave System For Energy Efficient Remediation Of Nuclear And E-Waste
456 Govind Kumar Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704001 Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation Of Type 316 Austenitic Stainless Steel By Time-Frequency Analysis Methods
457 A. Jasmin Sudha Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704002 Mathematical Modelling Of Fuel Melting And Relocation During A Severe Accident In A Fbr
458 S. Raju Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704004 A Study On The Role Of Thermokinetic Measurements And Modelling In Materials Design
459 S. Thirunavukkarasu Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704006 Remote Field Eddy Current Based Approaches For High Sensitive Detection Of Defects In Ferromagnetic Steam Generator Tubes
460 Subhra Rani Patra Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704007 Development Of Computational Intelligence Systems For Parameter Estimation And Event Identification In Fast Breeder Reactors
461 Satyamurthy S. Anantha Venkata Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704009 Wireless Sensor Networks For Nuclear Reactor Applications
462 Sunil Goyal Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704010 Effect Of Multiaxial State Of Stress On Creep Behaviour Of Ferritic Steels
463 A. Ravi Shankar Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704012 Development Of Materials And Coating Technology For Pyrochemical Reprocessing Plant Applications
464 Appalabhat Ravisankar Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704013 On The Influence Of Weld Parameters On Performance Of Centrifugal Extractor Used In Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing
465 N. Madurai Meenachi Engineering Sciences ENGG02200704015 Semantic Web Based Knowledge Representation For Nuclear Reactor Domain
466 R. Gajapathy Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804003 Computational Investigations Of Thermal Hydraulics Within Fast Reactor Fuel Pin Bundle
467 C. Meikandamurthy Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804004 Evaluation Of Self-Welding Susceptibility Of Austenitic Stainless Steel (Alloy D9 And 316Ln) In High Temperature Flowing Sodium
468 N.K. Sinha Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804005 Development Of Inflatable And Backup Seals For Sodium Cooled Fast Breeder Reactors: An Approach For Unification And Standardisation Of Elastomeric Sealing
469 V. Prakash Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804006 Ultrasonic Technique For Vibration Measurement Of Immersed Primary Components In Fbrs
470 B.K. Nashine Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804010 Design And Development Of Sodium Submersible Electromagnetic Pump For High Temperature Application
471 J.I. Sylvia Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804014 Development Of Sodium Instrumentation Techniques For Fast Breeder Reactors
472 D Thirugnana Murthy Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804015 Methodology And Estimation Of Software Reliability For Safety Systems
473 M.L. Jayalal Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804016 Application Of Genetic Algorithm Based Optimization Methodologies To Some Of The Systems Of Indian Nuclear Reactors
474 N. Girija Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804018 Electrochemical Noise Monitoring Of Aisi Type 304L Stainless Steel For Nuclear Reprocessing And Waste Storage Applications
475 S. Mahadevan Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804019 X-Ray Diffraction Based Characterization Of Ageing Behaviour Of Precipitation Hardenable Steels
476 B. Sasi Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804020 Image Processing Approaches For Noise Reduction In Eddy Current Images
477 Sunil Tonpe Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804021 Microstructure-Corrosion Correlation Studies On Thermo-Mechanically Processed Zirconium Based Alloys
478 Thomas Paul V. Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804022 Evolution Of Microstructure And Correlation With Properties In Weldments Of 9Cr Reduced Activation Ferritic / Martensitic Steels
479 B. Muruganatham Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804025 Vibration Based Robust Condition Monitoring Methods For Rolling Element Bearing - A Signal Processing And Data Based Approach
480 Jagadeesh Sure Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804028 Corrosion Behaviour Of Carbon Materials And Development Of Ceramic Coatings On Graphite Crucibles For Molten Salt Based Applications
481 Naveena Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804029 Understanding Creep Deformation Behavior Of 316Ln Stainless Steel And Its Weld Joint Using Impression Creep Technique
482 D. Sharath Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804030 Defect Characterization In Aisi 316 L Ss Using Pulsed And Lock In Thermography
483 T.V. Krishna Mohan Engineering Sciences ENGG02200804031 Development Of Granular Sequencing Batch Reactor For Denitrification
484 P. Selvaraj Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904003 Simulation Of Helium Jet Cooling For Spallation Targets
485 B K Sreedhar Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904004 Studies On Cavitation Erosion Resistance Of Reactor Materials
486 P. Dhanasekaran Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904010 Arsenic And Fluoride Removal From Drinking Water By A Novel Adsorbent
487 B. Babu Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904014 Development Of Real Time Leak Detection Systems For Steam Generators Of Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors
488 Shuaib Ahmed S. Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904019 Machine Learning Based Inversion Studies In Eddy Current Non Destructive Evaluation
489 Arun Kumar Rai Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904020 Calorimetric Characterization Of Phase Stability And Phase Transformation Kinetics In Uranium Based Alloys
490 Akash Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904022 Studies On Thin Films Of Zr, Zrn And Zrain Prepared By Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering : Microstructures, Thermal Expansion, Nanomechanical And Tribological Properties
491 Neelima Prasanthi Thota Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904023 An Experimental And Computional Study On Diffusion Driven Structural Changes In Fe/Ti Based Dissimilar Joints Under Equilibrium And Non- Equilibrium Conditions
492 A. Masilamani Chelladurai Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904024 Study Of Pulsed Laser Seam Welding And Pulsed Laser-Gta Hybrid Welding On Aisi 316 Stainless Steel
493 Ravikirana Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904026 Study Of Transformation Characteristics And Microstructural Evolution In 9Cr Reduced Activation Ferritic / Martensitic Steel Using Electron Microscopy, Calorimetry And Computational Methods
494 N. Srinivasan Engineering Sciences ENGG02200904027 Kinematics Of Localization Accompanying Lüders Instability Using Infrared Thermal Imaging And Digital Image Correlation
495 Govindha Rasu N. Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004001 Investigations Of Entrance Flow And Partial Flow Blockages In Fuel Subassemblies Of Fast Breeder Reactor
496 Paawan Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004003 Estimation Of Reactor Power From Core Temperature Signal
497 P Arun Babu Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004005 Software Reliability In Safety Criticalsupervision And Control Of Nuclear Reactors
498 Sadu Venkatesu Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004006 Design And Development Of Out-Of-Pile Version Of Instrumented Capsule For Online Determination Of Uniaxial Creep Behavior In Structural Specimen
499 Mahendra Chinthala Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004009 Separation Of Cesium From Simulated High Level Waste Using Electrodialysis Ion Exchange
500 G. Prasanna Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004014 Development Of Embedded Readout And Design Optimization Of Pin Diodes For Radiation Detection
501 Makkuva Kalyan Phani Engineering Sciences ENGG02201004018 Quantitative Mapping Of Elastic Properties In Nickel And Titanium Base Alloys At Nanoscale Using Atomic Force Acoustic Microscopy
502 Ganesh Kumar J Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104001 Assessment Of Tensile And Creep Behaviour Of 316Ln Stainless Steel Using Automated Ball Indentation And Small Punch Creep Testing Techniques
503 Padmakumar G. Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104002 Thermal Hydrulics Of Sfr Fuel Bundle With Inserts In Peripheral Subchannels
504 S. Vanna Perumal Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104005 Experimental Studies On Reductive Extraction Of Actinides From Molten Salt Under Highly Stratifying Conditions
505 K.K. Rajan Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104007 Compact Electromagnetic Flow Meters With Enhanced Sensitivity For Flow Measurement In Sodium Circuits
506 David Vijayanand Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104008 Aspects Of Integrity Assessment Of 316Ln Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld Joint Under Creep
507 Anil Kumar Soni Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104009 Eddy Current Methodologies For Reliable Detection And Rapid Imaging Of Sub-Surface Flaws In Stainless Steel
508 B. Krishna Srihari Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104011 Modeling The Electrorefining Process And The Effect Of Cathode Design In A Molten Salt Electrorefiner
509 Ashutosh Mishra Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104012 Thermal Ratcheting Of Thin Shells: Significance Of Thermomechanical Interactions
510 Deepak Ch Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104013 Study Of Synchro And Development Of Synchro-To-Digital Converter For Instrumentation & Control Applications
511 Nilangshu Kumar Das Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104014 Frequency Adapted Crossover Of Susceptibility In Coupled Dipolar System
512 S Ravi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104018 Design And Development Of In-Sodium Creep Testing Facility And Influence Of Dynamic Sodium On Creep Properties Of Structural Materials For Fast Reactors
513 Satish Kumar Velaga Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104020 Comparison Of Weld Characteristics Of Axisymmetrical And Non-Axisymmetrical Butt Welded Pipe Joints
514 Padi Srinivas Reddy Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104025 Remote Online Performance Evaluation Of Radiation Monitors In Nuclear Plants
515 Padmanabhan G Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104028 Studies On Deep Excavation Behaviour In Engineered Backfilling Adjacent To Nuclear Safety Related Structures
516 Ravi L Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104031 Thermal Hydraulic Investigations On Total Instantaneous Blockage In A Fuel Subassembly Of Fast Reactor
517 Varun Hassija Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104032 Development And Application Of Probabilistic Safety Assessment Methodologies For Estimating Risk From Nuclear Power Plants
518 Manas Ranjan Prusty Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104037 Studies On Supervised Classification Algorithms Based On Dataset Transformation For Monitoring Nuclear Power Plant Events
519 Sambasiva Rao Kambala Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104038 Studies On Development Of A Pulsed Eddy Current System For Testing Thick Stainless Steel Components
520 Prema S Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104039 Development Of Solution-Focused Automatic Parallelization Mechanism With Tools And Techniques
521 R. Nagaraj Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104041 Optimization Of Sizing, Modeling And Power Converter For Hybrid Renewable Power System In Remote Locations For Desalination Applications
522 S. Nagaraju Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104042 Effect Of Welding Processes On The Weld Attributes Of 9Cr-1Mo Steel Weld Joints
523 Naveen Raj M Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204001 Cfd Investigations Of Thermal Hydraulic Characteristics And Consequences Of Flow Blockage In Fast Reactor Fuel Subassemblies
524 Santosh Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204004 Hot Deformation Behavior Of Aisi Type 316 Ln Austenitic Stainless Steel
525 Chandan Kumar Bhagat Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204005 Design And Development Of Wireless Acoustic Emission Sensor System For Structural Health Monitoring Applications
526 Srikantam Sravanthi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204006 An Investigation Into The Fail Safeness Of Safety Critical Instrumentation And Control In A Sodium Cooled Fast Reactor
527 G. Sumathi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204007 Secure And Reliable Vlsi Designs
528 Balakrishnan R Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204010 Studies On Information Hiding Techniques In Word Processor Documents
529 Rishi Pamnani Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204013 Effect Of Arc Welding Processes On The Weld Attributes Of Micro Alloyed Hsla Steel
530 A. Moorthi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204015 Investigations Of Coolant Mixing In Nuclear Reactor Fuel Pin Bundles
531 P. A. Manojkumar Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204016 Synthesis And Modification Of Graphene Nanowalls Using Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation And Deposition Facility
532 G. Suneel Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204018 Numerical Modelling Of Joule Heated Ceramic Melter
533 Vinita Daiya Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204019 Wirelessly Powered Secured Backscatter Communication For Wireless Sensor Network
534 Niranjan Kumar Pandey Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204022 Studies In The Mass Transfer With Chemical Reactions For Liquid-Liquid And Gas-Liquid-Solid Systems In Nuclear Industry
535 Manoj Kumar Parida Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304003 Design Of Solid State Neutron Detectors Using Geant4 Simulation
536 Pradyumna Kumar Parida Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304005 Study Of Nano-Dispersoid Characteristics In Oxide Dispersoid Strengthened Alloys
537 M. Divya Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304006 Weldability Of Borated Stainless Steel-(Ss 304B4)
538 Saju T. Abraham Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304007 Characterization Of Polycrystalline Microstructure Using Ultrasonic Nonlinearity Parameter
539 T. Sakthivel Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304008 Effect Of Geometry, Composition And Thermomechanical Treatment On The Type Iv Cracking During Creep In Advanced 9Cr Ferritic Steels Weld Joint
540 K. Natesan Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304010 Development Of Mathematical Models And Investigation Of Fbr Plant Behaviour During Transients By A Coupled Single And Multi-Dimensional Approach
541 Sumathi V Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304011 Fast Transient Fluid Structure Interaction Vibration Of Immersed Strutcures In Typical Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor
542 Shivang Tripathi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304012 Study Of Sic-Based Netector For Applications In The Harsh Environment Of Fast Reactors
543 Nidhin T.S. Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304014 Study Of Radiation Effects In Sram-Based Fpgas For Npp I&C System Design
544 Vikas Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG02201304015 Development Of Weld Pattern Analyzer For Quality Analysis Of Arc Welding Process
545 Aditya Narayan Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG02201404001 Study Of Deformation And Fracture Behaviour Of Alloy 617
546 Sree Ranjini K S Engineering Sciences ENGG02201404011 Design, Development And Optimization Of High Temperature Motors For In-Service Inspection Devices
547 Kanhu Charan Sahoo Engineering Sciences ENGG02201405008 Prediction Of Creep Deformation And Rupture Behavior Of 304Hcu Austenitic Stainless Steel Under Uniaxial And Multiaxial State Of Stress At Different Temperatures
548 Manmath Kumar Dash Engineering Sciences ENGG02201418008 Study Of Microstructure And Microtexture During Thermo-Mechanical Processing In Advanced Steels Using Experimental And Computational Methods
549 J. Christopher Engineering Sciences ENGG02201504003 Internal-State- Variable Based Constitutive Modelling And Its Applicabolity To Tensile And Creep Deformation Of Tempered Martensitic 9% Chromium Steels
550 Matcha Nani Babu Engineering Sciences ENGG02201504004 Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour Of Nitrogen Bearing Austenitic Stainless Steel And Its Weld: Analysis Using Unified Approach
551 S. Athimoola Krishnan Engineering Sciences ENGG02201504008 Investigation On Ductile Fracture Of Structural Steels And Welds: Numerical Analysis And Experimental Assessment
552 D. Prasadarao Palaparti Engineering Sciences ENGG02201505017 Tensile Properties And Work Hardening Behaviour Of Boron Added P91 Steel
553 Prasant Kumar Panigrahi Engineering Sciences ENGG02201505018 Thermal Hydraulic Investigation Of Molten Fuel Relocation In A Fast Reactor During Severe Accident
554 Rishi Pal Yadav Engineering Sciences ENGG03200704001 Distributed Intelligent Object Based Control System For Accelerators
555 Mohammed Salahuddin Ansari Engineering Sciences ENGG03200704003 Signal Integrity And Shielding Issues In Mixed Signal Circuits Under Transient Electromagnetic Field Generated By High Power Pulsed Nd: Glass Lasers
556 Mangesh B. Borage Engineering Sciences ENGG03200704004 Resonant Converter Topologies For Constant-Current Power Supplies And Their Applications
557 Akhilesh Jain Engineering Sciences ENGG03200904001 Investigations On High Power Solid State Rf And Microwave Amplifiers For Superconducting Structures
558 Manoj kumar saxena Engineering Sciences ENGG03201004001 Study Of Non- Stationary Signal Models For Optical Fiber Based Sensors
559 Anirban De Engineering Sciences ENGG04200804001 A Novel Scheme For Dsp Based Power Converter Control
560 Biswajit Sarkar Engineering Sciences ENGG04200904001 Localization Of Mobile Robots In Indoor Environments Using Laser Range Data
561 Anuraag Misra Engineering Sciences ENGG04201004001 Studies On Generation And Characterization Of High Current Beams From Microwave Ion Source
562 Sumit Som Engineering Sciences ENGG04201004002 Modeling & Electromagnetic Analysis And Measurement Of Particle Accelerator Cavities
563 Anjan Dutta Gupta Engineering Sciences ENGG04201104001 Study Of Cold-Mass Support System Of Superconducting Magnets For Accelerator Applications
564 Sajjan Kumar Thakur Engineering Sciences ENGG04201104003 Design And Development Of High Voltage Regulated Power Converters Based On Advanced Techniques With Suitable Protection Schemes And Study On Emi Characterization
565 Ashif Reza Engineering Sciences ENGG04201104004 Development Of Detection And Frequency Measurement Circuit For Penning Ion Trap
566 Swagata Mandal Engineering Sciences ENGG04201304002 Development Of Fpga Based Error Resilient Self- Triggered Readout Chain For Muon Chamber (Much)Detector Of Cbm Experiment
567 Saurabh srivastava Engineering Sciences ENGG04201404001 Studies On Optimal Design Of Pid Controller For Systems With Time Delay
568 Shuaib Ahmad Khan Engineering Sciences ENGG04201404004 Optimization And Performance Analysis Of The Common Readout Unit For The Alice Experiment At Cern
569 G. Veda Prakash Engineering Sciences ENGG06201104001 Compact Pulsed Power Systems Using Liquid Dielectrics
570 Mohammed Zubairuddin Engineering Sciences ENGG06201104002 Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Of Gta Welding Of Modified 9Cr-1Mo Steel Considering The Effects Of Phase Transformation, Pre Heating And Post Heating
571 Rana Pratap Yadav Engineering Sciences ENGG06201104003 Design And Developmental Aspects Of High Power Ultra-Wideband 3Db Hybrid Coupler For Icrf Heating In Tokamak
572 Sandeep Rimza Engineering Sciences ENGG06201104004 Studies On Helium Cooled Plasma Facing Components For Tokamak Based Fusion Reactor Applications
573 Dushyant Kumar Sharma Engineering Sciences ENGG06201204001 Slow Wave Characteristics Of Metamaterial Loaded Helical Guide
574 Gaurav Kumar Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG06201404001 Study Of Two-Phase Flows In Fusion Magnets
575 Subrata Jana Engineering Sciences ENGG06201404002 Study On Plasma Shaping And Control In Steady State Superconducting Tokamak (Sst-1)
576 Arun Pandey Engineering Sciences ENGG06201404004 Development Of Permanent Magnet Based Helicon Plasma Source
577 Jain Yogesh Mithalalji Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504001 Design, Development And Characterisation Of A Passive Active Multijunction Rf Launcher Compatible With Aditya -Upgrade Tokamak
578 Bhuva Montu Prafulbhai Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504002 Magnetic Field Effects On Cold Hollow Cathode Dc Discharge: An Experimental And Modeling Study
579 Mayank Rajput Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504004 Study Of Transmutation, Gas Production And Displacement Damage In Iron, Tungsten And Chromium For D-T Neutron Irradiation
580 Joshi Jay Kirtikumar Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504005 Inferring The Magnetization Effect In High Density Ccrf Discharges- An Electrical Approach
581 Zala Arunsinh Bakulsinh Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504007 Investigations On Weldability Of Aluminide Coated 9Cr Steel
582 Priti Kanth Engineering Sciences ENGG06201504009 Nuclear Activation Studies In Fusion Systems: New Methods And Algorithms
583 Nagrani Rajini Thakur Health Sciences HLTH09200904001 Risk Factors Of Breast Cancer In Rural & Urban India
584 Ms. Sharayu S. Mhatre Health Sciences HLTH09200904003 Risk Factors For Gallbladder Cancer In India
585 Swamidas V. Jamema Health Sciences HLTH09201104003 Dosimetric Studies In Image Guided Adaptive Brachytherapy In Gynaecological Cancers
586 Saurabh Bobdey Health Sciences HLTH09201304003 A Study Of Survival In Oral Cavity Cancer Patients
587 Pampi Chakraborty Life Sciences LIFE01200604003 Host-Pathogen Interactions Of Different Strains Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
588 Subhash Chandra Bihani Life Sciences LIFE01200604004 Understanding Drug Resistance In Hiv-1 Protease Through X-Ray Crystallography
589 Somnath Ghosh Life Sciences LIFE01200604005 Radiation Induced Signalling In Mammalian Cells
590 Vishal Parashar Life Sciences LIFE01200604006 X-Ray Crystallographic Analysis Of Hiv-1 Protease Substrate/Inhibitor Complexes
591 Ashish Kumar Srivastava Life Sciences LIFE01200604007 Identification Of Thiol Induced Transcripts, Their Functional Characterization And Role In Crop Improvement
592 Gagan Deep Gupta Life Sciences LIFE01200604008 Structural And Functional Studies Of Translin-Like Proteins
593 Bibhuti Bhusan Mishra Life Sciences LIFE01200604010 Studies On Polyphenol Oxidase In Brinjal (Eggplant; Solanum Melongena)
594 Anubrata Das Life Sciences LIFE01200704001 Functional Characterization Of Hypothetical Proteins And Their Role In Radiation Tolerance Of Deinococcus Radiodurans
595 Yogendra Singh Rajpurohit Life Sciences LIFE01200704002 Molecular Characterization Of A Protein Kinase Involved In Extraordinary Radioresistance Of Deinococcus Radiodurans
596 Mohd. Nazir Khan Life Sciences LIFE01200704004 Studies On The Modulation Of Radiation Injury By Bilirubin And Naphthoquinones
597 Vijay Kumar Charaka Life Sciences LIFE01200704005 Characterization Of Genome Partitioning System Of Deinococcus Radiodurans
598 Bharti Jain Life Sciences LIFE01200804002 Antibody-Chip For Multianalyte Immunoassay Of Thyroid Hormones
599 Suresh Subramanian Life Sciences LIFE01200804003 Development And Biological Evaluation Of Novel Radiopharmaceuticals For Cancer
600 Rahul Checker Life Sciences LIFE01200804004 Studies On The Perturbation Of Immune System During Inflammation And Its Modulation By Plumbagin
601 Archana Kumari Life Sciences LIFE01200804005 Isolation And Characterization Of Erd4 Gene From Brassica Juncea And Its Functional Validation
602 Manjula Mathur Life Sciences LIFE01200804006 Dna Diagnostics For Wilson Disease
603 Bhaskar Sanyal Life Sciences LIFE01200804007 Studies On Detection And Dosimetry Of Irradiated Food By Thermoluminescence(Tl) And Electron Paramagnetic Resonance(Epr) Spectroscopy
604 Vandan Nagar Life Sciences LIFE01200804008 Molecular And Biochemical Studies Of Aeromonas Spp
605 Chandan Kumar Life Sciences LIFE01200804009 Studies With A Beta Particle Emitting Radionuclide In The Context Of Radioimmunotherapy
606 Jitesh Singh Rathee Life Sciences LIFE01200804010 Effect Of A Natural Compound Malabaricone C, On Cardiovascular Disease And Remodeling
607 Sumit Gupta Life Sciences LIFE01200804011 Effect Of Radiation Processing On Flavor Precursorsin Grapes And Potential Technological Applications
608 S. Jayakumar Life Sciences LIFE01200804012 Molecular Studies On Radiation Response Of Human Malignant Cells In Vitro
609 Rajshri Singh Life Sciences LIFE01200804013 Role Of Macrophages In Growth And Progression Of Breast Cancer
610 Chitra Seetharam Life Sciences LIFE01200904001 Genetic Engineering Of Heavy Metal Sequestering / Precipitating Proteins For Bioremediation
611 Aman Kumar Ujaoney Life Sciences LIFE01200904002 Cloning And Characterization Of The Single Stranded Dna Binding Protein (Ssb) From Deinococcus Radiodurans
612 Shyam Sunder R. Life Sciences LIFE01200904003 Molecular Basis Of Tributyl Phosphate Biodegradation In Sphingomonas
613 Poulomi Mukherjee Life Sciences LIFE01200904004 Investigations Into The Mechanisms Of Nanoparticle Synthesis Via Biological Routes And Their Applications
614 Surbhi Wadhawan Life Sciences LIFE01200904005 Mechanism Of Programmed Cell Death In Xanthomonas
615 Avik Chakraborty Life Sciences LIFE01200904006 Oncogenic Alterations And Their Implication In Thyroid Cancer
616 Sejal Sunil Desai Life Sciences LIFE01200904007 Studies On Radiation-Induced Bystander Effects With Relevence To Cancer Therapy
617 Vijay Tailor Life Sciences LIFE01200904008 Cloning, Overexpression And Characterization Of Two Peroxiredoxin Genes (Alr3183 And Alr4642) From Anabaena Pcc 7120
618 Aparajita Banerjee Life Sciences LIFE01200904009 Effect Of Radiation Processing On Lipid Metabolism In Some Indian Vegetables: Impact On Aroma Quality
619 Vinay Jain Life Sciences LIFE01201004001 Studies On Cellular Responses To Dna Damage In Human Cells Exposed To Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
620 Upendra Kumar Singh Shekhawat Life Sciences LIFE01201004002 Cloning And Characterization Of Three Abiotic Stress Related Genes (Dehydrin, Wrky And Bzip) And Their Overexpression In Bananna
621 Alka Gupta Life Sciences LIFE01201004003 Evaluation Of Structure-Function Relationship Of Photosynthetic Machinery In Cyanobacteria Exposed To Chromium (Vi) Stress
622 Anurag Kirti Life Sciences LIFE01201004004 Regulation And Function Of Multiple Ssb Genes Of Anabaena
623 Lokesh Gambhir Life Sciences LIFE01201004005 Protection Against Induced Gastro-Intestinal Injury By 1,4-Naphthoquinone
624 Sudhir Kumar Shukla Life Sciences LIFE01201104001 Molecular Studies On Biofilm-Associated-Protein (Bap) In Staphylococcus Aureus
625 Narasimha Anaganti Life Sciences LIFE01201104002 Characterization Of Selected Radiation Induced Gene Promoters In Deinococcus Radiodurans R1
626 Mrityunjay Tyagi Life Sciences LIFE01201104003 Mechanistic Insight Into Malabaricone C Induced Cancer Cell Death
627 R.S. Patwardhan Life Sciences LIFE01201104004 Amelioration Of Ionizing Radiation Induced Cell Death In Lymphocytes By Baicalein
628 Chaturbhuj Kumar Saurabh Life Sciences LIFE01201104005 Development Of Biodegradable Packaging For Food Irradiation Application
629 Sayali Kulkarni Life Sciences LIFE01201204001 Bioremediation Of Uranium From Acidic And Alkaline Solutions Using Genetically Engineered Deinococcus Radiodurans
630 Sanjeev Kumar Life Sciences LIFE01201204003 Antimutagenic And Antioxidant Action Of Naphthoquinone Rich Foods And Underlying Mechanism
631 Vipul Kumar Pandey Life Sciences LIFE01201204004 Studies On Differentiation And Functional Maturation Of Dendritic Cells In Cancer Microenvironment
632 Hanamant Dattatraya Khade Life Sciences LIFE01201204005 Microbial Decontamination And Shelf Life Extension Of Leafy Vegetables By Ionizing Radiation
633 Pramod Kumar Gupta Life Sciences LIFE01201204006 Tlr4 Mediated Immunomodulation In Tuberculosis
634 Sanjana Negi Life Sciences LIFE01201204007 Molecular Studies On Nac Transcription Factors Regulating Secondary Wall Deposition And Abiotic Stress Responses In Banana
635 Mahima Sharma Life Sciences LIFE01201204008 Molecular Mechanism Of Action Of Lysinibacillus Sphaericus Binary Toxin Protein Components
636 Prachi Verma Life Sciences LIFE01201204009 Evaluation Of In Vitro And In Vivo Radioprotection And Cytotoxic Activities By Novel Selenium Compounds
637 Poonam Yadav Life Sciences LIFE01201304001 Studies On Radiation Induced Pro-Survival Signalling Mechanisms In Tumor Microenvironment
638 Anuradha Nair Life Sciences LIFE01201304002 Molecular Characterization Of Osmre11 And Osrad52 From Oryza Sativa (Rice)
639 Ms Neha R. Paraswani Life Sciences LIFE01201304003 Molecular Processes Of Adaptive Response In Human Peripheral Mononuclear Cells In Response To Ionizing Radiation.
640 Himanshu Tak Life Sciences LIFE01201304004 Investigations On Abiotic Stress Tolerance Of Transgenic Banana Plants Overexpressing Musanac042 And Musampk5
641 Archana Mishra Life Sciences LIFE01201304005 Synthesis, Characterization And Applications Of Silica Based Bio-Hybrid Materials
642 Nishad S. Life Sciences LIFE01201304006 Proteomic Responses Of Human Cells To Low Dose Ionizing Radiation
643 Rakhee Yadav Life Sciences LIFE01201304007 Cellular And Molecular Basis Of Thorium-Induced Cytotoxicity And Carcinogenesis
644 Ganesh Kumar Maurya Life Sciences LIFE01201304008 Molecular Mechanism(S) Underlying Multipartite Genome Maintenance In Radiation Resistant Bacterium, Deinococcus Radiodurans R1
645 Ravi Prakash Sanyal Life Sciences LIFE01201404001 Molecular And Biochemical Characterization Of Cu/Zn Superoxide Dismutase Splice Variants Of Rice (Oryza Sativa)
646 Shri Arvind Kumar Life Sciences LIFE01201404002 Characterization Of Biochemical Andphysiological Role Of Lexa In Thenitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacterium,Anabaena Sp. Strain Pcc7120
647 Neena Girish Shetake Life Sciences LIFE01201404004 Biological Evaluation And Mechanistic Insights Of Targeted Nano-Formulation For Combinatorial Cancer Therapy
648 Shikha Pachauri Life Sciences LIFE01201404005 Structural And Functional Analysis Of A Trichoderma Virens Gapdh Associated With A Secondary-Metabolism Related Gene Cluster
649 Avi Raizada Life Sciences LIFE01201404006 Development Of Genic-Markers For Yellow Mosaic Virus And Bruchid Resistance Traits In Black Gram (Vigna Mungo (L.) Hepper)
650 Shridhar Suresh Paranjape Life Sciences LIFE01201404007 Starvation Induced Physiological Changes In Vibrio Cholerae
651 Ravindra Bansal Life Sciences LIFE01201504001 Functional Analysis Of Three Genes Downregulated In A Non-Conidiating Mutant Of Trichoderma Virens
652 Gaikwad Sujay Sarjerao Life Sciences LIFE01201504002 Modulation Of Immune Responses Induced By Bcg Vaccination
653 Vanshika Adiani Life Sciences LIFE01201504004 Biochemical Markers As A Tool For Rapid Detection Of Microbial Spoilage In Minimally Processed Fruits
654 Dhiman Chakravarty Life Sciences LIFE01201504005 Physiological And Structural Characterization Of A Manganese Catalase (Katb) From The Filamentous, Heterocystous, N2-Fixing Cyanobacterium Anabaena Pcc 7120
655 Manish Pandey Life Sciences LIFE01201504006 Studies On Redox Associated Molecular Changes Under Salt Stress In Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)
656 Deepti Singh Life Sciences LIFE01201504014 Investigation Of Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Antibacterial Potential Of Allylarene And Stilbene Class Of Phytochemicals
657 Arpana Parihar Life Sciences LIFE03200704001 Studies On The Evaluation Of Photodynamic Efficacy Of Chlorophyll Derivatives In Cancer Cells And Animal Tumor Model
658 Surya Prakash Singh Life Sciences LIFE03200904001 Organically Modified Silica Nanoparticle Based Approaches For Improving Efficacy Of Drugs For Cancer Therapy
659 Khageswar Sahu Life Sciences LIFE03200904002 Applications Of Photodynamic Effects In Dermatology
660 Paromita Sarbadhikary Life Sciences LIFE03201104001 Studies On Photodynamic And Photon-Activation Treatment Of Cancer Cells Usingchlorophyll Derivative Conjugated To Copper Iodide
661 Sutapa Saha Life Sciences LIFE05200704001 Proteomic Study In A Haematological Malignancy: B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
662 Swati Panigrahi Life Sciences LIFE05200704002 Role Of Hydrogen Bonding Interactions In Biologically Important Macromolecules
663 Anup Kumar Maity Life Sciences LIFE05200704003 Characterization Of Substrates Of An S-Phase Cell Cycle Kinase Of Leishmania Donovani With Emphasis Son A Histone Acetyl Transferase
664 Barnali Waugh Life Sciences LIFE05200804001 Crystal Structure Solution Of Phosphoglucomutase From L.Major At 3.5 Å Resolution And Pharmacophore Based Data-Mining To Identify Prospective Anti-Leishmanials
665 Suchismita Haldar Life Sciences LIFE05200804002 Differential Proteomics Study In Hematological Disorders
666 Seema Nath Life Sciences LIFE05200804003 Structure Function Relationship Of Phosphatases From Vibrio Choleraeo395
667 Sourav Roy Life Sciences LIFE05200804004 Protein Folding And Conformational Stability Studies On Cyclophilin And Its Mutants
668 Rakhi Paul Life Sciences LIFE05200904001 Structure-Function Relationship Of Sugar Kinases From Vibrio Cholerae O395
669 Shreyasi Dutta Life Sciences LIFE05201104001 Mode Of Action Of Two Aureolic Acid Antibiotics And Chelerythrine - A Chemical Biology Approach
670 Dipayan Bose Life Sciences LIFE05201404001 Chaperone Activity Of Spectrin: Molecular Origin Of Specificity
671 Saran Chattopadhyaya Life Sciences LIFE05201404002 Dna Replication-Repair In Megakaryopoiesis
672 Satyabrata Maiti Life Sciences LIFE05201504004 Non-Canonical Base Pairs In Rna And Their Involvement In Double Helix Formation
673 Kaushik Chanda Life Sciences LIFE05201504005 Understanding The Roles Played By Receptor Tyrosine Kinase(S) And Non-Coding Rna(S) In Neurodegeneration
674 Shweta Singh Life Sciences LIFE05201504007 Role Of Epstein-Barr Virus In Epithelial Cell Cancer
675 Ashutosh Kumar Life Sciences LIFE07201004001 Importance Of Trpv4 Channel In The Mitochondrial Structure-Function Relationship: Implication In Pain And Other Pathophysiology
676 Sanjima Pal Life Sciences LIFE07201004004 Biological Studies On Different Cellular Responses To Bioactive Compounds Of Natural And Synthetic Origin
677 Manoj Pralhadrao Ramteke Life Sciences LIFE09200604001 Identification Of A Novel Atp Binding Site And Demonstration Of Atp Hydrolysis By Mammalian 14-3-3 Isoforms
678 Lalit Sehgal Life Sciences LIFE09200604002 Generation Of Knockdown Mice That Lack 14-3-3Ε And 14-3-3Υ Using Rna Interference
679 Sapna V. Iyer Life Sciences LIFE09200604003 Role Of Cytokeratins 8 And 18 In Differentiation And Transformation Of Epithelial Cells
680 Atul Pranay Life Sciences LIFE09200604004 Profiling Of Autoantibodies To Tumor Antigens From Cancer Of The Gingivo-Buccal Complex Using Immunoproteomics
681 Poulami Das Life Sciences LIFE09200604005 Identification Of Specific Genetic Alterations In Cervical Cancer By Genome Wide Loh And Copy Number Analysis
682 Amitkumar Gaibidas Fulzele Life Sciences LIFE09200604006 Keratin Profile In Oral Cancer
683 Tabish Life Sciences LIFE09200604007 Genotype Molecular Phenotype Correlation Using Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines From Patients With Multiple Primary Neoplasms
684 Pallavi Goel Life Sciences LIFE09200604008 Characterization Of Hhv-6 Using An Indian Isolate: An In Vitro Study
685 Amit Kumar Singh Gautam Life Sciences LIFE09200604009 Biochemical And Biophysical Analysis Of Substrate Recognition, Global Unfolding And Degradation By Eukaryotic Proteasome
686 Amit Ranjan Life Sciences LIFE09200604010 Role Of Beta 1,6 Branched N-Linked Oligosaccharides In Regulating Key Cellular Processes Involved In Cancer Cell Invasion
687 Ajit G. Chande Life Sciences LIFE09200604011 Use Of Lentiviral Vector For Improved System Of Protein Expression In Mammalian Cells
688 Vinayak C. Palve Life Sciences LIFE09200704001 Role Of Anti-Apoptotic Mcl-1 Gene In Human Oral Cancers And Premalignant Lesions
689 Dimpu Gogoi Life Sciences LIFE09200704002 Role Of Notch In Regulation Of Gamma Delta T Lymphocytes And Regulatory T Cell Functions
690 Dhamne Hemant Ramesh Life Sciences LIFE09200704003 Lentiviral Vector Mediated Long Term Expression Of Therapeutic Proteins
691 Sumeer Raina Life Sciences LIFE09200704004 Lentiviral Vector Mediated Gene Transfer As An Antiviral And Antitumoral Intervention Strategy
692 Dilip C Badgujar Life Sciences LIFE09200704005 Structural And Functional Characterization Of Brcts Domain
693 Akhil Kumar Agarwal Life Sciences LIFE09200704006 Mechanism Involved In Regulation Of Processes Critical For Cancer Metastasis By B1,6 Branched N-Oligosaccharides
694 Bihari Lal Soni Life Sciences LIFE09200704007 Global Protein Profiling During Rat Lingual Carcinogenesis And Validation Of Differentiator Proteins In Human Tongue
695 Gaurav Kumar Life Sciences LIFE09200704008 Effect Of Curcumin And Black Tea Polyphenols On Carcinogen-Induced Cell Proliferation And Apoptosis In Experimental Models
696 Ajit Kumar Sharma Life Sciences LIFE09200704009 Histone, Chromatin Structure And Their Role In Dna Repair During Carcinogenesis
697 Ratika R Kunder Life Sciences LIFE09200704010 Microrna Profile Of Medulloblastomas
698 Vikrant Shyam Singh Life Sciences LIFE09200804001 Role Of Rap80-Abraxas-Brca1-Complex In The Dna Damage Repair: Structural Investigations To Reveal The Molecular Complexity
699 Lumbini Ramraj Yadav Life Sciences LIFE09200804002 Structural And Functional Approaches To Evaluate Novel Missense Germline Mutations In Brca1
700 Monica Tyagi Life Sciences LIFE09200804003 Transcriptional Regulation Of Histone H2A Variants In Liver Cancer
701 Lalith Kumar Chaganti Life Sciences LIFE09200804004 Role Of Htra2 And Its Domains In Regulating Its Specificity And Functions
702 Dange Manohar Chandrakant Life Sciences LIFE09200804005 Role Of B1,6 Branched N-Oligosaccharides And Associated Terminal Substitutions On Tumour Cells And Their Possible Receptors On Lungs In Organ Specific Metastasis
703 Peeyush Goel Life Sciences LIFE09200804008 Effect Of A Methylxanthine Compound And Anticancer Agent On Integrin Mediated Adhesion And Induced Apoptosis In Breast Cancer Cells
704 Padma P. Nanaware Life Sciences LIFE09200804009 Identification Of Protein Interaction Networks Of Gankyrin In Cancer
705 Nitur Singh Radheshyam Life Sciences LIFE09200804010 Structural And Functional Characterization Of Proapoptotic Proteins : Human Papillomavirus E2 And Serine Protease Htra2
706 Surya Pratap Singh Life Sciences LIFE09200804011 Development Of In Vivo Raman Diagnostic Methodolgies For Oral Pre-Cancers And Cancers
707 Nikhil Sangith Life Sciences LIFE09200804013 Elucidating The Structural Basis Of Substrate Recognition By The Proteasomes: A Global Approach
708 Md. Zahid Kamran Life Sciences LIFE09200804014 Effects Of Methylxanthine On Stat3 Mediated Regulation Of Cytokines Involved In Tumor Development And Tumor Induced Sugiogenesis In Melanoma Cells
709 Bhanu Prakash Jagilinki Life Sciences LIFE09200904001 Structural And Molecular Characterization Of An Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase (Erk1/2) In Association With Ribosomal S6 Kinases
710 Srikanta Basu Life Sciences LIFE09200904002 Identification Of Pathways That Determine Tumor Survival And Radio-Resistance Upon Plakophilin3 Loss
711 Rupa Mishra Life Sciences LIFE09200904003 Molecular Insights Into P53 Repressed Anti-Apoptotic Proteins, Clusterin And Survivin In Human Oral Cancer
712 Kumarkrishna Raychaudhuri Life Sciences LIFE09200904005 Role Of 14-3-3S And 14-3-3G In Regulating Cell-Cell Adhesion
713 Kedar Narsinha Yogi Life Sciences LIFE09200904006 Wnt Signalling Driven Up-Regulation Of Micrornas In Medulloblastoma
714 Snehal Mahendra Gaikwad Life Sciences LIFE09200904007 Monitoring The Molecular Dynamics Of Acquired Chemoresistance In Ovarian Carcinoma By Noninvasive Molecular Imaging
715 Mansa Gurjar Life Sciences LIFE09200904008 The Role Of Plakophilin3 In Regulating Cell Adhesion, Cell Migration And Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition (Emt)
716 Madhura Dileep Bhave Life Sciences LIFE09200904009 Role Of Homotypic Membrane Fusions In Size Control Mechanism Of Golgi Apparatus
717 Shafqat Ali Khan Life Sciences LIFE09200904010 Epigenetics In Gastric Cancer : Analysis Of Histone Post-Translation Modifications And Modifying Enzymes
718 Swati Popat Phalke Life Sciences LIFE09200904011 Understanding The Crosstalk Between Bone And Gamma Delta T Lymphocytes In Cancer Patients
719 Rubina Shaikh Life Sciences LIFE09200904013 Elucidation Of Raman Spectral Markers In The Progression Of Cergical Cancers
720 Sushmita Chatterjee Life Sciences LIFE09200904014 Evaluation Of Sodium Iodide Symporter (Hnis) Mediated Targeted Radioiodine Therapy In Breast Cancer By Non-Invasive Imaging
721 Tanmoy Bhattacharjee Life Sciences LIFE09200904015 A Study Of Breast Cancer Progression In Rodent Models Using Raman Spectroscopy
722 Pooja Panwalkar Life Sciences LIFE09200904016 Pathogenesis Of Non-Wnt, Non-Shh Type Medulloblastoma
723 Priyanka Ganpat Bhosale Life Sciences LIFE09200904017 Genomic Profiling Of Oral Precancerous Lesions And Early Stages Of Oral Cancer
724 Aparna Dilip Chaudhari Life Sciences LIFE09200904018 Role Of Galectin-3 In Modulating Tumor-Specific Immunity And Lung Metastasis In Mice
725 Sh. Sulkshane Prasad Chandrakant Life Sciences LIFE09201004002 Regulation And Targeting Of Mcl-1 In Human Oral Cancers
726 Nikhat Nahid Khan Life Sciences LIFE09201004003 Study Of Mutation Landscape Andstepwise Carcinogenesis In Hereditarycolorectal Cancers
727 Shyam Kailashrao More Life Sciences LIFE09201004004 ""Altered Cell Surface Glycosylation And Organ Specific Metastasis''
728 Asif Amin Dar Life Sciences LIFE09201004005 Immune Dysfunction In Oral Cancer Patients: Role Of Tumor Microenvironment
729 Poonam Sadhu Kakade Life Sciences LIFE09201004006 Role Of Glycosylation In Regulating Keratin 8/18 Functions
730 Aditi Kamlesh Sahu Life Sciences LIFE09201004007 Raman Micro-Spectroscopy Studies Of Oral Cancerous And Premalignant Conditions
731 Madhura Kelkar Life Sciences LIFE09201004008 Imaging Human Sodium Iodide Symporter (Hnis) Gene Regulation In Breast Cancer Animal Model
732 Raja Reddy Kuppili Life Sciences LIFE09201004009 Understanding The Mechanism Of Apoptosis Regulation Involving Anti-Apoptotic Hax1 And Pro-Apoptotic Serine Protease Htra2/Omi
733 Rushikesh Sudam Patil Life Sciences LIFE09201004010 Understanding Pathogenesis Of Gallbladder Cancer: Role Of Th17 And Regulatory T Cells
734 Richa Tiwari Life Sciences LIFE09201004011 Role Of Keratin 8 Phosphorylation In Neoplastic Progression Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma
735 Satishkumar Vishram Singh Life Sciences LIFE09201004012 Molecular Mechanism Underlying Pathogenesis Of Wnt Signaling Associated Medulloblastoma
736 Ms. Gauri Ravindra Mirji Life Sciences LIFE09201004016 Genomic And Functional Studies In Leukemia Patients Exhibiting Tcr Γδ Gene Rearrangement
737 Ram Kumar Singh Life Sciences LIFE09201004017 Molecular Imaging Of Cancer Stem Cells (Cscs) During Development Of Chemo Resistance In Ovarian Carcinoma
738 Indrajit Sahu Life Sciences LIFE09201004018 Elucidating The Functional Significance Of Protein Interaction Networks Mediated By 19S Regulatory Particle Of Proteasome
739 Rajan Kumar Choudhary Life Sciences LIFE09201004019 Molecular Mechanism Of Brca1-Bard1-Cstf50 Complex And Breast Cancer Risk
740 Ms. Dmello Crismita C. Life Sciences LIFE09201004021 Role Of Aberrant Vimentin Expression In Human Oral Pre-Cancer And Cancer
741 Piyush Kumar Life Sciences LIFE09201004022 Comparative Evaluation Of Diagnostic Efficacy Of Laser Raman Spectroscopy And Histopathology In An Animal Model Of Oral Carcinogenesis
742 Mohd. Yasser Life Sciences LIFE09201004023 Identification Of Radioresistance Related Proteins In Human Oral Cancer
743 Saikat Bhattacharya Life Sciences LIFE09201004024 Chromatin Organisation: Molecular Role Of H2A Variants
744 Abira Ganguly Life Sciences LIFE09201004025 “Size And Shape Control Mechanism Of Nucleus”
745 Pawan Upadhyay Life Sciences LIFE09201104001 Integrated Analysis Of Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Genomics Approach
746 Ekjot Kaur Life Sciences LIFE09201104002 Role Of Chromatin And Dna Damage Repair Pathway In Glioblastoma Multiforme
747 Pratik Chandrani Life Sciences LIFE09201104003 Discovery Of Potential Therapeutic Targets In Human Cancer: A Functional Genomics Approach
748 Md. Moquitul Haque Life Sciences LIFE09201104005 Molecular Pathways In The Origin Of Diverse Tumors In Individuals With Germline Tp53 Mutation (Li Fraumeni Syndrome)
749 Rahul Maruti Sarate Life Sciences LIFE09201104006 Dissecting The Molecular Mechanism: Normal Stem Cell And Cancer Stem Cell Regulation
750 Vijay Govindrao Padul Life Sciences LIFE09201104007 Identification Of Genes Instrumental In Pathogenesis Of Oligodendroglioma
751 Sajad Ahmad Bhat Life Sciences LIFE09201104008 Epigenetiv Regulation And Anti-Tumor Effector Functions Of Gamma Delta (Yq) T Cells
752 Divya Reddy Velga Life Sciences LIFE09201104011 Binding Partners Of Histone H2A Variant And Their Molecular Implications In Carcinogenesis
753 Mohammad Quadir Siddiqui Life Sciences LIFE09201104013 Structural And Functional Basis Of Fanconi Anemia (Fanci-Fancd2) Pathway: Studies Of Protein-Protein Interactions Required For Dna Crosslink Repair
754 Hudlikar Rasika Rajendra Life Sciences LIFE09201104014 Molecular Analysis Of Tobacco Carcinogen Induced Experimental Lung Tumors And Chemoprevention Studies
755 Iyer Prasanna Radhakrishnan Life Sciences LIFE09201104017 Investigating Possible Role Of A Golgi Resident Ptdins4P Effector, An Oncogenic Homolog In Golgi Size Control Mechanism
756 Prajish Sundaram Iyer Life Sciences LIFE09201204001 Genetic Approaches To Discover Novel Oncogenes In Human Cancer
757 Ms. Saujanya Acharya Life Sciences LIFE09201204002 Characterization Of High Temperature Requirement Serine Protease And Its Binding Partners
758 Gopalbhai Chovatiya Lavjibhai Life Sciences LIFE09201204005 Delineating The Role Of Signaling Pathways In Epidermal Stem Cell Regulation
759 Shri Sameer J. Salunkhe Life Sciences LIFE09201204006 Role Of Dna Damage Repair Pathways In Chemoresistant Leukemic Cells
760 Bhawik Kumar Jain Life Sciences LIFE09201204008 Study To Investigate The Mechanism That Controls Cisternal Stacking In Golgi Apparatus
761 Mukul Sacchit Godbole Life Sciences LIFE09201204009 Identifying The Targets Of Progesterone In Human Breast Cancer
762 Bhushan Laxman Thakur Life Sciences LIFE09201204010 Identification Of Potential Regulators Of Pik3Ca Promoter In Chemoresistant Ovarian Cancer Cells
763 Jacinth Rajendra Life Sciences LIFE09201204011 Understanding Therapy Resistance In Glioblastoma Using Proteomics Approach
764 Pratik Rajeev Chaudhari Life Sciences LIFE09201204012 Role Of Hemidesmosomal Linker Proteins In Neoplastic Progression Of Squamous Cell Carcinomas
765 Bose Arunabha Hiren Life Sciences LIFE09201204013 Regulation Of Centrosome Duplication By 14-3-3 Proteins And Its Consequences For Regulating Neoplastic Progression
766 Shalini Dimri Life Sciences LIFE09201304001 Molecular Imaging Of Stat3 Signaling In Vivo
767 Asmita Sharda Life Sciences LIFE09201304002 Histone H3 Modifications And Their Role In Dna Damage Response
768 Marathe Pravin Vitthal Life Sciences LIFE09201304003 Creation Of Novel Photochangable Fluorescent Protein Through Directed Evolution
769 Amnekar Ramchandra Vijay Life Sciences LIFE09201304005 Phosphoacetylation Of Histones During Cellular Transformation In Mammalian Cells
770 Kadam Rajashree Chittaranjan Life Sciences LIFE09201304006 Elucidating The Role Of Clusterin In Human Oral Cancers
771 Mundhe Dhanashree Chandrakant Life Sciences LIFE09201304008 Assessing The Role Of Activins / Inhibins In Human Oral Cancers
772 Wagh Ajay Rambhau Life Sciences LIFE09201304010 Characterizing Multifaceted Role Of Htra2 As A Quality Control Protein
773 Raikamal Paul Life Sciences LIFE09201304012 Role Of Mir-592 And Mir-204 In Medulloblastoma Pathogenesis
774 Raghava Reddy Sunkara Life Sciences LIFE09201304013 Defining The Molecular Signaling Mechanism In Epidermal Stem Cell Regulation And Cancer
775 Mahalakshmi Harish Life Sciences LIFE09201304014 Fine Specificity Of Domain-Motif Interaction And The Role Of Structure: A Case Study With Proteasomal Chaperones
776 Shri K. Raghupathi Life Sciences LIFE09201304015 Deciphering The Mode Of Regulation And Understanding Protein-Protein Interactions Of Human Htra Serine Proteases
777 Mythreyi Narasimhan Life Sciences LIFE09201304016 Proteomic Profiling Of Leukemic Cells In Philadelphia Chromosome Positive Leukemia
778 Vasudha Mishra Life Sciences LIFE09201304018 Elucidating The Genetic Pathways Of Ret Driven Medullary Thyroid Carcinogenesis
779 Trupti Ajay Togar Life Sciences LIFE09201404002 Genome-Wide Approaches To Characterize Novel Genetic Elements Causing Cancer
780 Rathod Maitreyi Amit Life Sciences LIFE09201404007 Identifying Mechanisms That Regulate Human Sodium Iodide Symporter Gene (Hnis) In Breast Cancer
781 Bharambe Harish Shrikrishna Life Sciences LIFE09201404008 Molecular Mechanism Underlying The Effect Of Mirna Expression On Medulloblastoma Cell Behavior
782 Dhadve Ajit Chandrakant Shobha Life Sciences LIFE09201404011 Investigating The Role Of Igf-1R Signalling In Development And Maintenance Of Chemoresistance In Ovarian Carcinoma
783 Anuja Lipsa Life Sciences LIFE09201404015 Genomic Landscape Of Hereditary And Early Onset Sporadic Colorectal Cancer
784 Deo Abhilash Nitin Life Sciences LIFE09201504017 Role Of Igf1R In Ovarian Cancer Metastasis
785 Ankit Agrawal Life Sciences LIFE10201304002 Nuclear Architecture From Chromosomes To Motifs
786 Devanand . T Life Sciences LIFE10201404002 Allosteric Effects In Protein Dynamics And Their Interactions With Membranes
787 Lopamudra Das Life Sciences LIFE11201004002 Regulation And Role Of Siah Proteins In Helicobacter Pylori-Mediated Gastric Cancer
788 Santosh Kumar Singh Life Sciences LIFE11201004005 Comparative Study Of Molecular Diversity In Environmental And Clinical Isolates Of Klebsiella Pneumoniae: Focus On Resistance Mechanism, Virulence Factors And Clonal Diversity
789 Sushri Priyadarshini Life Sciences LIFE11201004006 Effects Of Psychological Stress On Physiological Homeostasis And Disease Susceptibility
790 Usha Pallabi Kar Life Sciences LIFE11201004007 Study Of Mechanism And Regulation Of A Nuclear Dynamin In Tetraymena Thermophila
791 Anoop N. Life Sciences LIFE11201004008 Regulation Of Membrane Biogenesis And Lipid Homeostasis In Tetrahymena Thermophila - Role Of Phosphatidic Acid Phosphohydrolase (Pah)
792 Charlesantony. A Life Sciences LIFE11201004009 Molecular Analysis Of Translation Initiation Machinery Involved In The Recognition Of Uug Start Codon In Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
793 Uday Singh Life Sciences LIFE11201004011 Transient Receptor Potential Vanniloid 3 (Trpv3) Ion Channel In The Rat Brain: Distribution And Functional Significance
794 Abhishek Kumar Life Sciences LIFE11201004012 Role Of Splice Variant Of Constans And Carbon Nanoparticles In Flowering Time Control In Arabidopsis Thaliana
795 Ankit Tiwari Life Sciences LIFE11201004013 Controlling An Angiogenic Switch: Dissecting Out The Role And Molecular Mechanism Of Frg1 In Tumorigenesis
796 Biswaranjan Pradhan Life Sciences LIFE11201004014 Peptides And Probiotics As Alternative To Antibiotics: Report From In-Vitro And In-Vivo Studies
797 Sushmita Shukla Life Sciences LIFE11201004015 A Putative Nem1 Homolog Regulates Lipid Homeostasis And Membrane Biogenesis Via Pah1 In Tetrahymena Thermophila
798 Suvasmita Rath Life Sciences LIFE11201004016 Factors Regulating Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition And Metastasis Of Gastric Cancer
799 Tapan Kumar Dash Life Sciences LIFE11201004017 Combinational Nanoformulations For Circumvention Of Chemo-Resistance In Cancer
800 Gargi Gouranga Nanda Life Sciences LIFE11201104001 Genetic And Mechanistic Association Of Tcf4, Zeb1, Fen1 And Mct Genes With Fuchs’ Endothelialcorneal Dystrophy
801 Santosh Kumar Life Sciences LIFE11201104003 Cocaine-And Amphetamine-Regulated Transcript (Cart) Peptide As A Common Messenger In Neural Pathways That Mediate Energy Balance And Reproduction
802 Tapas Kumar Nayak Life Sciences LIFE11201104004 Analysis Of Cellular Immune Response During Chikungunya Virus (Chikv) Infection In Macrophage
803 Biswajit Padhy Life Sciences LIFE11201104005 Functional Analysis Of Clusterin And Its Wide Spread Enhancer Element, Rs2279590 In The Pathogenesis Of Pseudoexfoliation
804 Manoj Yadav Life Sciences LIFE11201104006 Importance Of Thermosensitive Ion Channel (Trpv2 And Trpv3) In Cellular Functions
805 Mitali Mishra Life Sciences LIFE11201104007 Study On Membrane-Mediated Antibiotic Resistance Mechanisms And Pathogenic Potential Of Clinical And Environmental Mltidrug Resistant Enterobacter Isolates
806 Rakesh Kumar Majhi Life Sciences LIFE11201204002 Identification And Functional Characterization Of Thermosensitive Ion Channels (Trpv1 And Trpm8) In Neuronal And Non-Neuronal Cells
807 Shrikant B. Kokate Life Sciences LIFE11201204003 Understanding Posttranslational Modifications And Subcellular Localization Of Siah Proteins And Their Roles In Helicobacter Pylorimediated Gastric Cancer
808 Sony Kumari Life Sciences LIFE11201204004 Correlation Of Phytochrome B With Auxin Signaling In Plants
809 Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo Life Sciences LIFE11201204005 Functional Expression Of Tlrs And Trp Channels In T Cells And Their Role In Cell-Mediated Immunity
810 Bushra Hayat Life Sciences LIFE11201404001 Dissecting The Role Of Genes Involved In Proteostasis Maintenance And Wnt Signaling In The Pseudoexfoliation Pathogenesis
811 Dinesh Kumar Life Sciences LIFE11201404002 The Role And Signaling Mechanism Of Iqgap2 In Breast Cancer Tumorigenesis And Angiogenesis
812 Somdatta Saha Life Sciences LIFE11201404011 Crosstalk Between Cytoskeleton And Membrane Components With Thermosensitive Ion Channels In The Context Of Diverse Physiological Functions
813 Archana Subhash Morye Mathematical Sciences MATH08200604003 On The Serre-Swan Theorem, And On Vector Bundles Over Real Abelian Varieties
814 Sanjaykumar Hansraj Amrutiya Mathematical Sciences MATH08200604006 On Tannakian Fundamental Group Scemes, And On Real Parabolic Vector Bundles Over A Real Curve
815 Bhavin K. Moriya Mathematical Sciences MATH08200604007 Some Zero Sum Problems In Combinatorial Number Theory
816 Mohan N. Chintamani Mathematical Sciences MATH08200604008 Weighted Subsequence Sums In Finite Abelian Groups
817 Jaban Meher Mathematical Sciences MATH08200604010 Some Problems On Modular Forms
818 Soumya Das Mathematical Sciences MATH08200605001 Some Problems On Jacobi Forms
819 Karam Deo Shankhadhar Mathematical Sciences MATH08200704001 On Certain Correspondences Betweem Jacobi Forms And Modular Forms, And A Non-Vanishing Result For Half-Integral Weight L-Functions
820 Vijay Kumar Sohani Mathematical Sciences MATH08200704002 Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation And The Twisted Laplacian
821 Jay Gopalbhai Mehta Mathematical Sciences MATH08200904001 Characterization Of Certain Arithmetical Functions
822 Pradip Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH08200904002 Existence Of Darboux Chart On Some Frechet Manifolds
823 P. Akhilesh Mathematical Sciences MATH08200904003 Chromatic Sums Of Squares And Primes
824 Kasi Viswanadhan Gopajosyula Mathematical Sciences MATH08200904004 Topics In Analytic Number Theory
825 Pradeep Kumar Rai Mathematical Sciences MATH08200904006 Automorphisms Of Groups
826 Eshita Mazumdar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201004001 Algebraic And Combinatorial Methods In Zero-Sum Problems
827 Divyang G. Bhimani Mathematical Sciences MATH08201004002 Modulation Spaces And Nonlinear Evolution Equations
828 Sh. Ramesh Manna Mathematical Sciences MATH08201004003 Fourier Integral Operators, Wave Equation And Maximal Operators
829 K. Senthil Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201004004 Liouville Fields, Mahler Fields And Schanuel'S Conjecture
830 Sneh Bala Sinha Mathematical Sciences MATH08201004005 On The Transcendence Of Certain Numbers And Some Identities
831 Balesh Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104001 Some Topics In Number Theory
832 Bibekananda Maji Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104002 A Study Of Some Lambert Series
833 Debika Banerjee Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104003 Some Results Related To Riesz Sum And K-Free Integers
834 Mallesham K. Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104004 Some Additive Problems On Primes, Prime Squares And Chen Primes
835 Pallab Kanti Dey Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104005 Some Problems In Elliptic Curves And Diophantine Equations
836 Rahul Kumar Singh Mathematical Sciences MATH08201104006 Maximal Surfaces And Their Applications
837 Arvind Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201204002 On Some Problems Involving Nearly Holomorphic Modular Forms And An Estimate For Fourier Coefficients Of Hermitian Cusp Forms
838 S. Manikandan Mathematical Sciences MATH08201204003 Problems In The Theory Of Moduli Spaces Of Representations Of Quivers
839 Anup Kumar Singh Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304001 Representation Formulas For Certain Quadratic Forms And A Problem Of Constructing Lifting Maps Between Spaces Of Modular Forms
840 Mr Nabin Kumar Meher Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304003 Some Problems In Number Theory
841 Sumana Hatui Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304004 On The Schur Multiplier Of Groups
842 Mithun Kumar Das Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304005 Some Topics On Dirichlet L-Functions
843 Ritika Sharma Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304006 Some Problems On Arithmetic Functions
844 Tushar Kanta Naik Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304007 On Finite P-Groups Of Conjugate Rank 1
845 Soumyarup Banerjee Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304008 Asymptotic Behaviour Of Sum Of Coefficients Of A Class Of Dirichlet Series
846 Manish Kumar Pandey Mathematical Sciences MATH08201304009 Explicit Shimura Liftings Of Certain Class Of Forms And Some Problems Involving Modular L-Functions
847 Anoop Singh Mathematical Sciences MATH08201404001 Problems In The Theory Of Connections In Algebraic Geometry
848 Veekesh Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201404002 Some Problems In Transcendental Number Theory
849 Bidisha Roy Mathematical Sciences MATH08201504001 Some Problems In Algebraic And Combinatorial Number Theory Connected With Finite Abelian Groups
850 Jaitra Chattopadhyay Mathematical Sciences MATH08201504003 Some Problems In Ideal Class Groups And Related Topics
851 Subha Sarkar Mathematical Sciences MATH08201504005 On Some Problems In Additive Combinatorics And Related Areas
852 Aaloka Kanhere Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604001 Some Explicit Minimal Graded Free Resolutions
853 Swagata Sarkar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604002 Degrees Of Maps Between Complex Grassmann Manifolds
854 Ved Prakash Gupta Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604003 Planar Algebra Of The Subgroup-Subfactor
855 Pratyusha Chattopadhyay Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604004 Equality Of Elementary Orbits And Elementary Symplectic Orbits
856 Sarbeswar Pal Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604006 Geometry Of The Hitchin Map
857 Pooja Singhala Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604007 Representations And Conjugacy Classes Of General Linear Groups Over Principal Ideal Local Rings Of Length Two
858 Prem Prakash Pandey Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604008 Some Problems In Number Theory
859 Ajay Singh Thakur Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604009 Complex Structures On Product Of Circle Bundles Over Compact Complex Manifolds
860 Umesh Venktesh Dubey Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604010 Geometry Of Tensor Triangulated Categories
861 Anoop T. V. Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604011 On Weighted Eigenvalue Problems And Applications
862 Srikanth Tupurani Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604012 Skein Theories For Finite Depthsubfactor Planar Algebras
863 Krishnan Rajkumar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604013 Zeros Of General L-Functions On The Critical Line
864 Rahul Muthu Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604014 Acyclic Edge Colouring : Bounds And Algorithms
865 T. C. Vijayaraghavan Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604015 Classifying Certain Algebraic Problems Using Logspace Counting Classes
866 Jayalal Sarma M. N. Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604016 Complexity Theoretic Aspects Of Rank, Rigidity And Circuit Evaluation
867 N. Narayanan Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604017 Acyclic, K-Intersection Edge Colourings And Oriented Colouring
868 Sunil Easaw Simon Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604018 A Logical Study Of Strategies In Games
869 Bireswar Das Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604019 Some Complexity Theoretic Aspects Of Graph Isomorphism And Related Problems
870 Somnath Sikdar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604020 Parameterizing From The Extremes: Feasible Parameterizations Of Some Np- Optimization Problems
871 Nutan Limaye Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604021 Exploring Logcfl Using Language Theory
872 S. Sheerazuddin Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604022 Temporal Specifications Of Client-Server Systems And Unbounded Agents
873 Saket Saurabh Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604023 Exact Algorithms For Optimization And Parameterized Versions Of Some Graph Theoretic Problems
874 Raghavendra Rao B. V. Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604024 A Study Of Width Bounded Arithmetic Circuits And The Complexity Of Matroid Isomorphism
875 Partha Mukhopadhyay Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604025 On Polynomial Identity Testing And Related Problems
876 N. R. Aravind Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604026 Forbidden Subgraph Colorings, Oriented Colorings And Intersection Dimensions Of Graphs
877 Pushkar S. Joglekar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200604027 Randomized Algorithms In Some Commutative And Noncommutative Domains
878 S. Sundar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605002 The Geometry Of Some Quantum Homogeneous Spaces And The Weak Heat Kernel Expansion
879 Amaldev Manuel Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605003 Counter Automata And Classical Logics For Data Words
880 Soumya Paul Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605004 A Computational Study Of Strategy Switching In Large Games
881 Srikanth Srinivasan Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605005 New Directions In Arithmetic And Boolean Circuit Complexity
882 Praveen M. Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605006 Parameterized Complexity Of Some Problems In Concurrency And Verification
883 Geevarghese Philip Mathematical Sciences MATH10200605007 The Kernelization Complexity Of Some Domination And Covering Problems
884 Pampa Paul Mathematical Sciences MATH10200704001 L0-Types Common To A Borel-De Siebenthal Discrete Series And Its Associated Holomorphic Discrete Series
885 T. Mubeena Mathematical Sciences MATH10200704002 Twisted Conjugacy Classes In Lattices In Semisimple Lie Groups
886 Madhushree Basu Mathematical Sciences MATH10200704003 Probabillity In Von Neumann Algebras
887 Phawade Ramachandra Babasaheb Mathematical Sciences MATH10200704004 Labelled Free Choice Petri Nets, Finite Product Automata, And Expressions
888 Sreejith A.V. Mathematical Sciences MATH10200704006 Regular Quantifiers In Logics
889 Neeldhara Misra Mathematical Sciences MATH10200705001 Kernels For The F-Deletion Problem
890 Kunal Dutta Mathematical Sciences MATH10200705002 On Certain Invariants Of Random Digraphs And Uniform Hypergraphs
891 Anil Kumar Chudamani Pranesachar Mathematical Sciences MATH10200804001 Orbits Of Pairs In Finite Modules Over Discrete Valuation Rings And Permutation Representations
892 Panchugopal Bikram Mathematical Sciences MATH10200804002 Extendable Endomorphisms Of Factors
893 Prateep Chakraborty Mathematical Sciences MATH10200804004 Formality Of Certain Cw Complexes And Applications
894 Tapas Chatterjee Mathematical Sciences MATH10200804005 Periodic Dirichlet Series And Transcendence
895 Yadu Vasudev Mathematical Sciences MATH10200805001 The Complexity Of Some Exact And Approximate Isomorphism Problems
896 Karteek Sreenivasaiah Mathematical Sciences MATH10200805003 On Verifying Proofs In Constant Depth, And Polynomial Identity Testing
897 Satyajit Guin Mathematical Sciences MATH10200904001 Differential Calculus And Yang-Mills Functional In Noncommutative Geometry
898 Dhriti Rajan Dolai Mathematical Sciences MATH10200904002 Spectral Statistics For Anderson Model With Decaying Randomness And Singular Potentials
899 B. Ravinder Mathematical Sciences MATH10200904003 On Bases For Local Weyl Modules In Type A
900 Krishanu Dan Mathematical Sciences MATH10200904004 Null Correlation Bundle And Secant Bundles
901 M.S. Ramanujan Mathematical Sciences MATH10200905002 Parameterized Graph Separation Problems: New Techniques And Algorithms
902 Sachin S. Sharma Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004001 The T-Analogue Of String Functions For The Affine Kac-Moody Algebras
903 Chandan Maity Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004002 On The Topology Of Nilpotent Orbits In Semisimple Lie Algebras
904 Sumit Giri Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004003 Points On Elliptic Curve Over Finite Fields
905 Issan Patri Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004005 On Some Group Theoretic, Ergodic Theoretic And Operator Algebraic Aspects Of Compact Quantum Groups
906 Sandipan De Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004007 Infinite Iterated Crossed Products Of Hopf Algebras, Drinfeld Doubles And Planar Algebras
907 Joydeep Mukherjee Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004008 Approximation Algorithms For Stochastic Matchings And Independent Sets
908 Raja S Mathematical Sciences MATH10201004009 On Structure And Lower Bounds In Restricted Models Of Arithmetic Computations
909 Kamalakshya Mahatab Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005001 Measure Theoretic Aspects Of Error Terms
910 Arghya Mondal Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005002 Cohomology Of Locally Symmetric Spaces
911 Nitin Saurabh Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005003 Analysis Of Algebraic Complexity Classes And Boolean Functions
912 Gaurav Rattan Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005005 Some Geometrical And Vertex-Partitioning Techniques For Graph Isomorphism
913 Sh. Ashutosh Rai Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005006 Parameterized Algorithms For Graph Modification Problems
914 Fahad P. Mathematical Sciences MATH10201005007 Dynamic Programming Using Representative Families
915 Anish Mallick Mathematical Sciences MATH10201104001 Spectral Multiplicity For Random Operators With Projection Valued Randomness
916 Uday Bhaskar Sharma Mathematical Sciences MATH10201104003 Counting Similarity Classes Of Tuples Of Commuting Matrices Over A Finite Field
917 Anil Shukla Mathematical Sciences MATH10201104004 On Proof Complexity For Quantied Boolean Formulas
918 R. Venkatesh Mathematical Sciences MATH10201104007 Unique Factorization Of Tensor Products For Kac-Moody Algebras
919 Seshadri Chintapalli Mathematical Sciences MATH10201104008 Stability And Embedding Properties Of Some Projective Manifolds
920 Ms. Sudeshna Kolay Mathematical Sciences MATH10201105002 Parameterized Complexity Of Graph Partitioning And Geometric Covering
921 Syed Mohammad Meesum Mathematical Sciences MATH10201105003 Matrix Editing Via Multivariate Lens
922 Sankar Deep Chakraborty Mathematical Sciences MATH10201105004 Space Efficient Graph Algorithms
923 Ekata Saha Mathematical Sciences MATH10201204001 Arithmetic Properties Of Generalised Euler-Briggs Constants
924 Biswajyoti Saha Mathematical Sciences MATH10201204002 On The Analytic Continuation Of Multiple Dirichlet Series And Their Singularities
925 G. Arunkumar Mathematical Sciences MATH10201204003 Root Multiplicities For Borcherds-Kac-Moody Algebras And Graph Coloring
926 Ramanathan Thinniyam Srinivasan Mathematical Sciences MATH10201204005 Definability And Decidability In First Order Theories Of Graph Order
927 Pranabendu Misra Mathematical Sciences MATH10201204006 Parameterized Algorithms For Network Design
928 Priyamvad Srivastav Mathematical Sciences MATH10201205001 An Alternate Vaughan'S Identity In The Ternary Goldbach Problem
929 Shri Anuj Vijay Tawari Mathematical Sciences MATH10201205003 Lower Bounds For Read-Once Andtropical Formulas
930 Swaroop N. P. Mathematical Sciences MATH10201205004 New Results In Bounds For Positiveness Of Polynomials
931 Keshab Chandra Bakshi Mathematical Sciences MATH10201304003 On Intermediate Subfactors
932 Diptapriyo Majumdar Mathematical Sciences MATH10201304005 Classical And Approximate Kernels For Structural Parameterizations Of Some Graph Parameters
933 Anantha Padmanabha M S Mathematical Sciences MATH10201305001 Propositional Term Modal Logic
934 Tale Prafullkumar Prabhakar Mathematical Sciences MATH10201305002 Some Results On Graph Contraction Problems
935 Krishanu Roy Mathematical Sciences MATH10201305003 Pi-Systems Of Symmetrizable Kac-Moody Algebras.
936 Nabanita Ray Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404001 Projective Bundle And Blow-Up
937 Pranendu Darbar Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404002 Correlation Of Multiplicative Functions
938 Snehajit Misra Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404003 Higgs Bundles On Ruled Surfaces And Net And Pseudoeffective Cones Of Certain Projective Varieties
939 Avijit Nath Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404004 Topology Of Generalized Dold Manifolds
940 Biplab Paul Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404006 Arithmetic Of Hecke Eigenvalues Of Siegel Modular Forms
941 Jyothsnaa S. Mathematical Sciences MATH10201405001 On Euclidean Ideal Classes In Abelian Extensions
942 Digjoy Paul Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504005 The Multiset Partition Algebra
943 Lawqueen Kanesh Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504008 Parameterized Complexity Of Conflict-Free Solutions
944 Sanjukta Roy Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504009 Select, Allocate, And Manipulate Via Multivariate Analysis
945 Roohani Sharma Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504012 Advancing The Algorithmic Tool-Kit For Parameterized Cut Problems
946 Abhash Kumar Jha Mathematical Sciences MATH11201104002 Adjoint Of Some Linear Maps Constructed Using Rankin-Cohen Brackets And Special Values Of Certain Dirichlet Series
947 Anindya Ghatak Mathematical Sciences MATH11201304001 Qunantization Of Ao (K)- Spaces And M- Ideals In Matrix Ordered Spaces
948 Anoop V.P. Mathematical Sciences MATH11201304002 Hardy Type Inequalities For Dunkl Operators
949 Bikramaditya Sahu Mathematical Sciences MATH11201304003 Blocking Sets Of Certain Line Sets In Pg(3, Q)
950 Moni Kumari Mathematical Sciences MATH11201304004 Rankin-Cohen Type Operators And Some Properties Of Fourier Coefficients Ofmodular Forms
951 Amit Kumar Mathematical Sciences MATH11201504001 Comparison Of Order Projections In Absolute Matrix Order Unit Spaces
952 Sujeet Kumar Singh Mathematical Sciences MATH11201504002 Certain Congruences Among Hermitian Jacobi Forms And Hermitian Modular Forms
953 Ritu Raj Upreti Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201104001 Investigation Of Geometrical, Clinical Uncertainty And Dosimetric Studies In 3D Interstitial Brachytherapy Of Radical Breast Implants
954 Sridhar Sahoo Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201104004 Dosimetry Studies For Brachytherapy Sources
955 Arti Kulkarni Tripathi Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201204001 Dosimetric And Quality Assurance Studies In High Dose Diagnostic Imaging Modalities To Establish National Radiation Protection Programme
956 Bibekananda Mishra Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201204002 Study Of Dosimetric Characteristics Of A Flattening Filter Free Medical Accelerator For Its Clinical Use
957 Subhalaxmi Mishra Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201204004 Monte Carlo-Based Investigation Of Absorbed Dose Energy Dependence Of Various Detectors Used In Radiotherapy
958 Prachi Ravindra Phadke Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201304004 Role Of Salmonella Typhi As A Risk Factor For Gallbladder Cancer
959 Aanchal Jain Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201304005 A Study On Pattern Of Survival Of Cervical Cancer Patients
960 Gholap Devyani Dilip Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201304006 Risk Factors For Head And Neack Cancer
961 Kavita V. Anand Medical and Health Sciences HLTH09201304007 Performance Of Hpvdna Test In Presence Of Co-Infection With Common Reproductive Tract Infections
962 Madhumita Halder Physical Sciences PHYS01200604001 Structral And Magnetic Properties Of Magnetocaloric Materials
963 Amitava Roy Physical Sciences PHYS01200704001 Intense Gigawatt Relativistic Electron Beam Generation Studies In Planar And Cylindrical Diodes
964 K. V. Shanavas Physical Sciences PHYS01200704004 Classical And Quantum Simulations Of Novel Functional Materials
965 Pradip Roychowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS01200704005 Design, Development And Characterization Of High Current Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source
966 Vinod Singh Rawat Physical Sciences PHYS01200704006 Design Development And Characterization Of A Single Longitudinal Mode (Slm) Pulsed Dye Laser
967 Champa Lal Prajapat Physical Sciences PHYS01200704007 Growth And Studies Of Superconductor/Ferromagnetic Heterostructures
968 Prakash Chandra Rout Physical Sciences PHYS01200704009 Exploration Of The Shell Effect On The Level Density Parameter Near Doubly Closed Shell Nucleus A~208
969 Vir Krishen Dhar Physical Sciences PHYS01200704010 Application Of Artificial Neural Network Methods For Improving The Sensitivity Of Tactic Cherenkov Telescope
970 Bijay Kumar Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS01200704011 Modeling And Measurement Of Radon And Thoron Emission From Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
971 Asavari Santosh Dhavale Physical Sciences PHYS01200704012 Study Of Rf Structures For Linear Accelerators
972 S. Chinnaesakki Physical Sciences PHYS01200704013 Radiological Assessment Of Natural Radioactivity In Indian Building Materials
973 Himanshu Kumar Poswal Physical Sciences PHYS01200704014 High Pressure Studies On Some Geophysical Materials
974 Karabi Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS01200704016 Energy Transport In Inertialconfinement Fusion Plasmas
975 Jayanta Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS01200704017 Studies Of Niobium And Development Of Niobium Resonant Rf Cavities For Accelerator Driven System
976 S.V. Lalitha Sanyasi Rao Physical Sciences PHYS01200704018 Design And Development Of High Current Radio-Frequency Quadrupole Accelerator
977 S. Anand Physical Sciences PHYS01200704019 Study Of Coagulation Of Dispersing Aerosol Systems
978 Krishna Prasad Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01200704021 Theoretical Developments And Studies In The Reactor Physics Of Accelerator Driven System
979 Yeshpal Singh Rana Physical Sciences PHYS01200704022 Theoretical Studies On Noise Techniques For Measuring Physics Parameters Of Accelerator Driven Systems
980 Babita Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS01200704024 Thermo-Physical Properties And Structural Aspects Of Some Phosphate And Silicate Glasses/Glass-Ceramics
981 Rajni Pande Physical Sciences PHYS01200704026 Design And Development Of A Lebt System And Physics Studies For A High Intensity Proton Linac
982 T. Jesan Physical Sciences PHYS01200704028 Systems Biology From Cell To Society: Transmission Dynamics In Complex Networks With Mesoscopic Organization
983 Narender Singh Rawat Physical Sciences PHYS01200704029 Characterization Of Tl/Osl Phosphors And Study Of Photo-Ionization Cross-Sections Of Meta-Stable Trap Levels- An Experimental And Theoretical Approach
984 Niharika Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01200704030 Studies In Coherent Pump-Probe Spectroscopy Of Three And Four Level Systems
985 Sunil Rawat Physical Sciences PHYS01200704031 Behaviour Of Solids Under High Strain-Rate Deformation
986 Debes Ray Physical Sciences PHYS01200704032 Synthesis And Characterization Of Block Copolymer-Mediated Gold Nanoparticles
987 Sohrab Abbas Physical Sciences PHYS01200804001 Studying Neutron Dynamical Diffraction Theory And Its Applications In Neutron Optics
988 Yogesh Kumar Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS01200804002 Statistical And Dynamical Aspects In The Study Of Compound Nucleus And Nuclear Fission
989 Debojyoti Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS01200804003 Investigations On Pressure Induced B1-B10-B2 Phase Transitions In Binary Systems Lan, Lih And Mgo
990 Shweta Roy Physical Sciences PHYS01200804005 Physics Design And Prototype Development Of Drift Tube Linac Cavity For High Current Applications
991 Tushar Roy Physical Sciences PHYS01200804006 Study And Development Of Emission Tomography And Gamma Imaging Techniques For Nuclear Applications
992 Rohit Shukla Physical Sciences PHYS01200804007 Experimental Study On Optimumspace-Charge Effects And Enhancedfree-Space Coupling For Vircatordriven By Compact Driver
993 Sijoy C.D. Physical Sciences PHYS01200804008 Physics Of Magnetic Flux Compression Using Plasma Armatures Using Finite Difference Time Domain Method
994 Gursharn Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01200804009 Physics Of Virtual Cathode Devices And Development And Validation Of Their Simulations
995 Shiv Govind Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01200804010 Effect Of Growth Processes On Characteristics Of Some Technologically Important Oxide And Halide Crystals
996 Vinayak Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS01200804012 Equation Of State And Electrical Conductivity Of Materials
997 Ajay Kumar Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS01200804013 High Pressure Investigations On Some Geophysically Relevant Materials
998 Prabhatasree K.N. Physical Sciences PHYS01200804014 Inelastic Neutron Scattering And Computer Simulations Of Superionic And Laser Host Materials
999 Rajendra Kumar Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS01200804016 Development And Characterization Of New Non-Evaporable Getter Coatings : To Achieve Extreme High Vacuum
1000 Rajesh Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01200804017 Development Of Methods For Dosimetry Quality Assurance In Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy/Image Guided Radiation Therapy (Imrt/Igrt)
1001 Anil Jain Physical Sciences PHYS01200804021 Investigation Of Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Spin-Chain Oxides
1002 Biswajit Jana Physical Sciences PHYS01200804022 Studies On Laser Produced Transient Photoplasma In Electromagnetic Field
1003 Sadhana Mukerji Physical Sciences PHYS01200804023 Neutron Induced Cross Section And Fission Yield Measurements For Thorium And Uranium
1004 Arup Biswas Physical Sciences PHYS01200804024 Deposition And Characterization Of Thin Film Multilayer Structure For Application As Neutron And X-Ray Mirror
1005 Anuvab Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS01200804025 Electronic Spectroscopy Of Some Environmentally Important Molecules Using Synchrotron Radiation
1006 Arvind Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01200804026 Growth Mode And Conduction Characteristics Of Molecular Semiconductor Films
1007 Sudeshna Dasgupta Physical Sciences PHYS01200804027 Development And Implementation Of The Trigger System For The Ino-Ical Detector
1008 Nitali Dash Physical Sciences PHYS01200804028 Feasibility Studies For The Detection Of Exotic Particles Using Ical At Ino
1009 Anushree Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS01200804029 Atmospheric Neutrino @ Ino
1010 Vivek Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01200804030 Development Of Cryogenic Bolometer For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay In 124Sn
1011 Sumanta Pal Physical Sciences PHYS01200804031 Development Of The Ino-Ical Detector And Its Physics Potential
1012 Surendra Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS01200904001 Optimization Studies For Physics Problems In Indian Phwrs
1013 Kuldeep Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS01200904002 Structural, Microstructural And Thermo-Physical Properties Of Alkaline Earth Based Phospo-Silicate Glass/Glass-Ceramics
1014 Soumen Samanta Physical Sciences PHYS01200904004 Charge Transport Studies In Organic Semiconductor Films
1015 Sudhir Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01200904005 Monte-Carlo Based Investigations Of The Response Of Clinical Dosimeters Over The Full Range Of Field Sizes Involved In Advanced Photon-Beam Radiotherapy Techniques
1016 Amit Verma Physical Sciences PHYS01200904006 Order Evolution In Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys
1017 S. Mathimalar Physical Sciences PHYS01200904007 Ntd Ge Sensor Development For Superconducting Bolometers
1018 Lakshmi S. Mohan Physical Sciences PHYS01200904008 Precision Measurement Of Neutrino Oscillation Parameters At Ino Ical
1019 Neha Dokania Physical Sciences PHYS01200904009 Radiation Background Studies For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay In 124Sn
1020 Moon Moon Devi Physical Sciences PHYS01200904010 Enhancing Ical Potential With Hadrons, And Development Of Multigap Rpc
1021 Animesh Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS01200904011 Physics Sensitivity Studies At The Ical Detector
1022 Meghna K. K. Physical Sciences PHYS01200904012 Performance Of Rpc Detectors And Study Of Muons With The Iron Calorimeter Detector At Ino
1023 Sohini Basu Physical Sciences PHYS01200904015 X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Studies Of Solid State Materials Of Current Technological Importance
1024 Abdulla Abdulsalam Physical Sciences PHYS01200904016 Charmonium Production And Suppression In Pb+Pb Collisions At Ösnn = 2.76 Tev With Cms
1025 Priyanka Sett Physical Sciences PHYS01200904017 Particle Production In Proton Proton And Heavy Ion Collisions
1026 Suresh Yarlagadda Physical Sciences PHYS01200904018 Electronic Structure Of Lanthanum Hydride And Zirconium Nitride Molecules And Radiative Lifetime Measurements In La Atom
1027 Supriya Suresh Chopade Physical Sciences PHYS01200904019 Plasma Assisted Metal Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition Of Yttria And Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings And Their Characterization
1028 Kailash Chandra Meher Physical Sciences PHYS01200904020 Study Of Thermal, Electrical And Fluid Dynamic Characteristics Of Arc Plasma Devices
1029 Mitali Swain Physical Sciences PHYS01200904021 Multilayer Film Deposition, Characterization By Reflectometry Techniques And Their Structure Property Correlation
1030 Nitya Ramanan Physical Sciences PHYS01200904022 Xafs Characterization Of Disordered Nanoclusters And Augmentation Of Indus-2 Xafs Beamlines For Extreme Thermodynamic Conditions
1031 Alok Kumar Saxena Physical Sciences PHYS01201004001 Optimization Of Electric Gun Setup To Study Shock Responses Of Zr And Ti
1032 Ashish Kumar Agarwal Physical Sciences PHYS01201004002 Development Of X-Ray & Neutron Micro- Imaging Techniques And Their Applications In Material Science
1033 Gaurav Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS01201004003 Modelling Of The Dynamics Of Atomic Clusters In Intense Laser Fields
1034 Sh. Himal Bhatt Physical Sciences PHYS01201004004 Infrared Spectroscopy Of Molecular Solids Under Extreme Conditions
1035 Jitendra Bahadur Physical Sciences PHYS01201004005 Small Angle Scattering Investigations Of Nano-Ceramics And Nano-Composites
1036 Krishna Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201004006 Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Observations Of A Few Fermi Detected Blazars Using Tactic Telescope
1037 Krishan Kumar Pandey Physical Sciences PHYS01201004007 High Pressure Polymorphism In Some Exotic Materials
1038 Ashwani Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201004008 Design And Development Of Protein Crystallography Beamline At Indus-2 Synchrotron And Structural Studies Of A Bacterial Prolidase And Human Psp94
1039 Laishram Guneshwor Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201004009 Groundwater Contaminant Source Identification Using Meshfree Radial Point Collocation Method And Particle Swarm Intelligence Based Simulation-Optimization Approach
1040 Param Jeet Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201004011 Synchrotron Radiation Based Vuv Spectroscopy Of Some Polyatomic Molecules Of Environmental Interest
1041 Purushottam Jha Physical Sciences PHYS01201004012 Conducting Polymer Field Effect Transistors And Gas Sensors
1042 Raj Bahadur Tokas Physical Sciences PHYS01201004013 Porous Optical Coatings By Oblique Angle Deposition
1043 Rajeev Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201004014 Measurement Of Reactivity In Sub-Critical Reactors Using Neutron Noise Methods
1044 Rajesh Ganai Physical Sciences PHYS01201004015 Probing The Earth Matter Density Through Ino-Ical And Related Detector Development
1045 Suhail Ahmad Khan Physical Sciences PHYS01201004016 Development Of Transport Model For Whole Core Pin By Pin Calculation In 2D Geometry
1046 Veerendra Kumar Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS01201004017 Stochastic Molecular Dynamics In Picoseconds Time Scale : Neutron Scattering And Molecular Dynamics Simulations Studies
1047 Varchaswi K S Kashyap Physical Sciences PHYS01201004018 Studies On Resistive Plate Chambers (Rpc) For Ino And Scintillators For Reactor Antineutrino Detection
1048 Sh. Raveendrababu Karnam Physical Sciences PHYS01201004019 Study Of Glass Resistive Plate Chambers For The Ino-Ical Detector
1049 Neetika Physical Sciences PHYS01201004020 Nature Of Magnetic Ordering In Doped Hexagonal And Orthorhombic Manganites
1050 Sheo Mukund Physical Sciences PHYS01201104001 Laser Spectroscopy Of Some Transition-Metal-Contaning Diatomic Molecules: Nbn, Tan, Sch, Scn, Sco And Nic
1051 Mradul Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS01201104002 Gamma-Hadron Classification For The Ground Based Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope Mace
1052 Rohan Phatak Physical Sciences PHYS01201104003 Study Of Crystal Structure And Magetc Properties Of Double Perovskite Oxides
1053 Mukesh Lal Shah Physical Sciences PHYS01201104004 Laser Spectroscopic Techniques And Related Instrumentation For Studies On Lanthanides And Actinides
1054 Shiba Prasad Behera Physical Sciences PHYS01201104005 Electromagnetic Simulation Of Ino-Ical Magnet And Its Sensitivity To Sterile Neutrino Mixing
1055 Vineet Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201104006 Study Of Strongly Interacting Matter Using Dimuons Produced In Pb+Pb Collisions At Ösnn = 2.76 Tev
1056 Sanat Kumar Pandit Physical Sciences PHYS01201104007 Role Of Continuum In Reaction Dynamics Involving Weakly Bound Nuclei
1057 Sh. Amit Thakur Physical Sciences PHYS01201104008 Development Of Optimization Techniques For Fuel Management In Heavy Water Moderated Reactors
1058 Anuj Soni Physical Sciences PHYS01201104009 Investigation Of Thermally Assisted Osl Phenomenon In Oxide Based Phosphors For Their Application In Radiation Dosimetry
1059 Bishnupriya Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS01201104010 Equation Of State Of Porous Materials And Hydrodynamics Applications
1060 Mayanak Kumar Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS01201104011 Thermodynamical Properties Of Functional Materials: Neutron Scattering And Lattice Dynamics Studies
1061 Sai Venkata Ramana A. Physical Sciences PHYS01201104012 Global Renormalization Group Theoretic Studies On Liquid Vapor Phase Transitions
1062 Saroj Bishnoi Physical Sciences PHYS01201104013 Detection And Imaging Studies With Fast Neutrons Using D-D/D-T Neutron Generators
1063 Manish Joshi Physical Sciences PHYS01201104015 Formation And Evolution Characteristics Of Nuclei Mode Particles In Dense Atmospheric And Confined Aerosol Environments
1064 Rajib kar Physical Sciences PHYS01201104016 Plasma Processing Of Carbon Nanostructures And Their Characterization
1065 Patel Nishant Natvarlal Physical Sciences PHYS01201104017 High Temperature High Pressure Studies On Some Novel Materials Using Laser Heated Diamond Anvil Cell Facility
1066 Partha Sarathi Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS01201104018 Theoretical Studies On Phase Transformations And Relevant Thermal Properties Of Zr- And Tho2-Based Nuclear Materials
1067 Ram Niranjan Physical Sciences PHYS01201104019 Ion Emission Study Of Plasma Focus Devices And Its Applications In Material Science
1068 Sumit Mehan Physical Sciences PHYS01201104020 Nanoparticle Effect On Structural Evolution Of Protein-Surfactant Solutions
1069 Ali Ajmi Physical Sciences PHYS01201204001 A Study Of Muonless Events And An Attempt To Improve The Hierarchy Sensitivity Through Neural Networks At Ical@Ino
1070 Abhik Jash Physical Sciences PHYS01201204002 Studies On The Physics Of Resistive Plate Chambers In Relation To The Ino Experiment
1071 Deepak Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS01201204003 Indirect Detection Of Dark Matter At Ino
1072 Bhabyadarsan Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS01201204005 High Pressure Investigations On Carbides, Oxides And Nitrides
1073 Arvind Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201204006 Development And Performance Studies Of Silicon Radiation Detectors
1074 Bharat Bhooshan Physical Sciences PHYS01201204007 High Pressure Studies Of Hydrogen Bonded Solids
1075 Abhilash Dwivedi Physical Sciences PHYS01201204008 Investigation Of Structural Phase Stability Of Some Polyhedral Compounds Of Group 3A Under High Pressure
1076 Sabyasachi Paul Physical Sciences PHYS01201204009 Study Of Neutron Yield From Heavy-Ion Reactions Using Pre-Equilibrum Models
1077 Ch. Someswara Rao Physical Sciences PHYS01201204010 Development Of A High Repetition Rate Narrowband Optical Parametric Oscillator And Its Applications
1078 Ananta Narayan Behera Physical Sciences PHYS01201204011 Deformation Behavior Of Nb, Nb-1Zr And Nb-1Zr-0.1C
1079 Sugam Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201204013 Structural Studies Of Nanoparticles Interactions With Different Macromolecules
1080 Niyanta Datta Physical Sciences PHYS01201204014 Sensing Mechanisms In Chemiresistive Sensors Based Metal Oxide Thin Films And Nanostructures
1081 Rajender Kumar Bhatia Physical Sciences PHYS01201204015 Development Of Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometers For Isotopic Ratio Analysis
1082 Awadh Kishore Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201204016 Growth And Characterization Of Li6R(Bo3)3:R (R:Rare Earth Ions): Promising Neutron Detector
1083 Giri Dhari Patra Physical Sciences PHYS01201204017 Single Crystal Growth Of Lithium Tetra Borate And Its Characterization As A Multi-Functional Material For Personal Dosimetry
1084 Vinay Rastogi Physical Sciences PHYS01201204019 Materials Behavior Under Dynamic Shock Loading Using High Power Lasers
1085 SK Maidul Haque Physical Sciences PHYS01201304003 Investigation On Local Structures Of Oxide Thin Films By Exafs Study
1086 Shuvendu jena Physical Sciences PHYS01201304004 Deposition And Characterization Of Refractory Oxide Thin Films And Multilayer Optical Coatings
1087 Reena Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS01201304010 Study Of Conventional And Advanced Imaging Techniques For Mammography
1088 Nishant Chaudhary Physical Sciences PHYS01201304011 Effect Of Electron Beam Irradiation On Organic Films And Devices
1089 Minal Yesuraja Nadar Physical Sciences PHYS01201304013 Evaluation Of Parameters Influencing The In-Vivo Radioactivity Measurements And Uncertainties Due To Internal Contamination Of Actinides
1090 Anil Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201304014 Pulsed Laser Surface Treatment Of Metals For Enhanced Field Emission Studies
1091 M. Bhaskara Sai Prasad Physical Sciences PHYS01201304015 Development Of Mid-Ir Coherent Sources Vis-À-Vis Laser Assisted Aerodynamic Studies
1092 Argala Srivastava Physical Sciences PHYS01201304017 Neutronic Studies For The Development Of A Time Dependent Monte Carlo Code
1093 Ajit Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS01201304018 Seismic Waveform Analysis Relevant To Tsunami Warning
1094 Arindam Ray Physical Sciences PHYS01201304019 Study Of Organic Materials And Plasma Processing For Nuclear Radiation Detectors
1095 Arjun Gopalakrishna Physical Sciences PHYS01201304021 Accelerator Based Production Of Medically Useful Isotopes- 99M/ 99M Tc And 64.67Cu
1096 Nirupama Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS01201304022 Study Of Gas Phase Kinetics In Arc Plasma Jets
1097 Naveen Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201304023 Surface Enhanced Vibrational Spectroscopy And High Pressure Studies Of Biomolecules
1098 Sangeeta J. Sartandel Physical Sciences PHYS01201304024 Distribution Of Natural And Fallout Radioactivity In Indian Coastal Marine Environment
1099 Ingale Sanjay Vishwasrao Physical Sciences PHYS01201304025 Studies On Sensitivity Of Nanosized Energetic Materials
1100 Ashok Kumar Yadav Physical Sciences PHYS01201304026 Investigation On Local Structures Of Dilute Magnetic Semiconductor Thin Films By Fluorescence Based Exafs Measurements
1101 Nishant Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201304027 Understanding Of Fission Dynamics From Fragment Mass Distribution Studies
1102 Amit Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS01201304032 Development And Performance Investigation Of Diamond Based Radiation Detectors
1103 Chandrani Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS01201304033 In-Situ Investigations On Growth And Structural Changes In Nanostructures By Time- Resolved Exafs Measurement
1104 Sherly Ray Physical Sciences PHYS01201304034 Development Of Improved Methods For Lattice And Core Physics Simulations Of Thermal Reactors
1105 Tanay Mazumdar Physical Sciences PHYS01201304035 Study Of Method Of Characteristics For Solution Of Neutron Transport Equation
1106 Gyan Chandra Chauthwani Physical Sciences PHYS01201304036 Analysis Of Radioisotope Depletion And Generation Using Klopfenstein-Shampine Family Of Numerical Differentiation Formula
1107 Vitisha Suman Dagre Physical Sciences PHYS01201304038 A Study Of Active Experimental Techniques For Neutron Dosimetry In Positive Ion Accelerator
1108 Pijush Kanti Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS01201304041 Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy Of Atomic Uranium Using Tunable Pulsed Dye Lasers
1109 Allapparambil Unni Seema Physical Sciences PHYS01201304042 Multi -Step Photoionization Spectroscopy Of Sm I
1110 Meenu Prasher Physical Sciences PHYS01201304044 Phase Transformations In Ni-Ti-Hf High Temperature Shape Memory Alloys
1111 Tushar Kanti Pal Physical Sciences PHYS01201304045 Fast Numerical Algorithms For Multi-Component And Long Term Reactive Transport Simulation In Parallel Context
1112 Bharat Mohan Kukreti Physical Sciences PHYS01201304046 Radiometric Studies To Understand Disequilibrium Of Uranium Across A Few Exploratory Blocks Of Mahadek Basin, Meghalaya And Its Implication On Uranium Exploration
1113 Amina Khatun Physical Sciences PHYS01201404001 Constraining New Physics With Atmospheric Neutrinos At Ino-Ical
1114 Neha Panchal Physical Sciences PHYS01201404004 An Efficient Cosmic Muon Veto Detector For Experiments At Shallow Depth And Feasibility Of Internal Magnetic Field Measurements Using Cosmic Muons
1115 Mohammad Nizam Physical Sciences PHYS01201404006 A Study Of Hadron Energy Estimation In Ical@Ino And Feasibility Of A Pet Device Based On Multi-Gap Rpcs
1116 Bhatt Apoorva Dipak Physical Sciences PHYS01201404007 Measurement Of Atmospheric Muons At Iichep In Madurai, For The Better Estimation Of Neutrino Fluxes At Ino Site In Theni
1117 Abhijit Garai Physical Sciences PHYS01201404008 R&D Aspects Of Cryogenic Bolometer Development For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Search In 124Sn
1118 Priyanka Biswas Physical Sciences PHYS01201404010 Nano-Structured Micro-Granules: Synthesis And Characterization
1119 Chinmay Raghunath Borwankar Physical Sciences PHYS01201404012 Monte Carlo Simulation Studies Of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Y Ray Telescope Mace (Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment)
1120 Paramjit Rana Physical Sciences PHYS01201404017 Study Of Spectral Beam Combination Techniques For High Power, Pulsed Dye Laser Applications
1121 Shilpi Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS01201404018 Shell Effects In Fission Fragment Mass Distribution Of Neutron Deficient Nuclei Around A~200
1122 Harisree K Physical Sciences PHYS01201404019 Radiation Background Studies For Rare Decay Experiments
1123 Pravat Kumar Swain Physical Sciences PHYS01201404021 Liquid Metal Mhd Studies At High Magnetic Fields Relevant To Fusion Test Blankets
1124 Pethuraj S Physical Sciences PHYS01201404022 Studies Of Atmospheric Fluxes At The Prototype Iron Calorimeter Detector
1125 Channprit Kaur Physical Sciences PHYS01201504009 Studies Of Laser-Plasma X-Ray And Ion Sources From Solid And Low-Density Foam Targets
1126 Naini Bajaj Physical Sciences PHYS01201504010 Role Of Molecular Orientations In Structural Evolution Of Organic Molecular Solids - Spectroscopic Studies Under Extreme Conditions
1127 Chilukoti Ashok Physical Sciences PHYS01201504011 Hyperfine Structure Measurements Of Neutral And Singly Ionized Atoms (127 I, 209Bi) Using Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
1128 Nidhi Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS01201504012 Exafs Studies On Nanostructure Systems And Thin Film Multilayers
1129 Asim Pal Physical Sciences PHYS01201504013 Study Of Fission Reactions Involving Weakly Bound Projectiles
1130 Sunil Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201504014 Development Of Dosimetric Techniques For The Measurement Of Low Energy Photons
1131 Indresh Yadav Physical Sciences PHYS01201504017 Evolution Of Interaction And Structure Of Nanoparticle-Protein Complexes As Studied By Scattering Techniques
1132 Baltej Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201504018 Ionic Diffusion And Anomalous Lattice Behavior In Framework Compounds: Inelastic Neutron Scattering And First-Principles Calculations
1133 Ananya Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS01201504021 Study Of Electric Multipole Transition Probabilities & Their Importance In Reaction Dynamics
1134 Dhruv Dinesh Mulmule Physical Sciences PHYS01201504023 Studies Of Reactor Anti-Neutrinos With Ismran
1135 Utpal Dutta Physical Sciences PHYS01201504025 High Pressure Investigations Of Some Topologically Non-Trivial Compounds By Transport Measurements And Spectroscopic Techniques
1136 Mrinal Jauhari Physical Sciences PHYS01201504026 Structural Phase Transitions And Phonon Anomalies In Alkaline Niobate Based Functional Materials
1137 Sarita Physical Sciences PHYS01201604002 Computational And Experimental Studies On The Damage Response Of Ferritic And Austenitic Steels Under Extreme Conditions
1138 Nirmalendu Patra Physical Sciences PHYS01201604009 Investigation On Local Structures Of Various Thin Film Heusler Alloys By Xas And Xmcdmeasurements
1139 Manish Kumar Sahai Physical Sciences PHYS01201604010 Uncertainty Modeling Of Thermoluminescence Glow Curve And Development Of Deconvolution Technique To Resolve Tl Peak
1140 Nirmal Kumar Ray Physical Sciences PHYS01201604021 Reactivity Measurement Using Deterministic And Noise Methods In Brahmma Subcritical System
1141 Pralay Paul Physical Sciences PHYS01201604026 Structural And Magnetization Studies On Selected Multiferroic Oxides
1142 Mulla Ahmad Basha Physical Sciences PHYS01201604027 Evolution Of Depth Dependent Structure And Magnetic Properties Of Multilayers On Annealing
1143 R. Kamala Kannan Physical Sciences PHYS02200704002 Synthesis And Characterization Of Few Walled Carbon Nanotubes And Studies For Gas Sensor Applications
1144 Kamalakanta Satpathy Physical Sciences PHYS02200704003 Studies On Prediction Of Gas Entrainment Inception In Hot Pool Of Liquid Metal Fast Reactors
1145 Shilpam Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS02200704004 Superconductivity In Bafe2-Xruxas2 System And Invesstigation Of Its Critical Properties
1146 Waikhom Sharatchandra Singh Physical Sciences PHYS02200704005 Optimization Of Gmr Aray Sensor Based Magnetic Flux Leakage Techniques Using Finite Element Modeling
1147 Soubhadra Sen Physical Sciences PHYS02200704006 Computational Modeling Of The Migration Of Radioactivity In A Porous Medium
1148 O Annalakshmi Physical Sciences PHYS02200704007 Dosimetric Characteristics Of Borate Based Thermoluminescent Materials
1149 Dipak Kumar Baisnab Physical Sciences PHYS02200704008 Investigations On The Charge Order Melting In Pr0.5Ca0.5Mno3 And Its Influence On Superconductivity And Tgransport Behaviour Of Yba2Cu3O7-D Thin Films
1150 Gururaj K. Physical Sciences PHYS02200704010 Dislocation Dynamics Simulations Of Strain Localization In Irradiated Steels
1151 R.M. Sarguna Physical Sciences PHYS02200704011 Structural, Magnetic And Dielectric Studies On Gd1-Xyxmno3
1152 T. Sathyanarayana Annam Physical Sciences PHYS02200704012 Effect Of Pressure And Magnetic Field On The Resistance Behaviour Of Transition Metal Pnictides (Bafe2As2 Bamn2As2 And Fesb2)
1153 T.K. Srinivasan Physical Sciences PHYS02200704013 Synthesis And Characterization Of Nanophosphor For Radiation Detection And Dosimetry
1154 Varghese Anto Chirayath Physical Sciences PHYS02200704014 Study Of Near Surface Defects Using Positrons And Development Of A Pulsed Positron Beam System
1155 K. Saravanakumar Physical Sciences PHYS02200704017 Rheological Studies On Ionic Liquid Dispersions Of Surfactant And Nanoparticles
1156 Karuna Kara Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS02200704018 Raman And Brillouin Spectroscopic Studies Of Phase Transitions In Perovskite Ferroelectric Materials
1157 Prasana Kumar Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS02200704020 Quasi One Dimensional Gan Nanostructures: Growth Kinetics, Physical Properties, And Applications
1158 Hari Babu Sata Physical Sciences PHYS02200704021 Positron Annihilation Of Model Fe-Cr Alloys And Ferritic/Martensitic Steels
1159 Sorb Y.A. Physical Sciences PHYS02200704022 Structure Phase Transitions And Formation Of Novel Phases Involving Intra-Group Iv Elements At High P-T Contiditions
1160 Kalpataru Panda Physical Sciences PHYS02200704023 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies On Enhanced Electron Field Emission Properties Of Modified Nanostructured Diamond Films
1161 S Kalavathi Physical Sciences PHYS02200704024 Structural Studies On Geometrically Frustrated Systems: Alv2O4 And Limn2O4 - Role Of Temperature, Pressure And Chemical Substitution
1162 Chingsubam Kishan Singh Physical Sciences PHYS02200804001 Surface And Interface Studies On Magnetron Sputtered Polycrystalline Molybdenum Thin Films
1163 Mariyappa N Physical Sciences PHYS02200804003 Development Of Squid Based Magnetocardiography System & Cardiac Signal-Source Analysis Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
1164 Priyada P. Physical Sciences PHYS02200804005 Gamma Ray Scattering Non Destructive Evaluation Studies
1165 Lakshmoji Kosuru Physical Sciences PHYS02200804007 On The Use Of Silicon Microcantilevers For Mass Detection And Adsorption Of Water Molecules
1166 Loushambam Herojit Singh Physical Sciences PHYS02200804009 Mössbauer Investigationson Febasednano Spinel Ferrites
1167 Siva Srinivas K. Physical Sciences PHYS02200804010 Investigation Of Parametric Instability In Elastic Structures
1168 Rajendra G. Joshi Physical Sciences PHYS02200804011 Structure, Dynamics And Rheological Behavior Of Thermo-Responsive Dense Microgel Suspensions
1169 Sunil Kumar D. Physical Sciences PHYS02200804013 Investigations On Efficacy Of New Combinations Of High Temperature Neutron Shield Materials For Optimal Use In Sodium Cooled Fast Reactors
1170 Riyas A. Physical Sciences PHYS02200804014 Studies On Core Characteristics And Perturbation Theory Based Transient Analysis Of Metal Fbrs
1171 Surajit Brojabasi Physical Sciences PHYS02200904002 Probing The Magnetic Field Induced Nano-Structures In Magnetic Fluids Using Light Scattering
1172 Manohari M. Physical Sciences PHYS02200904004 Simulation Of In-Vivo Monitors And Voxel Phantoms For Establishing Calibration Factors
1173 Neethu Hanna Stephen Physical Sciences PHYS02200904006 An Evaluation Of Neutronic Safety Characteristics Of Prospective Fast Reactor Metal Fuels
1174 Avinash Patsha Physical Sciences PHYS02201004003 Effect Of Impurities On Physicochemical Properties Of Nonpolar Gan Nanowires
1175 Sabeena M. Physical Sciences PHYS02201004004 Phase Transformations In Ti-Mo Alloys
1176 T.R. Devidas Physical Sciences PHYS02201004006 Magneto-Transport And High Pressure Transport Studies On The Topological Insulator System Bi2Se3
1177 V. Mahendran Physical Sciences PHYS02201004010 Direct Measurements Of Colloidal Interactions In The Presence Of Analytes
1178 S. Ambumozhi Angayarkanni Physical Sciences PHYS02201004011 Factors Influencing The Thermal Properties Of Nanofluids And Phase Change Materials
1179 Leona J. Felicia Physical Sciences PHYS02201004012 Magnetorheological Properties Of Sterically Stabilized Ferrofluids
1180 Manan Dholakia Physical Sciences PHYS02201004014 Study Of Displacement Cascades In Y-Ti-O Systems Using Classical Molecular Dynamics
1181 Gurpreet Kaur Physical Sciences PHYS02201004015 Effect Of Crrelation And Disorder On The Properties Of Uraniu Based Compounds: First Principles Calculations
1182 Soumee Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS02201004016 Inelastic Light Scattering Studies On Strong Network Glasses
1183 Syamalarao polaki Physical Sciences PHYS02201004018 Correlation Of Tribological Properties With Chemical Structure Of Modified Dlc Films
1184 Amit Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS02201004019 Sodium Metal Aerosol Characterization In Cover Gas Region
1185 M. Ramakrishnan Physical Sciences PHYS02201004020 Classical And Dynamic Approaches To Probabilistic Safety Analysis Of Fast Reactors
1186 Chanchal Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS02201004021 Phase Stability And Microstructural Evolution In V-Ti-Cr System Using Phase Contrast, Haadf Imaging And Electron Spectroscopy
1187 Deepak Kumar Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS02201004022 Design And Development Of Holographic Optical Tweezers And Studies On Colloidal Systems
1188 Subrata Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS02201104005 Vertical Graphene Nanosheets: Growth, Structure And Electrochemical Performance
1189 D Karthickeyan Physical Sciences PHYS02201104009 Stimuli Responsive Microgel Particles And Microgel Crystals As Studied By Light Based Techniques
1190 Anees P. Physical Sciences PHYS02201104011 Modeling And Simulation Of Structural Stability, Thermal Expansion And Anharmonicity Of 2D Materials
1191 Sumita Santra Physical Sciences PHYS02201104012 Oxide Dispersion, Microstructure, Texture And Radiation Stability Of High Cr Ods Alloys
1192 Neha Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS02201104013 Ion Beam Sputter Deposition Of Piezoelectric Ain Thin Films
1193 Madhusmita Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS02201104014 Structural And Wetting Studies Of Visible Light Active Tio2 Thin Films
1194 Barid Baran Lahiri Physical Sciences PHYS02201104015 Studies On Hyperthermia In Magnetic Fluids: Effectsof Particle Loading, Medium Viscosity, Sizepolydispersity, Orientational Ordering And Thermallosses On Heating Efficiency
1195 Pramod Kumar Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS02201104016 A Study On The Reliability Of Class Iii Power Supply System Of A Sodium Cooled Fast Breeder Rector Under Internal And External Events
1196 Yadagiri Karampuri Physical Sciences PHYS02201204002 Structure And Physical Property Correlation Studies Of Dymno3 And Substituted Oxides
1197 Sh. Sivadasan A.K. Physical Sciences PHYS02201204003 Optical Properties Of Aigan Nanostructures
1198 K. Srinivasan Physical Sciences PHYS02201204005 Investigations On Discrete Winger Functions Of Multi-Qubit Systems
1199 Shri Abuthahir J. Physical Sciences PHYS02201204007 Studies Of Magnetic Field Induced Domain Wall Dynamics In Polycrystalline Iron And Iron Based Alloys Using Magnetic Force Microscopy
1200 L. K. Preethi Physical Sciences PHYS02201204008 Band Gap Engineering Of Tio2 Nanotubes For Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
1201 Narayanan M. M. Physical Sciences PHYS02201204012 Development Of Non-Contact Ultrasonic Guided Wave-Based Methodology For Inspection Of Steam Generator Tubes Of Pfbr
1202 P. Jegadeesan Physical Sciences PHYS02201204013 Radiation Effects In Oxides Used In Nuclear Applications
1203 Haraprasanna Tripathy Physical Sciences PHYS02201204016 Measurement And Modelling Of Phase Stability, Thermophysical Properties And Recrystallization Behavior Of Advanced Austenitic Steels
1204 Balmukund Shukla Physical Sciences PHYS02201204017 Investigation Of Structural Stability And Phase Transition Behavior Of Uranium Based Compounds Under Pressure
1205 Anuraj V L Physical Sciences PHYS02201204018 Studies On Stability Characteristics Of Mox And Metal Fueled Fast Reactor Cores
1206 M. Mohideen Abdul Razak Physical Sciences PHYS02201204019 Studies On Phwr Transients Using Modified Exponential Time Differencing Method With Improved Quasi Static (Iqs) Model And Associated Dynamic Sensitivity Analysis
1207 Nilakantha Meher Physical Sciences PHYS02201304001 Dynamics And Control Of Photon Transport In Coupled Cavities
1208 C. Lakshmanan Physical Sciences PHYS02201304002 Investigation Of Defects And Microstructure In Nanoporous Au
1209 M. Vairavel Physical Sciences PHYS02201304003 Experimental And Ab-Initio Studies Of Solute-Defect Interactions In Fe And Fecr Alloy
1210 Irshad K.A. Physical Sciences PHYS02201304004 Studies On Crystal Structure Of Functional Rare Earth Sesquioxides At High Pressures
1211 Nair Radhikesh Raveendran Physical Sciences PHYS02201304005 Magneto-Transport And Magnetization Studies On The Electron Doped Superconductor Nd1.85Ce0.15Cuo4±Ä
1212 Padmalochan Panda Physical Sciences PHYS02201304006 Synthesis And Characterization Of Pristine And Doped (Ti And Cr) Ain Thin Films
1213 Madhusmita Panda Physical Sciences PHYS02201304007 Synthesis And Characterization Of Diamond Like Carbon (Dlc) Based Nano-Composite Thin Films Grown By Pld
1214 A. W. Zaibudeen Physical Sciences PHYS02201304008 Investigation On The Behavior Of Stimuli-Responsive Macromolecules At Nanoemulsion Interface
1215 Renjith Ramachandran Physical Sciences PHYS02201304011 Study Of Irradiation Effects In Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel Using Positron Beam Based Doppler Broadening Spectroscopy
1216 Kishore Kumar Madapu Physical Sciences PHYS02201304012 Near-Field Optical Properties Of Inn Nanostructures
1217 Sithara Vinod Physical Sciences PHYS02201404001 Studies On The Effect Of Magnetic Field Induced Aggregation On Physical Properties Of Ferrofluids
1218 A.N. Arpita Aparajita Physical Sciences PHYS02201404002 Synthesis And Studies Of Transition Metal Borides And Carbides Under High Pressure
1219 Alaka Panda Physical Sciences PHYS02201404003 Mössbauer Studies On Some Fe-Based Multiferroic Materials
1220 P. Balasaritha Physical Sciences PHYS02201404004 Inert Gas Ion Irradiation Effects On Microstructural And Optical Properties Of Monoclinic Zirconia
1221 Santanu Kumar Parida Physical Sciences PHYS02201404006 Localized Optical And Electrical Properties Of Iii-V Nitride Nanostructures
1222 Uttiyo Arnab Saha Physical Sciences PHYS02201404007 A Study On The Metrics Of Neutron Induced Primary Radiation Damage In Structural Materials Using The Recent Basic Evaluated Nuclear Data Libraries
1223 Anil Kumar Behera Physical Sciences PHYS02201404008 Fabrication, Selected Microstructure-Property Correlations And Applications Of Si Nanowalls
1224 Harimohan V Physical Sciences PHYS02201404010 Magneto-Transport Studies On The Single Crystals Of Taas2 And Nbas2 Semimetals
1225 Rakesh P.T. Physical Sciences PHYS02201404011 Observational Analysis And Numerical Simulation Of Meteorological Phenomena Leading To Severe Radiological Impact
1226 G. Sainath Physical Sciences PHYS02201404012 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Studies On Deformation And Fracture Behaviour Of Bcc Fe Nanowires : Influence Of Orientation, Mode Of Loading, Size, Temperature And Boundaries
1227 Bijay Kumar Das Physical Sciences PHYS02201504008 Infrared Spectroscopic Studies On Pristine And Doped Bismuth Ferrite Ceramics
1228 Raktima Basu Physical Sciences PHYS02201504013 Mechanism Of Phase Transition In Vanadium Oxides And Its Applications
1229 Thirukkumaran K. Physical Sciences PHYS02201504015 Acoustic Emission Signal Characterization And Infrared Thermography Studies During Drilling Of Metal Matrix Composites
1230 Balasubramanian S. Physical Sciences PHYS02201504018 Fabrication And Characterization Of Sio2 Microcantilevers For Relative Humidity Sensing
1231 Binaya Kumar Sahu Physical Sciences PHYS02201504020 Growth And Applications Of Low Dimensional Sno2
1232 Gopinath Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS02201504023 Surface Modification And Polymer-Free Transfer Of Vertical Graphene Nanosheets For Electrochemical Capacitor Applications
1233 Reshmi Mohan P. Physical Sciences PHYS02201504027 Numerical Modelling Studies On The Impact Of Horizontal Resolution, Explicit Convection And Sst Boundary Forcing On The Prediction Of Tropical Cyclones Over North Indian Ocean
1234 Revati Rani Physical Sciences PHYS02201604002 Tribological Properties Of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films At High Temperature And Controlled Atmosphere
1235 Himanshu Singhal Physical Sciences PHYS03200704001 High Order Harmonic Generation From Performed Laser Plasma Plumes
1236 Vishnu Kumar Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS03200704003 Study Of The Magneto-Structural Transition And Associated Functional Properties In The Ni-Mn-In And Ni-Mn-Sn Alloys
1237 Yogesh Verma Physical Sciences PHYS03200704004 Biomedical Imaging Using Optical Coherence Tomography
1238 Mahesh Kumar Swami Physical Sciences PHYS03200704005 Optical Polarimetric Spectroscopy Of Biological Systems
1239 Raktim Dasgupta Physical Sciences PHYS03200704006 Optical Micromanipulation Techniques And Their Applications
1240 Shankar Lal Physical Sciences PHYS03200704007 Design, Construction And Experimental Studies With An S-Band Photoinjector
1241 Beena Jain Physical Sciences PHYS03200704009 Spectroscopic Studies On Interaction Of Silica And Metallic Nano Particles With Dyes Of Biomedical Significance
1242 Shreyashkar Dev Singh Physical Sciences PHYS03200704010 Movpe Growth And Characterization Of Quantum Structures Based On Iii-V Semiconductors
1243 Surjya Prakash Ram Physical Sciences PHYS03200704011 Studies On Generation And Manipulation Of Laser Cooled Atoms
1244 MeghmalnarAvinash Manekar Physical Sciences PHYS03200704012 Magneto - Structural Transition And Magnetic Field Induced In Fe-Rh Based Pseudobinary Alloys
1245 Vipul Arora Physical Sciences PHYS03200704013 X-Ray Spectroscopic Studies Of Plasma Produced By Intense Laser Beams
1246 Ambar Kumar Choubey Physical Sciences PHYS03200704014 Study And Development Of High Power Pulsed Nd:Yag Lasers And Their Material Processing Applications
1247 Sunil Kumar Jain Physical Sciences PHYS03200704015 Study And Characterization Of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma As An Ion Source
1248 Sanjay Kumar Rai Physical Sciences PHYS03200704016 Interface Characterization Of Multilayer Mirrors
1249 Uday Chakravarty Physical Sciences PHYS03200804001 Studies Of Laser Energy Absorption And X-Ray Emission In Plasmas Produced By Ultrahigh Intensity Laser Pulses
1250 Sanyasi Rao Bobbili Physical Sciences PHYS03200804002 Study Of Laser Driven Plasma Based Electron Acceleration And Bremsstrahlung Radiation Emission Using Ultra-High Intensity Laser Pulses
1251 Amalendu Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS03200804003 Optics Design And Optimization Of Electron Bunch Compressor Transfer Line (With A Case Study Of Ctf3 Bunch Compressor)
1252 Sanjay Kher Physical Sciences PHYS03200804006 Investigation Of Long Period Fiber Gratings For Development Of Packaged Sensor Devices For Nuclear, Medical And Industrial Applications
1253 Sh. Surendra Singh Physical Sciences PHYS03200804007 Development Of Kr Magneto-Optical Trap For Efficient Loading And Collision Studies
1254 Pradeep Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS03200804009 Studies Of Beam Lifetime In Synchrotron Radiation Source Indus-2
1255 Dhamgaye Vishal Prabhakar Physical Sciences PHYS03200804010 Studies On Design And Development Of Indus-2 X-Ray Lithography Beamline And Its Applications In X-Ray Optics And Biosensor
1256 Y.B.S.R. Prasad Physical Sciences PHYS03200904001 Optical Probing Of Laser Produced Plasmas
1257 Amit Kumar Das Physical Sciences PHYS03200904002 Effects Of Disorder On Electrical And Optical Properties Of Doped Zno Thin Films Grown By Pulsed Laser Deposition
1258 Ramakant Mahakud Physical Sciences PHYS03200904003 Studies On Fabrication Of Fiber Bragg Gratings Using High Repetition Rate Ultraviolet Radiation From Frequency Converted Copper Vapour Laser
1259 Md. Matin Physical Sciences PHYS03200904004 Experimental Study Of The Normal State And The Superconducting Properties Of The Ti-V Alloys
1260 Sujan Kar Physical Sciences PHYS03200904007 "Growth And Characterization Of Doped And Undoped Lithium Niobate And Lithium Tetraborate Crystals In Bulk And Nano Form"
1261 C. Kamal Physical Sciences PHYS03200904008 Ab Inito Studies On Properties Of Nanostructures
1262 Sushil Kumar Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS03200904009 Growth And Characterization Of Kdp, Lap And Zctc Crystals For Non-Linear Optical Applications
1263 Salahuddin Khan Physical Sciences PHYS03201004001 Effect Of Surface And Interface On The Carrier Dynamics Of Quantum Wells
1264 Ravindra Jangir Physical Sciences phys03201004002 Studies Of Photoluminescence Characteristics Of Â-Ga2O3 And In2O3 Nanostructures Deposited By Different Growth Techniques
1265 Shreekant Barnwal Physical Sciences PHYS03201004003 Study On Coherent Soft X-Ray Generation From Capillary Discharge Plasmas
1266 Nageshwar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS03201004004 Studies On Narrow Bandwidth High Repetition Rate Dye Laser
1267 Ramakanta Biswal Physical Sciences PHYS03201004005 Studies On Copper - Hydrogen Bromide (Cu-Hbr) Laser And Its Nonlinear Frequency Conversion
1268 Krishnakanta Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS03201004006 Structural And Chemical Properties Of Pure And Doped Gold Nano-Clusters
1269 Ekta Rani Physical Sciences PHYS03201004008 Study Of Semiconductor Nanocomposites Using Raman And Afm Mapping
1270 Amol Singh Physical Sciences PHYS03201004010 Study Of Compound Materials For X-Ray Optical Applications
1271 Harishchandra Singh Physical Sciences PHYS03201004011 Structural And Spectroscopic Studies Of Transition Metal Based Multiferroics And Oxides
1272 Shyam Sundar Physical Sciences PHYS03201004013 Experimental Study Of The Normal State And Superconducting Properties And Vortex-Matter In Binary Mo-Re Alloys
1273 Debabrata Saha Physical Sciences PHYS03201004014 Effect Of Doping On Carrier Transport In Zno Thin Films Grown By Atomic Layer Deposition
1274 Ali Akbar Fakhri Physical Sciences PHYS03201004015 Study Of Beam Injection, Beam Optics And Insertion Devices For Synchrotron Radiation Source: A Case Study Of Indus-1 And Indus-2
1275 Harishankar Patel Physical Sciences PHYS03201104001 Photonic Nanojet For Nano-Scale Imaging And Spectroscopy
1276 Ravi Shanker Verma Physical Sciences PHYS03201104003 Development Of Techniques For Generation Of Multiple Optical Traps And Utilization Of These Traps For Different Applications
1277 Shailesh Kumar Khamari Physical Sciences PHYS03201104004 Transport Studies Of Spin Polarized Carriers In Semiconductors
1278 Ravi Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS03201104005 High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Study Of Microstucture In Compressive And Tensile Strained Iii-V Semiconductor Epitaxal Layers
1279 Usha Chakravarty Physical Sciences PHYS03201104006 Investigation Of Ytterbium Doped Fiber Laser
1280 Smritijit Sen Physical Sciences PHYS03201104010 Theoretical Studies On Superconducting And Normal State Properties Of Some Fe- Based Superconductors
1281 Dipankar Jana Physical Sciences PHYS03201104011 Spectroscopic Characterization Of Mbegrown Algan/Gan Heterostructures
1282 Yashvir kalkal Physical Sciences PHYS03201104013 Theoretical Studies On Electron Beam Based Compact Terahertz Sources
1283 Nageswararao Pothana Physical Sciences PHYS03201204002 Thermal Stability, Structure And Interface Study Of X-Ray Multilayers For Euv And Soft X-Ray Applications
1284 Akash Deep Physical Sciences PHYS03201204003 Studies Of Longitudinal And Transverse Electron Beam Parameters Of The Indus Accelerator
1285 Prasanta Kumar Sahani Physical Sciences PHYS03201204004 Radiation Dosimetry Studies For Synchrotron Radiation Beamlines
1286 Tufan Roy Physical Sciences PHYS03201204009 Effect Of Substitution On Electronic Structure, Magnetic And Mechanical Properties Of Ni, Pt And Mn-Based Heusler Alloys
1287 Debashis Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS03201204010 Electronic Structure Study Of Fega3 And Feal Intermetallics
1288 Chitradip Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS03201204012 Studies On Electron-Positron Pair Production Via Schwinger Mechanism By Ultra-Short And Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses
1289 Gangadhar Das Physical Sciences PHYS03201204013 Depth Resolved Structural And Chemical Studies Of Nanostructured Materials Using Synchrotron Radiation
1290 Sudheer Physical Sciences PHYS03201204014 Fabrication And Characterization Of Nanostructured Metallic Thin Films And Periodic Structures For Plasmonic Applications
1291 Arijit Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS03201204016 Studies On Radio Frequency Dressed Potentials For Cold Atoms
1292 Vandna Kumari Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS03201204018 Study Of Individual Inas Nanowires Using Raman Spectroscopy
1293 Adityanarayan H. Pandey Physical Sciences PHYS03201204019 Electrical And Magnetic Properties Of Magnetic Ion Substituted Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramics
1294 Priyanka Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS03201304001 Fucnctional Extensions Of Optical Coherence Tomography For Biomedical Imaging Applications
1295 Hemant Krishna Physical Sciences PHYS03201304002 Optical Spectroscopy And Imaging For Diagnosis Of Oral Cavity Neoplasia
1296 Khan Mohammad Khan Physical Sciences PHYS03201304003 Depth-Sensitive Raman Spectroscopy Of Layered Turbid Media
1297 Arup Ratan Jana Physical Sciences PHYS03201304004 Electromagnetic Design And Beam Dynamics Studies In Elliptic Superconducting Radiofrequency (Srf) Cavities
1298 Vinod Kumar Saini Physical Sciences PHYS03201304005 Laser Based Isotope-Selective Photoionization Studies On Lithium
1299 Mukesh Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS03201304006 Study Of Pickups And Kickers In Particle Accelerators
1300 Riyasat Husain Physical Sciences PHYS03201304007 Optimization And Modelling Of Storage Ring Lattices: A Case Study Of Indus-2 Storage Ring
1301 Dipanjana Hazra Physical Sciences PHYS03201304009 Laser Driven Plasma Based Electron Acceleration, Applicable Mechanisms And Its Applications
1302 Saroj Kumar Jena Physical Sciences PHYS03201404001 Optimization Of A Multi Bunch Train Filling Pattern For The Suppression Of Beam Ion Instability In Electron Storage Ring: Case Study Of Indus-2
1303 Mohammad Tayyab Physical Sciences PHYS03201404003 Studies On Ion Acceleration In Ultrashort Ultra-High Intensity Laser Matter Interaction
1304 Mukund Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS03201404004 Studies On Characterization And Application Of Ultrashort Higher Harmonic Radiation
1305 Arindam Majhi Physical Sciences PHYS03201404006 Surface/Interface Studies Of Thin Films And Development Of Ultra-Short Period W/B4C Multilayer Mirrors With Large Layer Pairs
1306 Charu Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS03201404009 Studies On Electromagnetically Induced Transparency In 87Rb Atoms
1307 Mangalika Sinha Physical Sciences PHYS03201404011 Study Of Structural & Optical Properties Of Oxides In Soft X-Ray Regime
1308 Subhomoy Haldar Physical Sciences PHYS03201404012 Magneto-Optical Transport Studies On Ultra-Low Disordered Semiconductor Quantum Wells Grown By Movpe.
1309 Abhishek Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS03201504011 Electronic Transport Studies On Gan Epitaxial Layers For The Fabrication Of Radiation Hard Ultraviolet Photodetectors
1310 Ms Shweta Verma Physical Sciences PHYS03201504012 Studies On Plasmonic Responses Of Metal Nanoparticles Of Varied Morphologies And Their Interaction With Semiconductor Nanostructures
1311 Prasun Sharma Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS04200604001 Characterization Of Microstructure Of Nuclear Structural Materials By Xrd
1312 Santosh Kumar Das Physical Sciences PHYS04200704002 Heavy Flavor Production And Propagation In Heavy Ion Collision
1313 Victor Roy Physical Sciences PHYS04200704003 Dissipative Fluid Dynamics For Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
1314 Haridas Pai Physical Sciences PHYS04200704004 Study Of Nuclear Structure Near The Z=82 And N=82 Shell Closures
1315 Sabyasachi Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS04200704005 Probing Spectral Properties Of Hadrons In Hot And Dense Hadronic Matter
1316 Payal Mohanty Physical Sciences PHYS04200704006 Electromagnetic Radiation From Partons And Hadrons
1317 Jajati Kesari Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS04200704008 Probing Quark Gluon Plasma Through Photon, Dilepton And Strangeness Productions In Relativistic Nuclear Collisions
1318 Animesh Goswami Physical Sciences PHYS04200704009 Studies On Space Charge Dominated Beam In The Spiral Inflector And Central Region Of Cyclotron
1319 Paritosh Singh Babu Physical Sciences PHYS04200704010 Studies On Dynamics Of Space Charge Dominated Beam In A Low Energy Beam Transport System
1320 Kaushik Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS04200804001 Study Of Nuclear Dynamics Using Neutrons
1321 Samir Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS04200804002 Study Of Intermediate Mass Fragment Emission In Heavy-Ion Reaction
1322 Jhilam Sadhukhan Physical Sciences PHYS04200804003 The Statistical And Dynamical Models Of Nuclear Fission
1323 Deepak Pandit Physical Sciences PHYS04200804004 Study Of High Energy Photons From Hot Nuclear Systems
1324 Sudipan De Physical Sciences PHYS04200904001 Photon Production And Forward-Backward Multiplicity Correlation In Alice At The Lhc
1325 Nihar Ranjan Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS04200904002 Probing The Qcd Critical Point By Higher Moments Of The Net-Charge Distribution At Rhic Energies
1326 Manishsinh Ranajitsinh Gohil Physical Sciences PHYS04200904003 Study Of Neutron Emission Inenergetic Nuclear Collisions
1327 Mohammed Younus Physical Sciences PHYS04200904004 Dynamics Of Heavy Quarks Produced In Relativistic Heavy Ion Collision
1328 Somnath De Physical Sciences PHYS04200904005 Electromagnetic And Hardprobes Of Strongly Interacting Matter
1329 Sh. Arnab Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS04200904006 Development Of Micro-Pattern Gas Detection For Physics And Other Applications
1330 Jedidiah Pradhan Physical Sciences PHYS04200904007 Thermo-Dynamical Study Of Steady State And Transient Process In A Dilution Refrigerator
1331 Uttam Bhunia Physical Sciences PHYS04200904008 Design And Optimization Of Superconducting Magnet Systems For Energy Storage Application
1332 Tapan Kumar Rana Physical Sciences PHYS04200904009 Study Of The Hoyle State
1333 Surasree Mazumder Physical Sciences PHYS04200904013 Transport Of Heavy Quarks In Quark-Gluon Plasma
1334 Sukanya Mitra Physical Sciences PHYS04200904014 Study Of Transport Coefficients In Strongly Interacting Matter At Finite Temperature
1335 Trambak Bhattacharyya Physical Sciences PHYS04200904015 Energy Loss Of High Energy Partons In Quark-Gluon Plasma
1336 Amal Giri Physical Sciences PHYS04200904016 Equilibration Dynamics Of Non-Equilibrium Crystalline Systems
1337 Shashi Chandra Lal Srivastava Physical Sciences PHYS04201004001 Spectral Statistics, Random Matrix Theory, And Classification Of Dynamical Systems
1338 Sumit Basu Physical Sciences PHYS04201004002 Event-By-Event Temperature Fluctuation In Heavy Ion Collisions At Large Hadron Collider Energies In Alice Experiment
1339 Maitreyee Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS04201004004 Event-By-Event Multiplicity Fluctuations In High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions At The Lhc Energies In The Alice Experiment
1340 Vishal Srivastava Physical Sciences PHYS04201004005 Study Of Deuteron Induced Transfer Reactions On 27Al
1341 Subikash Choudhury Physical Sciences PHYS04201004006 Di-Hadron Correlations With Identified Leading Hadrons At Intermediate Transverse Momentum In Pb-Pb 2.76 Tev In Alice
1342 Arindam Roy Physical Sciences PHYS04201004007 Probing Matter Created At Rhic Heavy-Ion Collisions By Di-Muons And Photons At Mid And Forward Rapidities
1343 Balaram Dey Physical Sciences PHYS04201004008 The Temperature Dependence Of Giant Dipole Resonance Width At Excited States Of Atomic Nuclei
1344 Sujoy Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS04201004010 Radiation Dosimetry Of Charged Particles And Neutrons By Passive And Active Dosimeters And Its Application To Radiation Personnel Monitoring
1345 Partha Pratim Bhaduri Physical Sciences PHYS04201104001 Charmonium Production And Detection In High Energy Nuclear Collisions At Fair
1346 Prithwish Tribedy Physical Sciences PHYS04201104002 Correlation And Fluctuation Of Particle Multiplicity In Hadronic And Heavy Ion Collisions
1347 Tanmoy roy Physical Sciences PHYS04201104003 Study Of High Spin States In Nuclei Near Z=82
1348 Abhirup Chaudhuri Physical Sciences PHYS04201104005 Dynamics Of Fusion-Fission Reactions Near Coulomb Barrier
1349 Somnath Kar Physical Sciences PHYS04201104006 Measurement Of Angular Correlations Between D0 Mesons And Charged Particles In Ppb Collisions At Ösnn = 5.02 Tev With Alice At The Lhc
1350 Swagata Mallik Physical Sciences PHYS04201204002 Statistical And Dynamical Model Studies Of Nuclear Multifragmentation Reactions At Intermediate Energies
1351 Utsab Gangopadhyaya Physical Sciences PHYS04201204004 Transport Coefficients Of Hot Hadronic Matter
1352 Shri Golam Sarwar Physical Sciences PHYS04201204005 Evolution Of Perturbation In Ahydrodynamically Expanding Systemformed In Relativistic Heavy Ioncollision
1353 SK. Noor Alam Physical Sciences PHYS04201204006 Charge Correlation Using Balance Function Of Identified Particles In Heavy-Ion Collisions At Lhc Energy
1354 MD. Ali Asgar Physical Sciences PHYS04201204007 Study Of High Spin States In Nuclei Near Spherical And Deformed Shell Gaps
1355 Debasis Atta Physical Sciences PHYS04201204008 Study Of The Properties Of Compact Stars And Nuclear Reactions Of Astrophysical Importance
1356 Arunabha Saha Physical Sciences PHYS04201204010 Study Of Nuclear Structure Around N=90
1357 Pratap Roy Physical Sciences PHYS04201304001 Study Of Nuclear Level Density Using Light Particle Evaporation As A Probe
1358 Arindam Kumar Sikdar Physical Sciences PHYS04201304002 Studies On Fission Time Anomaly In Fissile And Very Heavy Nuclei
1359 Arghya Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS04201304005 Study Of Conserved Quantities And Their Correlations In The Rhic Beam Energy Scan Program
1360 Prabrisa Das Physical Sciences PHYS04201304006 Theoretical Studies On Fragmentation Of Nuclei At Intermediate Energies
1361 Somnath Mukhopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS04201304007 Equations Of States For White Dwarfs And Neutron Stars
1362 Rajendra Nath Patra Physical Sciences PHYS04201304008 Development Of Gem Detectors For The Alice Tpc Upgrade And Study Of Particle Production At Lhc Energies
1363 Pingal Dasgupta Physical Sciences PHYS04201304010 Study Of Direct Photon Production From Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
1364 Santu Dey Physical Sciences PHYS04201304011 Study Of Effect Of Deformation & Irradiation On The Microstructure Of Fcc Materials Using X-Ray Diffraction
1365 Sanjib Muhuri Physical Sciences PHYS04201404002 Forward Calorimetry In Alice And High Multiplicity Physics In Proton-Proton Collisions At The Large Hadron Collider
1366 Soumik Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS04201404003 Yrast And Near-Yrast Structure Of Nuclei In A ~ 200 Region Involving High-J Orbitals
1367 Debasish Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS04201404004 Study Of Nuclear Viscosity And Isospin Mixing Utilizing Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance
1368 Ashik Ikbal Sheikh Physical Sciences PHYS04201404006 Study Of Inclusive B-Jet Production In Alice Experiment At Lhc
1369 Dipak Bhowmik Physical Sciences PHYS04201404008 Surface And Interface Modification By Low Energy Ion Beams
1370 Samrangy Sadhu Physical Sciences PHYS04201404009 Measurement Of Azimuthal Correlations Between D-Mesons And Charged Particles In Pp Collisions At ?S =13 Tev With Alice At The Lhc
1371 Shabnam Mohsina Physical Sciences PHYS04201404010 Systematic Study Of Entrance Channel Effect Using Langevin Dynamics In Heavy-Ion Induced Reaction
1372 Homnath Luitel Physical Sciences PHYS04201404011 Defect Induced Room Temperature Ferromagnetism In Non Magnetic Semiconducting Oxides
1373 Ranabir Banik Physical Sciences PHYS04201404012 Single Particle And Collective Excitations Near Z = 50
1374 Nachiketa Sarkar Physical Sciences PHYS04201404013 A Study Of Hadronic Phase Of Strongly Interacting Matter With Finite Size Effects
1375 Vinay Singh Physical Sciences PHYS04201504002 Astrophysical S-Factors For Fusion Reactions And Nucleosynthesis
1376 Soumen Nandi Physical Sciences PHYS04201504014 Experimental Study Of Shape Evolution In Nuclei Near Z=82
1377 Sanjoy Pal Physical Sciences PHYS05200604001 Characterizations Of Cathode Pad Chamber As Tracking Detector For Muon Spectrometer Of Alice
1378 Ayan Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS05200704002 Aspects Of Black Hole Physics
1379 Soumini Chaudhury Physical Sciences PHYS05200704003 Rotation Curve Of The Milky Way And The Phase-Space Structure Of Its Dark Matter Halo: Implications For Direct Detection Of Weakly Interacting Massive Particle Candidates Of Dark Matter
1380 Bhramar Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS05200704004 Some Local Calculations Of Temperatures Of Black Hole Horizons
1381 Rana Nandi Physical Sciences PHYS05200704006 Studies On Some Aspects Of Neutron Stars- From Crust To Core
1382 Srijit Bhattacharjee Physical Sciences PHYS05200704007 Quantum Infrared Instabilities Of Gauge And Gravity Coupled Higgs Fields
1383 Indranil Das Physical Sciences PHYS05200704009 Development, Implementation And Performance Report Of Dimuon High Level Trigger Of Alice
1384 Sovan Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS05200704010 Neutrino Oscillations In Supernovae
1385 Manjula Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS05200704011 Study Of Ge Nanostructures Embedded In Mbe Grown Si/Ge Multilayers
1386 Lab Saha Physical Sciences PHYS05200704012 Some Aspects Of Gamma-Ray Astronomy
1387 Susmita Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS05200704013 Phase-Space Structure Of The Dark Matter Halo Of Milky Way From Rotation Curve Data And Implications For Neutrino Signal From Wimp Annihilation In Sun
1388 susnata Seth Physical Sciences PHYS05200704014 Aspects Of Superheated Droplet Detectors And Their Application In Dark Matter Search
1389 Raktim Abir Physical Sciences PHYS05200704015 Phenomenological Consequences Of Qcd Bremsstrahlung Processes In Rhic And Lhc
1390 Debabrata Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS05200704016 Waves And Instabilities In Inhomogeneous Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma
1391 Jayanta Das Physical Sciences PHYS05200804001 Electronic And Magnetic Structures Of Antiferromagnetic Thin Films
1392 Najmul Haque Physical Sciences PHYS05200804003 Some Applications Of Hard Thermal Loop Perturbation Theory In Quark Gluon Plasma
1393 Satyajit Seth Physical Sciences PHYS05200804004 A Journey Towards Qcd Radiative Corrections In The Sm And Beyond At The Lhc
1394 Anuradha Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS05200804005 Atomic Force Microscopy Beyond Topography And Electrochemical Analysis: Graphene, Zinc Oxide And Bacteria
1395 Somdeb Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS05200804006 Probing Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Quark-Gluon Plasma Via Holography
1396 Atanu Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS05200904001 Evolution Of Cosmological Perturbation Through Bounce In Covariant Perturbations Theory And Tests Of Linearity
1397 Abhishek Majhi Physical Sciences PHYS05200904005 Black Holes In Loop Quantum Gravity - Entropy, Thermal Stability And Energy Spectrum
1398 Abhishek Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS05200904007 Perturbative And Non Perturbative Aspects Of Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
1399 Ch. Aminul Islam Physical Sciences PHYS05201004001 Study Of Hot And Dense Nuclear Matter In Effective Qcd Model
1400 Chandrachur Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS05201004002 Lense-Thirring Precession In Strong Gravitational Fields
1401 Abhik Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201004003 Study Of Nonlinear Waves In Oceanic And Other Physical Systems
1402 Amit Dutta Banik Physical Sciences PHYS05201004004 Study Of Different Dark Matter Models With Extended Higgs Sector
1403 Susmita Dhara Physical Sciences PHYS05201004005 Preparation, Characterization And Study Of Magnetic Properties Of Coᵪ Cu₁₋ᵪ (0.01≤X≤ 0.7) Granular Alloys
1404 Ms. Rajeswari Roy Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS05201004006 Effect Of Substitution At The Transition Metal Site On The Magnetic Properties Of Rare Earth Ternary Silicides
1405 Rajani raman Physical Sciences PHYS05201004007 Computational Mechanism Of Filling- In In The Visual System
1406 Kamakshya Prasad Modak Physical Sciences PHYS05201004008 Investigating Some Aspects Of Dark Matter Indirect Detection Using Different Dark Matter Particle Physics Models
1407 Niyaz Ahmad Rather Physical Sciences PHYS05201004009 Angular Momentum Generation Mechanisms In Mass-100 Region
1408 Biswarup Paul Physical Sciences PHYS05201004010 Charmonium Studies At Lhc Energies Using The Alice Muon Spectrometer
1409 Hitesh V. Rahangdale Physical Sciences PHYS05201004011 Electron Impact Ionization Study Of High Z Elements
1410 Prasanta Char Physical Sciences PHYS05201104001 Some Studies On Core-Collapse Supernovae And Neutron Stars
1411 Apurba Kheto Physical Sciences PHYS05201104002 Isospin Dependent Entrainment In Rotating Superfluid Neutron Stars
1412 Sourav Pramanik Physical Sciences PHYS05201104004 Nonlinear Particle Dynamics Of Plasma Diodes In Presence Of External Magnetic Field
1413 SK Abdul Kader Md Faruque Physical Sciences PHYS05201104005 Study Of Sputter Deposited Zro2 Films Under Different Oxidation And Annealing Conditions
1414 Abhijit Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201104006 Study Of Drift Wave Instability In Rf Produced Magnetized Plasma
1415 Sayanee Jana Physical Sciences PHYS05201204001 Nonlinear Coherent Structures In Plasmas
1416 Barnamala Saha Physical Sciences PHYS05201204002 Transition Metal Oxide And Sulphide Based Electrochemical Sensing And Super-Capacitance
1417 Achyut Maity Physical Sciences PHYS05201204003 Surface Plasmon Enhanced Optical Properties Of Complex Shaped Gold Nanoparticles
1418 Aritra Bandyopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS05201204004 Non-Perturbative Study Of Spectral Function And Its Application In Quark Gluon Plasma
1419 Pankaj Kumar Shaw Physical Sciences PHYS05201204006 Investigation Of Nonlinear Dynamics Of A Self - Excited Complex System Like Plasma
1420 Naosad Alam Physical Sciences PHYS05201204007 Correlations Of Neutron Star Properties With The Parameters Of Nuclear Matter Equation Of State
1421 Arpan Maiti Physical Sciences PHYS05201204008 Studying Surface Plasmons Of Individual Gold Nanoparticle On Silicon Substrate Using Cathodoluminiscence
1422 Kumar Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201204009 Aspects Of Inflationary Models In Supergravity
1423 Anshu Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201204010 Search For Very High Energy Gamma-Ray From Galactic Sources & Development Of Calibration System For Future Imaging Telescope
1424 Kuntal Nayek Physical Sciences PHYS05201204011 Study On Some Aspects Of Non- Supersymmetric Brane Solutions In String Theory
1425 Sukanta Barman Physical Sciences PHYS05201204012 Growth, Electronic Structure And Surface Magnetism Of Late Transition Metal And Metal Oxide Ultra-Thin Films
1426 Tapas Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201204013 Study Of Galvanic Displacement Reaction Of Metal Nanostructures On Semiconductor Surfaces Using Transmission Electron Microscopy
1427 Chitralekha Datta Physical Sciences PHYS05201204014 Exact Solutions Of Some Quantum Integrable Systems Associated With Polarized Spin Reversal Operators
1428 Chiranjib Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS05201204016 Constraining The Density Dependence Of Symmetry Energy Using Mean Field Models
1429 Sanjib Banik Physical Sciences PHYS05201204018 Study Of Magnetic, Magneto-Transport And Magnetocaloric Properties In Bulk And Nanocrystalline Manganites
1430 Sabuj Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201204019 On The Paths Of Transitions Among Different Kinds Of Nonlinear Oscillations In Glow Discharge Plasma
1431 Sanjukta Paul Physical Sciences PHYS05201204021 Novel Phenomena In Oxide Heterostructures
1432 Goutam Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201304001 Precision Qcd Study For Spin - 2 Production At The Large Hadron Collider
1433 Mugdha Sarkar Physical Sciences PHYS05201304002 Lattice Gauge Theory With Non-Perturbative Gauge- Fixing
1434 Sukannya Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS05201304003 Inflation Models In Light Of Cosmic Microwave Background Observations
1435 Rome Samanta Physical Sciences PHYS05201304004 A Study On Impact Of Residual Symmetries In Some Neutrino Mass Models
1436 Biswajit Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201304005 Multiwavelength Long Term Monitoring And Spectral Energy Distribution Modeling Of Bright Active Galactic Nuclei Markarian 421
1437 Susmita Roy Physical Sciences PHYS05201304006 Magnetic, Thermal, Structural And Electrical Properties Of Undoped And Doped Euti1-Xmxo3 (M= Nb, V)
1438 Arnab Kumar Pariari Physical Sciences PHYS05201304007 Probing Topological States, Fermi Surface And Scattering Mechanism In Some Three-Dimensional Dirac Semimetals
1439 Roopam Sinha Physical Sciences PHYS05201304008 Impact Of Symmetries:A Pheonomenological Study On Neutrino Mass Models
1440 Mithun Karmakar Physical Sciences PHYS05201304010 Nonlinear Plasma Wave Excitation And Its Breaking Phenomena
1441 Amit Kumar Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201304011 Exactly Solvable Driven Interacting Particle Systems
1442 Rohit Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS05201304012 Study Of Geometrical Aspects Of Holographic Entanglement Entropy And First Law
1443 Biswarup Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201304013 Nuclear Structure Studies At High Angular Momentum In Mass ~ 100 Region
1444 Saswati Nandan Physical Sciences PHYS05201304014 Search For Di-Higgs Production With Cms Data At S = 13 Tev At The Lhc
1445 Shamik Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201304015 Search For Physics Beyond The Standard Model In Photon + Missing Transverse Momentum Final State In Proton-Proton Collisions Using The Compact Muon Solenoid Detector At The Large Hadron Collider
1446 Rajarshi Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS05201304017 Search For Higgs Boson Pair Production In The Hh ? Bb?? Channel In P-P Collisions Using Cms Data At ?S = 13 Tev At The Lhc
1447 Arnab Singh Physical Sciences PHYS05201404001 Low Dimensional Magnetic Structures
1448 Ratnadwip Singha Physical Sciences PHYS05201404002 Electronic Transport, Fermi Surface Properties, And Lattice Dynamics Of Some Topological Semimetals
1449 Anway Pradhan Physical Sciences PHYS05201404003 Study Of Mocvd Grown Algaas/Gaas (100) Spontaneous Superlattice And Its Application For Optoelectronic Devices
1450 Bankim Chandra Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201404005 Experimental And Theoretical Studies Of Electromagnetically Induced Phenomena In Atomic Rubidium
1451 Gourab Bhattacharjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201404007 Noble Metal Core-Shell Nanoparticles With High-Energy Facets For Application In Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering And Biosensing
1452 Suman Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201404008 Growth And Characterization Of Semiconductor Quantum Dots For Optoelectronic Device Applications
1453 Subha Samanta Physical Sciences PHYS05201404009 Nonlinear Dynamics Of Regular And Chaotic Magnetic Fields
1454 Arghya Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201404010 Hadronic Properties In Presence Of Magnetic Field
1455 Sourav Kumar Dey Physical Sciences PHYS05201504001 Electromagnetic Moments In Nuclei:Sensitive Probes Of Electromagnetic Field Environment In Solids
1456 Abhijit Roy Physical Sciences PHYS05201504002 Structural Study Of Metal Nanostructure On Semiconductor Surface And Their Multifunctional Applications
1457 Mantu Modak Physical Sciences PHYS05201504003 Fundamental And Functional Properties Associated To Exotic Phase Transitions In Novel Rare Earth Based Intermetallic Compounds And Heusler Alloys
1458 Sangeeta Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201504004 Study Of Nuclear Structure Near Shell Closure
1459 Jhuma Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201504005 Charmonium Studies At Forward Rapidity With Alice Muon Spectrometer At The Lhc
1460 Moumita Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201504008 Study Of Magnetic, Thermal And Dielectric Properties Of Some Rare-Earth Based Oxides
1461 Sajad Ali Physical Sciences PHYS05201504010 Structural Evolution Of Weakly Deformed Nuclei In Mass ~ 140 Region With Increasing Angular Momentum.
1462 Wadut Shaikh Physical Sciences PHYS05201504011 Bottomonium Studies At Lhc Energy Using Alice Muon Spectrometer
1463 Abhishek Rakshit Physical Sciences PHYS05201504012 Transition Metal Oxide-Based Devices For Memory Applications
1464 Arpita Das Physical Sciences PHYS05201504017 Study Of Laser Induced Coherent Phenomena In The Rubidium Atomic Medium
1465 Sajad Ahmad Bhat Physical Sciences PHYS05201504018 Some Studies On Novel Phases Of Neutron Stars And Their Observational Consequences
1466 Avik Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS05201504020 Composite Higgs And Physics Beyond The Standard Model
1467 Augniva Ray Physical Sciences PHYS05201504021 Aspects Of Supersymmetric Localization And Exact Results In N=2 Supersymmetric Theories
1468 Aranya Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS05201604004 On Holographic Entanglement Entropy And Sub-Region Complexity Of Various Black Solutions In Ads/Cft
1469 Sathi Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS05201604008 Study Of Low Energy Resonances And B-Decay Relevant For Nuclear Astrophysics
1470 Rajkumar Santra Physical Sciences PHYS05201604018 Indirect Experimental Techniques For Nuclear Astrophysics
1471 Satyananda Kar Physical Sciences PHYS06200704001 Plasma Response To Transient High Voltage Pulses
1472 T Shekar Goud Physical Sciences PHYS06200704002 Study Of Fluctuations And Intrinsic Flows In A Simple Toroidal Plasma
1473 Sunita Negi Physical Sciences PHYS06200704003 Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of Nanometer Sized Devices Based On Carbon Nanotubes
1474 Jugal Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS06200704004 Linear And Non-Linear Global Gyrokinetic Study Of Microinstabilities In Tokomaks
1475 Sharad Kumar Yadav Physical Sciences PHYS06200704005 Electron Magnetohydrodynamic(Emhd) Studies On Electron Transport In An Inhomogeneous Plasma Medium
1476 Vikram Sagar Physical Sciences PHYS06200704006 Laser Driven Acceleration Of Charged Particles In Vacuum
1477 Ashwin Joy Physical Sciences PHYS06200704007 Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of Coherent Structures In Strongly Coupled Yukawa Liquids
1478 Gurudatt Gaur Physical Sciences PHYS06200704008 Study Of Shear Driven Electron Magnetohydrodynamic (Emhd) Instabilities In Plasmas
1479 Kshitish Kumar Barada Physical Sciences PHYS06200704009 Study Of Wave Propagation And Potential Structures In An Expanding Helicon Plasma
1480 Sita Sundar Physical Sciences PHYS06200704010 Study Of Fast Time Scale Phonomena In Plasmas
1481 Prabal Singh Verma Physical Sciences PHYS06200704011 Study Of Nonlinear Oscillations And Waves In Plasma
1482 Deepak Sangwan Physical Sciences PHYS06200704013 Studies Of Plasma Flows In Scrape-Off Layer Plasma Of Aditya Tokamak
1483 Ujjwal Sinha Physical Sciences PHYS06200704014 Radiation Pressure Acceleration Of Ions In Bulk Targets By Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses
1484 Pravesh Dhyani Physical Sciences PHYS06200704016 Biased Electrode Experiments In Aditya Tokamak
1485 Rameswar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS06200704018 Momentum Transport : Intrinsic Rotation And Zonal Flows In Microturbulence In Tokamaks
1486 Sushil Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS06200704019 Observation And Theory Of Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence In Laboratory Plasma
1487 Sanat Kumar Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS06200704020 Generalized Hydrodynamic Description Of Dusty Plasmas
1488 Manjit Kaur Physical Sciences PHYS06200804001 Self-Organized Dust Rotation In An Unmagnetized Dc Glow Discharge
1489 Sayak Bose Physical Sciences PHYS06200804002 Experimental Study Of Plasma Oscillations In Imped
1490 Soumen Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS06200904002 Study Of Localized Potential Structure And Heating In Expanding Helicon Plasma
1491 Aditya Krishna Swamy Physical Sciences PHYS06200904003 Global Gyrokinetic Study Of Electromagnetic Microinstabilities In Tokamak Plasmas
1492 Shrichand Jakhar Physical Sciences PHYS06201004001 Neutronics Benchmark Studies For The Tritium Breeding Blankets
1493 Aashoo Neelkamal Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS06201004002 Studies On Quench Characteristics Of Superconducting Magnets Of Sst-1
1494 Vikram Singh Dharodi Physical Sciences PHYS06201004004 Collective Phenomena In Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasma Medium
1495 Bibhu Prasad Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS06201104002 3D Simulations And Analysis Of Plasma Transport In The Scrape-Off Layer Of Tokamak Aditya
1496 Mangilal Choudhary Physical Sciences PHYS06201104003 Experimental Studies On Collective Phenomena In Dusty Plasmas
1497 Chandrasekhar Shukla Physical Sciences PHYS06201104004 Particle-In-Cell Simulations Of Fast Electron Time Scale Phenomena
1498 Akanksha Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS06201104006 Shear Flows In 2D Strongly Coupled Fluids-A Theoretical And Computational Study
1499 Vara Prasad Kella Physical Sciences PHYS06201104007 Ion-Flow Driven Instabilities In Sheath-Presheath Region Of Low Temperature Plasma
1500 Samirsinh Ganpatsinh Chauhan Physical Sciences PHYS06201104008 Studies On Magnetically Constricted Anode Plasma Source
1501 Harish Charan Physical Sciences PHYS06201104009 Yukawa Liquids Under External Forcing: A Molecular Dynamics Study
1502 Deepa Verma Physical Sciences PHYS06201104010 The Study Of Localised Solution In Laser Plasma System
1503 Roopendra Singh Rajawat Physical Sciences PHYS06201104011 Study Of Electrostatic Instabilities In Current Carrying Cold Plasmas
1504 Meghraj Sengupta Physical Sciences PHYS06201104012 Studies In Non-Neutral Plasmas Using Particle-In-Cell Simulations
1505 Neeraj Chaubey Physical Sciences PHYS06201104013 Synchronization Studies Between Two Coupled Glow Discharge Plasma Sources
1506 Surbhi Jaiswal Physical Sciences PHYS06201204001 Nonlinear Excitations In Flowing Complex Plasmas
1507 Bhumika Thakur Physical Sciences PHYS06201204002 A Study Of The Dynamics Of Delay Coupled Nonlinear Oscillators And Some Model Applications
1508 Amitkumar Dipchandbhai Patel Physical Sciences PHYS06201204003 Study Of Plasma In A Multi-Pole Line Cusp Magnetic Field
1509 Arghya Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS06201204004 Study Of The Breaking Of Relativistically Intense Longitudinal Waves In A Homogeneous Plasma
1510 Shri Umesh Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS06201204005 Effect Of Controlling Toroidal Field Topology In A Simple Toroidal Plasma: An Experimental Study
1511 Debraj Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS06201204006 Collective Plasma Structures With Kinetic Nonlinearity: Their Coherence, Interaction And Stability
1512 Laishram Modhuchandra Singh Physical Sciences PHYS06201204008 Studies On Driven Dust Vortex Flow Dynamics In Dusty Plasma
1513 Ratan Kumar Bera Physical Sciences PHYS06201204009 Fluid Simulation Of Electron Beam Driven Wakefield In A Cold Plasma
1514 Sonu Yadav Physical Sciences PHYS06201204012 Effect Of Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field On Helicon Antenna Produced Expanding Plasma
1515 Narayan Behera Physical Sciences PHYS06201204013 Investigation Of Diamagnetism In Laser-Produced Plasma
1516 Rane Ramkrishna Satyavan Physical Sciences PHYS06201204015 Experimental Study Of Near Anode Plasma In Hollow Cathode Cross Field Discharges
1517 Meenakshee Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS06201304002 Perturbation Studies In A Plasma Confined By Multi-Pole Line-Cusp Magnetic Field
1518 Pallavi Trivedi Physical Sciences PHYS06201304003 Driven Phase Space Structures In A 1D Vlasov- Poisson Plasma
1519 Sandeep Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS06201304004 Collective Structures In Two-Dimensional Strongly Coupled Dusty Plasmas
1520 Prabhakar Srivastav Physical Sciences PHYS06201304006 Experimental Study On Etg Turbulence Induced Plasma Transport In Large Volume Plasma Device
1521 Sagar Sekhar Mahalik Physical Sciences PHYS06201304008 Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study Of Resonance Absorption Phenomena In Intense Laser-Driven Atomic Nano-Clusters
1522 Jervis Ritesh Mendonca Physical Sciences PHYS06201304009 Flow Effects On Visco-Resistive Mhd In A Tokamak
1523 Atul Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS06201304010 Study Of Novel Features In Laser-Plasma Interactions
1524 Alamgir Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS06201304011 Investigation Of Laser Induced Plasma In Various Configurations
1525 Harshita Raj Physical Sciences PHYS06201304012 Study Of Generation And Transport Of Runaway Electrons In Aditya And Aditya-U Tokamak
1526 Lavkesh Lachhvani Physical Sciences PHYS06201404001 Long-Time Confinement Of Toroidal Electron Plasma In Smartex-C
1527 Rupak Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS06201404004 Turbulence, Flows And Magnetic Field Generation In Plasmas Using A Magnetohydrodynamic Model
1528 Garima Arora Physical Sciences PHYS06201504004 Laboratory Studies Of Stationary And Non-Stationary Structures In Flowing Complex Plasmas
1529 Srimanta Maity Physical Sciences PHYS06201504005 Molecular Dynamics Study Of Single Particle And Collective Effects In Dusty Plasmas
1530 Dipak Paramanik Physical Sciences PHYS07200604011 Nano-Structures Formation On Inp(111) Semiconductor Surfaces By Ion Beam Irradiation
1531 Somnath Bandyopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS07200604012 Signature Of The Higgs Boson Through Its Production In Association With A Top Quark Pair
1532 Srikumar Sengupta Physical Sciences PHYS07200604017 Aspects Of Qcd Phase Transition With Reaction-Difiusion Equations
1533 Nabyendu Das Physical Sciences PHYS07200604020 Some Aspects Of Quantum Phase Transition In Incipient Ferroelectrics
1534 Binata Panda Physical Sciences PHYS07200604021 Phenomenology With Magnetized D-Branes
1535 Subrata Majumder Physical Sciences PHYS07200604024 Studies Of Nanostructures, Ion Beam Patterned Surfaces And Their Interaction With Dna
1536 Ranjita Kumari Mohapatra Physical Sciences PHYS07200604027 Investigating Formation And Evolution Of Z(3) Walls And Flow Anisotropies In Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collision
1537 Rupali Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS07200604028 Electronic Structure Studies Of Graphite Systems And Some Transition Metal Oxides
1538 Poulomi Sadhukhan Physical Sciences PHYS07200604029 On Phases Of Dna, Entanglement, And Persistence
1539 Chitrasen Jena Physical Sciences PHYS07200604030 Partticle Production And Elliptic Flow Of Light Nuclei In Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions At Rhic
1540 Trilochan Bagarti Physical Sciences PHYS07200604031 A Theoretical Study Of Formation Of Clusters At Nanoscale Using Reaction-Diffusion Models In One And Two Dimensions
1541 Shankhadeep Chakrabortty Physical Sciences PHYS07200604032 Aspects Of Gauge/Gravity Duality
1542 Sourabh Lahri Physical Sciences PHYS07200604033 Flutuation Relations, Their Consequences And Some Examples
1543 Sachin Jain Physical Sciences PHYS07200604034 Transport Properties Of Strongly Coupled Gauge Theories From Holography
1544 Jatish Kumar Dash Physical Sciences PHYS07200604036 Growth Of Si-Ge Nanostructures On High Index Silicon Surfaces Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy And Their Characterizations
1545 Ambresh Kumar Shivaji Physical Sciences PHYS07200604037 Gluon Fusion Processes At One-Loop Withinthe Standard Model And Beyond
1546 Ashutosh Rath Physical Sciences PHYS07200604038 Dynamic And Static Tem Studies On The Formation Of Au-Si And Au-Ge Nanostructures
1547 Jaya Maji Physical Sciences PHYS07200804001 Effimov-Like States And Conformational Transitions Of Dna
1548 Souvik Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS07200804002 Going Out Of Equilibrium In Ads/Cft
1549 Abhishek Atreya Physical Sciences PHYS07200804003 Spontaneous Cp Violation In Quarkscattering From Qcd Z(3) Domainsand Its Cosmological Implications
1550 Sandeep Kumar Garg Physical Sciences PHYS07200804004 Patterning Of Si Surface By Medium Energy Ion Beam
1551 Raghavendra Rao Juluri Physical Sciences PHYS07200804005 Silver Endotaxial Nanostructures In Si And Their Sers Applications
1552 TANMOY BASU Physical Sciences PHYS07200804006 Ion-Beam Induced Nanostructuring Of Silicon And Its Applications
1553 Pramita Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS07200804007 Electronic Structure Studies Of Some Layered Superconductors And Semiconductors Using Photoemission Spectroscopy
1554 Vanarajsinh Jashavantsinh Solanki Physical Sciences PHYS07200804008 Studies Of Oxide Nanostructures Of Tio2, Zno, Nio And Ion Beam Patterned Surfaces For Photo-Absorption And Resistive Switching Properties
1555 Sh. Rama Chandra Baral Physical Sciences PHYS07200904001 Study Of Λ (1520) Resonances & D Mesons At The Lhc Energies And Phase Transition In Magnetized Compact Stars
1556 Shubhashis Rana Physical Sciences PHYS07200904002 Effect Of Thermal Fluctuations On Classical And Quantum Systems At Small Scales
1557 Sabita Das Physical Sciences PHYS07200904003 Identified Particle Production And Freeze-Out Dynamics In Star At Rhic Beam Energy Scan Program
1558 Tanmoy Pal Physical Sciences PHYS07200904004 Dna Physics Near Melting Point
1559 Ms. Indrani Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS07200904005 Modifications Of Siox, Tio2 And Pdms Surfaces & Their Interactions With Dna And Cell
1560 Partha Bagchi Physical Sciences PHYS07200904006 Time-Dependent Quark-Antiquark Potential And Quarkonia Suppression In Heavy Ion Collisions
1561 Md. Nasim Physical Sciences PHYS07200904007 Azimuthal Anisotropy Measurements For Identified Particles Produced In Au + Au Collisions At Ösnn = 7.7-200 Gev
1562 Subhash Singha Physical Sciences PHYS07200904008 Identified Particle Production In Pb-Pb And Pp Collisions At Lhc Energies
1563 Sh. Anjan Bhukta Physical Sciences PHYS07201004001 Au-Ag Bimetallic Nanostructures Growth And Characterization On Ultra Clean Silicon Substrates
1564 Arnab Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS07201004002 Growth, Characterization And Applications Of Variable Oxygen Deficient Oxide Hetero-Nanostructures (Au-Zno And Au-Geo2)
1565 Shalik Ram Joshi Physical Sciences PHYS07201004004 Nanostructure Formation On Rutile Tio2 And Ta Surfaces By Ion Beam Irradiation : Photoabsorption, Magnetism, Scaling And Kmc Studies
1566 Sh. Mohit Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS07201004005 Growth And Characterization Of Cu-O Based Solar Cell
1567 Sh. Himanshu Lohani Physical Sciences PHYS07201004006 Electronic Structure Studies Of Some Topological Insulators And New Superconductors Using Photoelectron Spectroscopy And First Principles Calculations
1568 Shaikh Sazim Physical Sciences PHYS07201004009 Quantum Correlations In Multiparticle Systems And Its Applications
1569 Shailesh Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS07201004010 Application Of Mean Field Theory To Nuclear Equation Of State And Drip-Line Nuclei
1570 Md. Rihan Haque Physical Sciences PHYS07201004014 Nuclei Production And Azimuthal Anisotropy Of Charged Particles In Heavy-Ion Collisions At Rhic
1571 Sh. Subrata Kumar Biswal Physical Sciences PHYS07201104002 Structural Properties Of Finite And Infinite Nuclear Systems And Related Phenomena
1572 Sumit Nandi Physical Sciences PHYS07201104005 Quantum Information Processing Protocols And Entanglement
1573 Bidisha Chakrabarty Physical Sciences PHYS07201204001 Studies On Non-Supersymmetric D1-D5-P Gravitational Bound States
1574 Sabya Sachi Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS07201204002 Exploring Light Sterile Neutrinos And Long-Range Forces In Long-Baseline Experiments
1575 Shreyansh Shankar Dave Physical Sciences PHYS07201204003 Superuid Transition, Topological Vortices, And Magneto-Hydrodynamic Simulations For Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions
1576 Puspendu Guha Physical Sciences PHYS07201204004 Silver Nanostructures On Oxide Surfaces: Growth, Characterizations And Applications
1577 Sudipta Mahana Physical Sciences PHYS07201204005 Magnetic And Ferroelectric Properties Of Some Advanced Functional Oxides And Related Phenomena
1578 Arpan Das Physical Sciences PHYS07201304001 Manifestation Of Entanglement In Quantum Foundation & Quantum Thermodynamics
1579 Chandan Datta Physical Sciences PHYS07201304002 Quantification And Characterization Of Entanglement And Coherence
1580 Bharat Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS07201304004 Implications Of Nuclear Interaction For Nuclear Structure And Astrophysics Within The Relativistic Mean-Field Model
1581 Paramita Maiti Physical Sciences PHYS07201304005 Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown Molybdenum Oxide Nanostructures: Growth, Characterizations And Applications
1582 Ashis Kumar Manna Physical Sciences PHYS07201304006 Growth Of Tio2 , Zno Nanostructured Films For Investigation Of Resistive Switching, Photo-Absorbance Properties, Glucose Sensing And Structural Phase Transition
1583 Pronoy Nandi Physical Sciences PHYS07201304007 Structural And Spectroscopic Investigations Of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Lead Halide Perovskites
1584 Debashis Saha Physical Sciences PHYS07201304008 Production Of Higgs Boson In Association With Another Two Bosons At The Hadron Colliders
1585 Mahesh Saini Physical Sciences PHYS07201304009 Nanoscale Functionalization Of Ion-Beam Fabricated Self-Organized Nanostructures On Silicon Surfaces
1586 Ranveer Singh Physical Sciences PHYS07201304010 Growth And Characterization Of Cdte-Baswd Multijunction Hole- Blocking Solar Cell
1587 Amit Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS07201404012 Polymeric Models For Chromosome Organization: Impact Of Cross-Linkers,Crowders And Confinement
1588 Ganesh Chandra Paul Physical Sciences PHYS07201404014 Transport And Magnetic Exchange Properties Of Spin-Orbit Coupled, Anisotropic Dirac Materials And Majorana Nanowires
1589 Partha Paul Physical Sciences PHYS07201404015 Some Aspects Of Holography And Black Holes
1590 Nishikanta Khandai Physical Sciences PHYS08200604008 Non-Linear Gravitational Clustering In The Universe
1591 Anamitra Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS08200604009 The Field Induced Melting Of Charge Order In The Manganites
1592 Arjun Bagchi Physical Sciences PHYS08200604010 The Non-Relativistic Limit Of The Ads/Cft Conjecture
1593 Subhaditya Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS08200604011 Supersymmetry With Non-Universal High-Scale Parameters And The Large Hadron Collider
1594 Ayan Mukhopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS08200604012 Nonequilibrium Aspects Of Gauge/Gravity Duality
1595 Rajesh Kumar Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS08200604014 Classical And Quantum Corrections To Entropy Of Extremal Black Hole
1596 Viveka Nand Singh Physical Sciences PHYS08200604016 The Impact Of Antisite Disorder On Magnetism And Transport In The Double Perovskites
1597 Manimala Mitra Physical Sciences PHYS08200604017 Neutrinos And Some Aspects Of Physics Beyond The Standard Model
1598 Shamik Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS08200604018 Counting Microscopic Degeneracy Of N=4 Black Holes
1599 Shailesh Lal Physical Sciences PHYS08200604019 Higher-Spin Theories And The Ads/Cft Correspondence
1600 Sanjoy Biswas Physical Sciences PHYS08200604020 Unveiling Some Supersymmetric Scenarios Using Tau-Leptons At The Large Hadron Collider
1601 Joydeep Chakrabortty Physical Sciences PHYS08200604021 Some Aspects Of Grand Unified Theory: Guage Coupling Unification With Dimension-5 Operators And Neutrino Masses In An So(10) Model
1602 Nishita Desai Physical Sciences PHYS08200604022 Signals Of Supersymmetry And Higgs At The Large Hadron Collider
1603 Ujjal Kumar Dey Physical Sciences PHYS08200605001 Some Studies On Minimal And Non-Minimal Universal Extra Dimension
1604 Girish Kulkarni Physical Sciences PHYS08200605002 Evolution Of Galaxies And The Intergalactic Medium At High Redshift
1605 Ipsita Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS08200605003 Aspects Of Supersymmetric Black Holes And Galilean Conformal Algebras
1606 Rajarshi Tiwari Physical Sciences PHYS08200605004 The Effect Of Geometric Frustration On Some Correlated Electron Systems
1607 Satyanarayan Mukhopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS08200605005 New Physics With Low Missing Energy: Identification And Discrimination At The Lhc
1608 Dhiraj Kumar Hazra Physical Sciences PHYS08200605006 Primordial Features And Non-Gaussianities
1609 Ram Lal Awasthi Physical Sciences PHYS08200704001 Beyond Standard Model Physics: A Non-Susy Grand Unification Perspective
1610 Atri Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS08200704002 Probing Standard And Non-Standard Physics With Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos
1611 Arunabha Saha Physical Sciences PHYS08200804001 Some Classical And Semi-Classical Aspects Of Higher Spin Theories In Ads3
1612 Sourav Mitra Physical Sciences PHYS08200804002 Physics Of Cosmological Reionization And Structure Formation In The Universe
1613 Saurabh Niyogi Physical Sciences PHYS08200804003 Some Studies Of Non-Minimal Universal Extra Dimension At The Large Hadron Collider
1614 Sabyasachi Tarat Physical Sciences PHYS08200804004 Thermal Fluctuations In Disordered Superconductors
1615 Vikas Chauhan Physical Sciences PHYS08200804005 Theoretical Studies Of A Single 3D Transition Metal Doped Simple And Noble Metal Clusters Using Density Functional Theory
1616 Saurabh pradhan Physical Sciences PHYS08200805002 Studies In Strongly Correlated Systems
1617 Manoj Kumar Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS08200805003 Precise Predictions For Processes Of Interest At Lhc
1618 Akansha Singh Physical Sciences PHYS08200904001 First-Principles Studies Of Subsrate Supported Metal Clusters: From Fundamentals To Applications
1619 Nyayabanta Swain Physical Sciences PHYS08200905003 The Mott Transition In Strongly Frustrated Lattices
1620 Abhishek Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS08200905004 Finer Consistency Checks On Bps Black Hole Entropy In String Theory
1621 Shrobona Bagchi Physical Sciences PHYS08200905005 Explorations In Entanglement Of Purification And Multipartite Entanglement
1622 Sh. Swapnamay Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS08200905006 Zero Angular Momentum Conjecture For Bps Black Holes In String Theory
1623 Sh. Mehedi Masud Physical Sciences PHYS08200905007 Study Of Cp Violation And Mass Hierarchy Sensitivities At Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments
1624 Avijit Misra Physical Sciences PHYS08200905008 Thermodynamic Aspects Of Quantum Coherence And Correlations
1625 Ushoshi Maitra Physical Sciences PHYS08201004001 Some Studies On Additional Scalars At The Lhc
1626 Shankha Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS08201004002 Anomalous Higgs Couplings And Collider Data : Some Model-Independent Studies
1627 Roji Pius Physical Sciences PHYS08201004003 Perturbative Aspects Of String Theory And Gauge/String Duality
1628 Maguni Mahakhud Physical Sciences PHYS08201004004 Next To Next To Leading Order Corrections In Tev Scale Gravity Models
1629 Utkarsh Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS08201004005 Dynamics Of Quantum Correlations In Clean And Disordered Many-Particle Systems
1630 Avinanda Chaudhuri Physical Sciences PHYS08201004006 Seesaw And Seesaw-Like Scenarios: Some Phenomenological Implications
1631 Abhishek Joshi Physical Sciences PHYS08201005001 Thermal Properties Of Strongly Correlated Bosonic And Fermionic Superfluids
1632 Aritra Gupta Physical Sciences PHYS08201005002 Calculation Of Relic Density And Detection Prospects Of Non-Thermal Dark Matter : A General Study
1633 Aditya Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS08201104001 Some Field Theoretical Studies In Condensed Matter Physics
1634 Ashutosh Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS08201104005 Monogamy Of Quantum Correlations
1635 Debasis Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS08201104006 Quantum Uncertainnty, Coherence And Quantum Speed Limit
1636 Nabarun Chakrabarty Physical Sciences PHYS08201104007 Extended Higgs Sectors, Vacuum Stability And Related Issues
1637 Uttam Singh Physical Sciences PHYS08201104009 Resource Theories Of Quantum Coherence And Entanglement
1638 Ajanta Maity Physical Sciences PHYS08201104010 Density Functional Study Of Electronic Properties Of Monolayer Black And Blue Phosphorus
1639 Arijit Dutta Physical Sciences PHYS08201105001 Nonequilibrium Response And Dynamics In The Mott Insulator
1640 Shri Dibya Kanti Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS08201105002 Transport And Collective Modes In Dirac Materials
1641 Sauri Bhattacharyya Physical Sciences PHYS08201105005 Finite Temperature Dynamics In Strongly Correlated Systems
1642 Tamoghna Das Physical Sciences PHYS08201105007 Role Of Quantum Correlations In Quantum Communication Networks
1643 Subhroneel Chakrabarti Physical Sciences PHYS08201204002 Scattering Of Massive States In Pure Spinor Superstrings
1644 Sitender Pratap Kashyap Physical Sciences PHYS08201204003 Massive States In Pure Spinor Superstring And Evading An Implication Of String Theory - Vaccum Decay
1645 Mritunjay Kumar Verma Physical Sciences PHYS08201204004 Some Aspects Of Amplitudes In Quantum Field Theories
1646 Ruchi Saxena Physical Sciences PHYS08201204005 Dirac Materials With Spin-Orbit (So) Coupling
1647 Sudipto Singha Roy Physical Sciences PHYS08201204007 Resonating Valence Bond States-A Quantum Information Perspective
1648 Siddharth Dwivedi Physical Sciences PHYS08201204008 Traces Of New Physics In Collider Data
1649 Juhi Dutta Physical Sciences PHYS08201205003 Analyzing Signals Of Some Compressed Spectra In Supersymmetry At Lhc
1650 Satadal Datta Physical Sciences PHYS08201205004 Emergent Gravity Phenomena In Accreting Astrophysical Systems
1651 Md. Arif Shaikh Physical Sciences PHYS08201205006 On Emergent Sonic Geometry Through The Linear Perturbation Of Relativistic Black Hole Accretion
1652 Samiran Roy Physical Sciences PHYS08201304002 New Physics With Neutral And Charged Current Measurements At Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments
1653 Abhass Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS08201304003 Linking Inflation With Dark Matter, Baryogenesis And Neutrino Masses
1654 Sarif Khan Physical Sciences PHYS08201305001 Explaining Dark Matter And Neutrino Masses By Beyond Standard Model Physics
1655 Ritabrata Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS08201305002 Study Of Chaotic Behaviour And Thermalization In Syk Model
1656 Gautam Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS08201305003 Uncertainty Relations, Quantum Coherence And Quantum Measurement
1657 Shouvik Roy Choudhury Physical Sciences PHYS08201305004 Neutrino Mass Bounds From Cosmology
1658 Sreetama Das Physical Sciences PHYS08201305005 Quantum Information Processing In Noisy Environments
1659 Chiranjib Mukhopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS08201305006 Aspects Of Quantum Resources In Thermal Environment
1660 Dipyaman Pramanik Physical Sciences PHYS08201305008 New Physics Searches At Long-Baseline Experiments
1661 Biswajit Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS08201405004 Classical And Quantum Subleading Soft Theorem In Four Spacetime Dimensions
1662 Vinu Lukose Physical Sciences PHYS10200604001 A Study Of Dirac Sea Effects On The Integer Quantum Hall States Of Graphene
1663 Jebathilagar Solomon Ivan Physical Sciences PHYS10200604003 Nonclassicality And Entanglement In Continuous Variable Systems
1664 Syed Mohammed Kamil Physical Sciences PHYS10200604004 Problems In The Statics And Dynamics Of Nematic Liquid Crystals
1665 Basudha Misra Physical Sciences PHYS10200604005 Some Aspects Of The Phenomenology Of B Mesons
1666 Raj Kumar Pan Physical Sciences PHYS10200604006 Modularity And Hierarchy In Complex Systems: Relating Network Structure To Dynamics
1667 Jampa Maruthi Pradeep Kanth Physical Sciences PHYS10200604007 Molecular Mean Field Theory For Liquid Water And Hydrophobic Force
1668 Alok Laddha Physical Sciences PHYS10200604008 Parametrized Field Theories And Loop Quantization
1669 Amit Kumar Bhattacharjee Physical Sciences PHYS10200604009 Inhomogeneous Phenomena In Nematic Liquid Crystals
1670 Abhinav Saket Physical Sciences PHYS10200604011 Topological Qubits In Quantum Spin Chains
1671 Samrat Bhowmick Physical Sciences PHYS10200604012 Study Of Early Universe In An M Theoretic Model
1672 Nilanjan Sircar Physical Sciences PHYS10200604013 Aspects Of Ads/Cft
1673 Sandipan Sengupta Physical Sciences PHYS10200604014 Guage Theory Of Gravity With Topological Invariants
1674 Alok Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS10200605001 Studies In Su (2) Savvidy Model Of Qcd
1675 Chandradew Sharma Physical Sciences PHYS10200605003 Phenomenology Of B Meson And Cp Violation
1676 Kinjal Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS10200605004 Studies In Loop Quantization Of Cosmological Models
1677 Vallan Bruno Cruz Physical Sciences PHYS10200605005 Electron Transport In Electrochemical Environment
1678 K. Gopala Krishna Murty Physical Sciences PHYS10200605006 Bkm Lie Super Algebras In N= 4 Supersymmetric String Theory
1679 Sandeep K. Goyal Physical Sciences PHYS10200605007 Controlled Entanglement Dynamics In Open Quantum Systems
1680 Krishna Kumar Sabapathy Physical Sciences PHYS10200605008 Some Aspects Of The Interplay Between Bipartitecorrelations And Quantum Channels
1681 Rajeev Singh Physical Sciences PHYS10200605009 Order-Disorder Transitions And Spatio-Temporal Pattern Formation In Complex Systems
1682 Somdeb Ghose Physical Sciences PHYS10200605010 Population Fluctuations, Nonequilibrium Flows And Instabilities In Some Model Systems
1683 Inbasekar Karthik Physical Sciences PHYS10200704001 Attractor Mechanism In Gauged Supergravity
1684 Neeraj Kumar Kamal Physical Sciences PHYS10200704002 Pattern Formation In Complex Systems
1685 Tanumoy Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS10200705002 Phenomenology And Lhc Signatures Of Exotic Fermions
1686 Rajarshi Pal Physical Sciences PHYS10200804003 Aspects Of Joint Measurement And Interrelation Of Quantum Correlations And Channels
1687 Diganta Das Physical Sciences PHYS10200804004 Model Independent Extraction Of New Physics From Hadronic Uncertainties In B ® K*L+L- Decay
1688 Sudhir Narayan Pathak Physical Sciences PHYS10200804005 Large Scale Behaviour Of The Freely Cooling Granular Gas
1689 Rohan Raghava Poojary Physical Sciences PHYS10200904001 Aspects Of Holographic Induced Gravities
1690 P.V. Sriluckshmy Physical Sciences PHYS10200904003 A Study Of Spin-Liquids In The Kitaev-Hubbard And Kitaev-Heisenberg Models
1691 Nirmalya Kajuri Physical Sciences PHYS10200904004 Aspects Of Polymer Quantization
1692 Dibyakrupa Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS10200904007 Investigating Violations Of Some Fundamental Symmetries Of Nature Via Dalitz Plots And Dalitz Prisms
1693 Archana Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS10200904008 Study Of Interactions In The Hofstadter Regime Of The Honeycomb Lattice
1694 Sh. Abhrajit Laskar Physical Sciences PHYS10200905002 Microhydrodynamics Of Driven And Active Filaments
1695 Tanmay Singal Physical Sciences PHYS10200905003 Some Problems In Quantum State Discrimination
1696 Tanmoy Modak Physical Sciences PHYS10201004001 Study Of Spin, Parity And Couplings Of A Bosonic Resonance At Colliders
1697 Arya S. Physical Sciences PHYS10201004003 On The Application Of The Two-Particle Self-Consistent Method To Some Problems In Many-Body Physics
1698 Tuhin Subhra Mukherjee Physical Sciences PHYS10201004004 Effective Models Of Beyond The Standard Model Scalars Coupled To Vector-Like Fermions And Their Phenomenology
1699 Joyjit Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS10201004005 Phase Transitions In Systems Of Hard Anisotropic Particles On Lattices
1700 Soumyadeep Bhattacharya Physical Sciences PHYS10201004008 Role Of Topological Defects In Breaking And Enhancing Discrete Symmetries
1701 Sh. Subhadeep Roy Physical Sciences PHYS10201005003 Interplay Of Stress Release Range And Disorder In Fracture
1702 Tanmay Mitra Physical Sciences PHYS10201005004 Adaptive Dynamics Of Intra- And Inter-Cellular Networks: Emergence Of Memory And Learning In Cell Signaling And Immune Systems
1703 Aritra Biswas Physical Sciences PHYS10201005005 Phenomenology Of The Charm Decays
1704 SK Jahanur Hoque Physical Sciences PHYS10201005006 Physics Of Gravitational Waves In Presence Of Positive Cosmological Constant
1705 Ms. Soumya Sadhukhan Physical Sciences PHYS10201005007 The Phenomenology Of Beyond The Standard Model Scalars Due To Extended Symmetries With New Fermions
1706 Narayan Rana Physical Sciences PHYS10201005008 Perturbative Qcd Corrections To Processes At The Lhc
1707 Sh. Taushif Ahmed Physical Sciences PHYS10201005009 Qcd Radiative Corrections To Higgs Physics
1708 Dhargyal Physical Sciences PHYS10201104001 Phenomenological Studies Of The Observed Anomalies In Then T Sector
1709 Trisha Nath Physical Sciences PHYS10201104002 Phase Behaviour And Ordering In Hard Core Lattice Gas Models
1710 Pinaki Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS10201104005 Holography And Brownian Motion
1711 Upayan baul Physical Sciences PHYS10201104006 Influence Of The Presence Of Solutes On The Structural And Dynamical Properties Of Lipid Membranes And Water
1712 Renjan Rajan John Physical Sciences PHYS10201105001 Non-Perturbative Aspects Of Supersymmetric Gauge Theories With Surface Operators
1713 Rajesh Singh Physical Sciences PHYS10201204001 Microhydrodynamics Of Active Colloids
1714 Rusa mandal Physical Sciences PHYS10201204003 Rare B Decays As A Probe To Beyond Standard Model Physics
1715 Minati Biswal Physical Sciences PHYS10201204004 Zn Symmetry And Confinement-Deconfinement Transition In Su(N)+Higgs Theory
1716 Atanu Bhatta Physical Sciences PHYS10201204005 Holographic Conformal Partial Waves
1717 Prosenjit Haldar Physical Sciences PHYS10201204006 Study Of Quantum Transport At The Metal-Insulator Transition In Falicov-Kimball Model Within Alloy Analogy
1718 Rishu Kumar Singh Physical Sciences PHYS10201204008 Non-Equilibrium Dynamics In Complex Networks
1719 Shri Madhusudhan Raman Physical Sciences PHYS10201205002 Modular Structures In Superconformal Field Theories
1720 Prathik Cherian J. Physical Sciences PHYS10201205003 Beyond Quantum Nonlocality In Continuous Variable Systems And Thermalization Of A Qubit
1721 Arindam Mallick Physical Sciences PHYS10201205004 Quantum Simulation Of Neutrino Oscillation And Dirac Particle Dynamics In Curved Space-Time
1722 Dipanjan Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS10201205005 Entropy Driven Phase Transitions In Hard Core Lattice Gases
1723 Arnab Priya Saha Physical Sciences PHYS10201205006 Soft Graviton Theorems In Higher Spacetime Dimensions
1724 Prasanna Kumar Dhani Physical Sciences PHYS10201205007 Higher Order Corrections And Soft Gluon Resummation In Perturbative Qcd
1725 Anirban Karan Physical Sciences PHYS10201205008 Probing Some Beyond Standard Model Scenarios In Different Sectors Of Flavour Physics
1726 Abinash Kumar Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS10201205009 Right-Handed Currents And Electroweak Penguins In B Decays.
1727 Anand Pathak Physical Sciences PHYS10201205010 Uncovering Functional Correlates Of Structural Organization In Brain Networks At Multiple Scales: From The Worm To The Human
1728 Anvy Moly Tom Physical Sciences PHYS10201205011 Attractive Interactions In Similarly Charged Polyelectrolytes
1729 Jilmy P Joy Physical Sciences PHYS10201205012 Shock Propagation In Dilute Inelastic And Elastic Media
1730 Ankita Chakrabarti Physical Sciences PHYS10201304001 Quantum Geometry Of Correlated Many-Body States
1731 Shri Pulak Banerjee Physical Sciences PHYS10201304002 Higher Order Qcd Corrections And Resummation Effects To The Drell-Yan Process In The Standard Model And Beyond
1732 Sagnik Chakraborty Physical Sciences PHYS10201304004 Phenomenological And Foundational Aspects Of Non-Markovianity
1733 Sanjoy Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS10201304005 Search For Sterile Neutrinos At Colliders
1734 Dheeraj Kumar Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS10201304006 Thermodynamic Corrections Due To An Invariant Ultraviolet Scale And Its Implications
1735 Shilpa Kastha Physical Sciences PHYS10201404001 Gravitational Waves From Compact Binary Coalescences: Tests Of General Relativity And Astrophysics
1736 Vigneshwar N. Physical Sciences PHYS10201404002 Entropy Driven Phase Transition In Hard Core Lattice Gas Models In Three Dimensions
1737 R. Prashanth Physical Sciences PHYS10201404003 Positive Geometry Of Scalar Theories
1738 Sourav Ballav Physical Sciences PHYS10201404004 Surface Operators, Seiberg-Dual Quivers And Contours
1739 Garima Rani Physical Sciences PHYS10201504003 Understanding The Mechanical Response Of Bacterial Cell Walls And Cell Membranes Against Antimicrobial Agents
1740 Niladribihari Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS11201004012 Study Of Bs ®M+M- And B+®K*+ M+M- Using Cms Data At 7/8 Tev
1741 Niru Chowdhury Physical Sciences PHYS11201004013 Effect Of Random Anisotropy On Magnetization Reversal In Continuous And Discontinuous Thin Films
1742 Arup Bhowmick Physical Sciences PHYS11201204007 Study Of Rydberg Blockade In Thermal Atomic Vapor
1743 Avanendra Singh Physical Sciences PHYS11201204008 Extended And Point Defects Assisted Phenomena In Zno Nanorods
1744 Kishora Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS11201204009 Study Of K.(892)0 Resonance Production In High Energy Pp And Pb–Pb Collisions With Alice Detector At The Lhc
1745 Koushik Mandal Physical Sciences PHYS11201204010 Search For Scalar Top Quark Using 13 Tev Proton Proton Collision Data From Cms, Lhc Proton Collision Data From Cms, Lhc
1746 Shri Mukesh K. Shukla Physical Sciences PHYS11201204011 High Power Continuous Wave Tunable Laser Sources From Visible To Mid-Ir Based On Optical Parametric Oscillators
1747 Protick Mohanta Physical Sciences PHYS11201204013 Heavy Hadron Spectrum On Lattice With Nrqcd Bottom And Hisq Lighter Quarks
1748 Rita Maji Physical Sciences PHYS11201204014 Investigation Of Functionalized Graphene, Hexagonal Boron Nitride And Their Hybrids From First Principles And Mean-Foeld Hubbard Model In Serch Of Controlled Magnetism And Chemical Activation
1749 Samir Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS11201204015 Linear And Nonlinear Optical Effects In Sub-Wavelength Structures
1750 Sougata Mallick Physical Sciences PHYS11201204016 Static And Dynamic Magnetization In Magnetic Antidot Lattice Arrays
1751 Srijani Mallick Physical Sciences PHYS11201204017 Spinterface With Fullerene
1752 Vantari Siva Physical Sciences PHYS11201204018 Phase Syntheses Of Ni-Bi System Using Ion Beam Mixing
1753 Subrata Jana Physical Sciences PHYS11201304012 Assessment And Benchmarking Of Proposed Exchange-Correlation Approximations In Density Functional Theory
1754 Sushree Subhadarshinee Sahoo Physical Sciences PHYS11201304013 Applications Of Fwm And Xpm Induced By Ground-State Coherence In Thermal Atomic Vapor
1755 Vipul Bairathi Physical Sciences PHYS11201304014 Azimuthal Anisotropy Of Strange And Multi-Strange Hadrons In Heavy-Ion Collisions At Rhic
1756 Ashutosh Dash Physical Sciences PHYS11201305001 Influence Of Hadronic Interactions And Magnetic Field On The Bulk Properties Of Matter Produced In Heavy-Ion Collision
1757 Deepali Mishra Physical Sciences PHYS11201404001 Black Hole Microstates And Solution Generating Techniques
1758 Dushmanta Kara Physical Sciences PHYS11201404002 Study Of Rydberg Blockade And Anti-Blockade In Rubidium Atomic Vapor
1759 Ekta Bhatia Physical Sciences PHYS11201404003 Natural And Synthetic Domain Wall Induced Spin Triplet Correlations In Superconducting Multilayers And Josephson Junctions
1760 Sagarika Nayak Physical Sciences PHYS11201404008 Static And Dynamic Magnetic Properties Of Soft/Hard Ferromagnetic And Ferromagnetic/Antiferromagnetic Bilayers
1761 Shri Arjun Mani Physical Sciences PHYS11201504002 Studies On Edge Mode Transport In Quantum Hall,Quantum Spin Hall And Quantum Anomalous Hall Samples
1762 Sourav Kundu Physical Sciences PHYS11201504005 Angular And Momentum Distribution Of Vector Mesons Produced In Proton-Proton And Heavy-Ion Collisions At Lhc Energies
1763 Suresh Gangotra Strategic Studies STRA01201004001 Evaluation Of Proliferation Resistance Of A Nuclear Fuel Fabrication Facility
1764 Kuriakose K.K. Strategic Studies STRA02200704001 Information Technology And Knowledge Engineering Centric Knowledge Management: A Maturity Model Based On Key Maturity Indicators
1765 Mihir Chatterjee Engineering Sciences ENGG01200603002 Least Square Based Artificial Compressibility Method
1766 Ananta Borgohain Engineering Sciences ENGG01201004012 Natural Circulation Studies On Lead Bismuth Eutectic Coolant
1767 Amit Sur Engineering Sciences ENGG01201204004 Phase Extraction Of Optical Interferometric Signals Based On Improved Time-Frequency Method With Application To High Strain Rate Measurement
1768 Shrenik B.Patel Engineering Sciences ENGG01201404022 State Estimationand Multivariateprocessmonitoring In Multiscaleframework
1769 Ganesh Patel Engineering Sciences ENGG01201601042 Development Of A Framework Useful In Creating Virtual Panels For Pfbr Operator Training Simulator
1770 Sampada Bhujbal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201801008 Study, Design And Simulation Of Time Triggered Protocol For Distributed Sensor Network
1771 Gagandeep Singh Engineering Sciences ENGG01201801013 Fragility Assessment Of Rc Structure Using Incremental Dynamic Analysis Considering Variability Of Ground Motion, Damping And Soil Parameters
1772 Avichal Agarwal Engineering Sciences ENGG01201801014 Alteration Characterisation Of Fracture Zone And Its Implication In Uranium Mineralisation In And Around Gollavaripalle-Udumulakur Area, Kadapa And Anantapur Districts, Andhra Pradesh
1773 Divyanshu Pawar Engineering Sciences ENGG01201801034 Seismic Data Compression In Multi -Scale Framwork
1774 Sujaan Khan Engineering Sciences ENGG01201801052 Thermal Analysis Of Pet Target For Medical Cyclotron
1775 P. Rohith Engineering Sciences ENGG02201405016 A Study On Deformation Mechanisms In Perfect And Twinned Cu Nanowires By Atomistic Simulations
1776 Jinoop A N Engineering Sciences ENGG03201604001 Experimental Studies And Parametric Investigation On Laser Directed Energy Deposition Based Additive Manufacturing Of Hastelloy-X Thin Walls And Bulk Structures
1777 Shekhar Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG1A201801012 Numerical Investigations On The Tool Wear Of Single Crystal Diamond Tool While Modulation Assisted Machining Of Hardened Steel
1778 Rohit Kumar Saini Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801001 Petromineralogical And Geochemical Characterization Of Rehatikhol Formation, Chhattisgarh Supergroup In Singhora Protobasin To Decipher Controls Of Uranium And Fluorite Mineralization In Parts Of Mahasamund District, Chhattisgarh And Bargarh District, Odi
1779 Sanjeeb Kumar Dehingia Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801002 Petro-Mineralogical And Geochemical Characterisation Of Rhyolitic Tuff And Associated Rocks Around Buriwara, Barmer District, Rajasthan And Their Potentiality For Ree Mineralisation
1780 Bibhu Prasad Das Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801003 Global Optimisation Approach For Magnettc And Ip/Resistivity Data To Decipher Subsurface Structural Features And Cohductive Zoi{Es Favourable For Uranium Mineralisation In Ratpura Are& Ne Of Prithivipura, Sikar District, Ra'Asthan
1781 Ayush Srivastava Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801004 Delineation Of The Subsurface Structural Features Favourable For Uranium Mineralisation Using Ip/Resistivity And Magnetic Techniques Along Hulkal-Halbhavi Tract, Bhima Basin, Yadgir District, Karnataka.
1782 Chinnamilli Ramanjaneyulu Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801005 Modeling And Inversion Of Magnetic And Ip/Resistivity Data For Delineating Favourable Target Areas For Uranium Mineralization In Chhota Udaipur, Ajmer District, Rajasthan
1783 Dsouza Vinoy Arockiadas Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801006 Establishment Of Deformation Pattern In Kanchankayi East-Hulkal-Halbhavi Sector Of Kurlagere-Gogi-Gundanahalli (Kg) Fault And Its Implications On Uranium Mineralisation, Yadgir District, Karnataka
1784 Pranav Raj Tyagi Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801007 Structural And Sedimentological Studies Of Badami Sediments And Its Implication On Uranium Mineralization Along Deshnurgujanaltract, Belgaum District, Karnataka
1785 Rachana Phulera Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801008 Geochemical Characterization And Tectonic Environment Of Uraniferous Banganapalle Quartzite Of Kurnool Group, Sarangapalli Area In The Northern Margin Of Palnad Subbasin,Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh
1786 Rama Mohana Rao Dumpala Chemical Sciences CHEM01201104019 Speciation Of Actinides Or Their Lighter Homologues In Aquatic Environment
1787 Sitangshu Chatterjee Chemical Sciences CHEM01201504010 Integrated Isotope-Geochemical Investigation In The Selected Geothermal Areas Of India
1788 Pardhasaradhi Satha Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004003 Cyclotriveratrylene Based Molecular Capsules: Synthesis, Characterization And Guest Entrapment
1789 Subba Reddy Marri Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004008 Investigations Of Open-Framework Metal Sulfates And Supercapactiors Based On Vanadium Chalcogenides-Rgo/Cnt Hybrids
1790 Antara Garai Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004011 Synthesis Of Functionalized Porphyrins And Corroles And Their Applications In Materials Science
1791 Milan Kr. Barman Chemical Sciences CHEM11201004014 Bulky Guanidinate Ligand Stabilized Main Group Metal Complexes: Synthesis, Characterization And Reactivity Studies
1792 Woormileela Sinha Chemical Sciences CHEM11201104008 Synthesis, Structures, Spectroscopic Characterization And Oxidation State Distributions In Metallocorroles
1793 Ankur Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801009 Petrogenesis And Lithostructural Analyses Of Singhbhum Group Of Metasediments At Southern Extremity Of Singhbhum Shear Zone And Their Potential For U-Cu Mineralization In Kesharpur-Kusumbaritilogoria-Dumurdiha Tract, Mayurbhanj District, Odisha
1794 Manoj Kumar Routray Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801010 Characterization Of Uranium Mineralization And Development Of Genetic Model For Sabraoli Occurrence
1795 Abhijith V. Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801011 Establishment Of Litho-Structural Characteristics Of Siwaliks In Kangra Sub Basin To Understand The Control Of Uranium Mineralisation
1796 Sachin Aggarwal Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801012 Litho-Structural And Geochemical Characteristics Of Uraniferous Basement Rocks And Gulcheru Quartzite In And Around Veldurthi Area Along Western Margin Of The Cuddapah Basin, Kurnool District, A.P.
1797 Subhajit Pandey Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801015 Establishment Of Facies Variation In Kaimur Group Of Rocks And Their Association With Uranium Mineralization In Dhoha -Dursendi Area, Gwalior District, M.P.
1798 Monu Kumar Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801016 Characterization Of Uranium Mineralisation In Geratiyon Ki Dhani Area, Sikar District, Rajasthan, India
1799 Dommati Jalander Engineering Sciences ENGG1G201801017 Delineation Of Structural Features Favourable For U-Mineralization Within Basement And Derivation Of Basement Configuration Below The Khairagarh Group Of Rocks By Using Gravity, Magnetic And Time Domain Electromagnetic (Tem) Surveys In Between Bijepar - R
1800 G. Kiran Kumar Reddy Life Sciences LIFE01201604005 Antibiofilm And Antimacrofouling Potential Of Alkylimidazolium Ionic Liquids
1801 Satyaki Chatterjee Life Sciences LIFE05201604001 Gating-Induced Structural And Functional Dynamics Of Magnesium Channels In Membranes
1802 Vishal Sonali Shrinivas Meena Life Sciences LIFE09201104010 Regulation Of Cell To Cell Adhesion And Differentiation Of Spermatogonial Stem Cells By 14-3-3Y
1803 Ashutosh Kumar Life Sciences LIFE11201004001 Importance Of Trpv4 Channel In The Mitochondrial Structure-Function Relationship: Implication In Pain And Other Pathophysiology
1804 Sanjima Pal Life Sciences LIFE11201004004 Biological Studies On Different Cellular Responses To Bioactive Compounds Of Natural And Synthetic Origin
1805 P Sanjai Kumar Life Sciences LIFE11201404006 Role Of Trp Channels In Experimental Cell Mediated Immunity
1806 Pratikshya Ray Life Sciences LIFE11201404008 Effects Of Perturbation Of Gut Microbiota On Host Physiology: In C57Bl/6 And Balb/C Mice Models.
1807 Narayanan P. A. Mathematical Sciences MATH10201304004 Eigenvalue Statistics Of Higher Rank Anderson Tight Binding Model Over The Canopy Tree
1808 Sruthymurali Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504001 Planar Algebras, Quantum Information Theory And Subfactors
1809 Oorna Mitra Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504013 Quasi-Isometries Of Zn And Twisted Conjugacy In Certain Linear Groups
1810 Dipayan Chattopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS01201504019 Measurement Of Projectile Breakup X-Section In 6 7 Lit + Sn Systems
1811 Raghavendra K G Physical Sciences PHYS02201204004 Synthesis And Characterisation Of Model Oxide Dispersed Strengthered Alloys.
1812 Ijee Mohanty Physical Sciences PHYS02201504016 Development Of Squid Based Instrument For Geophysical Exploration.
1813 Jitendra Kumar Physical Sciences PHYS03201204006 Development And Studeis On Fiber Grating Sensonrs
1814 Praveen Kumar Yadav Physical Sciences PHYS03201404002 Studies On Influences Of Plasma Treatment On Treatment On Synchrotron Optics And Thin Film Structures
1815 Dhanshree Pandey Physical Sciences PHYS03201504002 First Principles Calculations To Study Effects Of Substitution On Electronic And Magnetic Properties Of 2-Dimensional Nanomaterials
1816 Sabina Gurung Physical Sciences PHYS03201504003 Static And Ultrafast Optical Response Of Metal - Semiconductor Hybrid Nanostructures
1817 Abyay Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS03201504005 Microscopic Investigations On Structural, Magnetic And Superconducting Properties Of Some High Temperature Superconductors
1818 Sabyasachi Paul Physical Sciences PHYS03201504009 Thermal And Transport Properties Of Rare Earth And Transition Metal Based Intermetallic Superconductors
1819 Suraj Prakash Physical Sciences PHYS03201802001 Numerical Optimization Of Longitudinal Magnetic Field Profiles Of A Dipole In A Low Emittance Lattice Cell
1820 Debojit Sarkar Physical Sciences PHYS04201104004 Two Particle Correlstions With Identified Triggre Particles In P-Pb And Pp Collisions At Large Hadron Collider (Lhc) Energy.
1821 Md Sabir Ali Physical Sciences PHYS04201204001 Study Of Ladder System In Rubidium And Development Of A Collinear Laser Spectroscopy Setup At The Isol Facility At Vecc
1822 Shaikh Safikul Alam Physical Sciences PHYS04201404007 Development Of Fast Timing Array At Vecc And Its Application In Nuclear Structure Study Around Z = 50 And N = 82 Shell Closure.
1823 Palash Khan Physical Sciences PHYS05200904002 Study Of Quark- Gluon Plasma By Measuring The Upsilon Production In P-Pb And -Pb Collisions At Forwaed Rapidity With Alice At The Lhc
1824 Ashim Roy Physical Sciences PHYS05201204005 Search For Physics Beyond The Standard Model In Photon + Missing Transverse Momentum Final State In Proton-Proton Collisions, Using The Compact Muon Solenoid Detector At The Large Hadron Collider, And Study Of Calorimetry For High Energy Physics Experimen
1825 Debajyoti Saha Physical Sciences PHYS05201204017 Investigation Of Complexity Dynamics And The Study Of Nonlinearity In The Self And Externally Excited Glow Discharge Plasma.
1826 Amrita Ghosh Physical Sciences PHYS05201204020 Study Of Coexistence/Competition Of Long-Range Orders In Hard-Core-Boson Systems
1827 Anwesha Chattopadhyay Physical Sciences PHYS05201604002 Strongly Correlated Band Insulators and Emergent SuperConductivity : A Generalized Gutzwiller Projection Approach
1828 Vidhi Goyal Physical Sciences PHYS06201104005 Experrimental Studies On Force Balance Mechanism In A Thermal Plasma-Torch
1829 Soumyabrata Chatterjee Physical Sciences PHYS07201104003 Ads Cosmologies And Gauge Theory Correlator
1830 Arpan Das Physical Sciences PHYS07201104004 Cosmology And Astroparticle Physics.
1831 Vijigiri Vikas Physical Sciences PHYS07201404018 Studies On Some Aspects Of Proton Dynamics In Squaric Acid System Using Pseudo Spin Models.
1832 Ujjal Kumar Dey Physical Sciences PHYS08200805001 Some Stdies On Minimal And Non-Inial Unversal Extra Dimension
1833 Rathul Nath R Physical Sciences PHYS10201304003 Two-Field Models Of Inflationary And Bouncing Scenarios
1834 PAPU SAMANTA Chemical Sciences CHEM01201604001 Photoinduced Electron Transfer Processes in Homogeneous and Microheterogeneous Media Involving Organic and Inorganic Donor Acceptor Systems
1835 Mohammad Soharab Physical Sciences PHYS03201604006 Growth and Investigations of Rare Earth doped Orthovanadate Laser Host Single Crystals
1836 Sandeep Joshi Physical Sciences PHYS01201604004 Electromagnetic properties of neutrinos and phenomenology of neutrino oscillations
1837 SUMIT VISHNU PRASAD Engineering Sciences ENGG01201504001 Heat Removal Capability Of Calandria Vault Water From Molten Corium Inside The Calandria Vessel During Severe Accident Conditions
1838 ARYA DAS Engineering Sciences ENGG01201604003 Structure and Dynamics Of Radionuclide Ligand Solvent Systems In The Fuel Reprocessing Molecular Dynamics Simulations Studies
1839 RUMU HALDER BANERJEE Physical Sciences PHYS01201504015 Phase Transformations and Structure Property Correlations In Ni Cr Mo Alloys
1840 Ajjath A H Physical Sciences PHYS10201604004 Radiative Corrections and Resummation Effects to Higgs Physics in QCD
1841 Shibasis Roy Physical Sciences PHYS10201305004 SU 3 flavor analysis of hadronic bottom baryon decays
1842 Aniketh Bishnu Life Sciences LIFE09201504006 A study on understanding the modulation in MAPK ERK and PI3KCA Akt signaling during acquirement of drug resistance
1843 ABHILASH PATRA Physical Sciences PHYS11201504001 Advance Density Functionals Based On Model Exchange Holes For A Wide Range Of Molecular And Solid State Systems
1844 NISHANT SHARMA Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504004 Computational Studies Of Aromatic Substitution And Gas Surface Reactions
1845 G S M KRISHNA CHAITANYA Physical Sciences PHYS02201204014 Development Of Glancing Angle Imaging Methodology GAIM For Detection Of Protrusion And Bowing Of PFBR Fuel Sub Assemblies
1846 USHA AMRUTLAL PATEL Life Sciences LIFE09201404005 Analysis of HPV EGFR and Hypoxia Markers and Their Association with Clinical Outcome in Subjects with Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Head and Neck
1847 PRATIP MITRA Physical Sciences PHYS01201604022 Simulation Based Optimization Of Indigenously Developed Inorganic Scintillators And Various Light Sensors To Develop Gamma Spectrometer Systems
1848 Pintu Barman Physical Sciences PHYS05201604020 Nanostructuring On Solid Surfaces Using Low Energy Atomic And Cluster Ions
1849 E Akshaya Devi Physical Sciences PHYS02201504019 First Principles Study of Energetics of Atomic Defects and Stability of B1 Type Oxides in BCC Ferromagnetic Iron
1850 Sudeshna Roy Chowdhury Life Sciences LIFE09201504010 Biogenesis Dynamics and Functions of Cargo vesicles in early secretory pathway and in extracellular milieu
1851 Arundhati Bute Physical Sciences PHYS01201504007 Investigation of effect of deposition parameters on composition structure and properties of plasma deposited boron carbide thin films
1852 Amrita Dhara Prakash Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404020 Effect of additives on structural and physico chemical properties of alkali borosilicate glass and alternative glass forming systems intended for immobilization of radioactive waste
1853 Rupam Karmakar Mathematical Sciences MATH10201404005 Positive cones of cycles and Seshadri constants on certain projective varieties
1854 Indrajeet Singh Physical Sciences PHYS01201504003 Development of Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Physics Analysis of High Temperature Reactors
1855 ARPAN KAR Physical Sciences PHYS08201504001 Dark Matter And New Fundamental Physics
1856 Sinduja M Physical Sciences PHYS02201604006 Investigations on the role of defects in the thermoelectric properties of the nanostructured bismuth telluride
1857 MOHSIN JAFAR Chemical Sciences CHEM01201404019 Preparation And Structural Investigations On Zirconolite And Pyrochlore Based Ceramics Potential Materials For Nuclear Back End Application
1858 KARIMULLA SHAIK Engineering Sciences ENGG01201304017 Analytical And Experimental Studies Of Flexible Rotor Bearing Damper System To Identify Instability Mechanism
1859 Ujjal Das Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504004 On the Hardy type potentials
1860 JAYDEEP DATTA Physical Sciences PHYS01201504022 A Study of Alternative Gas Mixtures of RPC and Diand#64256;erent Aspects of Neutrino Oscillation for ICAL at INO
1861 M BALAMURUGAN Engineering Sciences ENGG02201204014 Hydrodynamic Characteristics Of Annular Centrifugal Extractor And Helical Coil Based Fluidic Diode Pump
1862 Mrigendra Singh Kushwaha Mathematical Sciences MATH10201504006 A study of Kostant Kumar modules via Littelmann paths
1863 Ankita Bal Chemical Sciences CHEM11201504010 Synthesis of Nitrogen Based N Heterocycles via Metal Free Approach
1864 Rahul Aggarwal Physical Sciences PHYS03201404005 Raman spectroscopy study of epitaxially integrated polar GaP on non polar Si and Ge substrates
1865 KIRAN BHARADWAJ Chemical Sciences CHEM11201604033 Studies of Photophysical Processes of Semiconductor Nanomaterials and Molecular Fluorophores in Supramolecular Assemblies
1866 MADHURIMA PANDEY Physical Sciences PHYS05201504019 Astroparticle Physics With Particle Dark Matter Models Neutrinos And Gravitational Waves From First Order Electroweak Phase Transition
1867 SailiDutta Physical Sciences PHYS11201404009 The Distribution of Neutral Hydrogen in the Local Universe
1868 MANOJ KUMAR RAJA Engineering Sciences ENGG02201104029 XRD line profile analysis for understanding the influence of cold work on ageing behaviour in 304HCu steel
1869 SANJAY CHANDRA ANDOLA Physical Sciences PHYS01201404014 Investigations On Z Pinch Devices For Pulsed Radiography And Material Characterization
1870 Kamal Tripathi Physical Sciences PHYS10201404006 Conand#64257;ned Polymers in Biophysical Contexts
1871 SONAL SAXENA Physical Sciences PHYS03201204011 Studies on broadband terahertz radiation from ultra short two color laser induced plasma
1872 ARJUN PRADEEP Engineering Sciences ENGG02201504006 Mass Transfer From Rising Mixed Gas Bubble In Quiescent Liquid Pool Of SFR
1873 PRAGYNA PARIMITA SWAIN Physical Sciences PHYS02201504021 Measurement And Analysis Of Magnetocardiograms For Shielded And Unshielded Setups
1874 ARPITA SEN Physical Sciences PHYS08201404001 First Principles Studies Of Electronic And Magnetic Properties Of Atomic Clusters And Polar Oxides
1875 Suryanarayan Mondal Physical Sciences PHYS01201404020 Multiplicity Of MUON In 2m×2m Detector And Charge Ratio Of Cosmic MUON At Madurai
1876 Chebrolu Venkateshwara Rao Chemical Sciences CHEM02201604006 Investigations on the Extraction Behavior of Actinides in Ionic Liquid Medium and the Physicochemical and Aggregation Properties of the ionic Liquid Phase
1877 SANDEEP DATTATRAYA KANSE Physical Sciences PHYS01201304016 Estimation Of Inhalation Risk Due To Thoron And Decay Products In Thorium Fuel Handling Facilities
1878 SRUTHI MOHAN Physical Sciences PHYS02201504001 Ab initio simulations and Experimental studies on Irradiation induced defects in zr and Al containing ods steels and Constituent y4zr3o12 precipitates
1879 RATUL MAHANTA Physical Sciences PHYS08201405001 Topics In Conformal Field Theory And String Theory
1880 ROSY SARKAR Engineering Sciences ENGG02201604006 Investigation Of Structural Damage In Pool Type Fast Reactor Components During Thermal Transients
1881 Abhinendra Kumar Health Sciences HLTH09201304001 Efficacy of Dried Blood Spots for Assessing Biomarkers in Field Epidemiological Studies
1882 ARITRA DAS Physical Sciences PHYS05201504023 Effects of Magnetic Field in Heavy Ion Collision Phenomenology
1883 JIGYASA BATRA Physical Sciences PHYS01201304001 Characterization Of Wire Based Z Pinches For Efficient Energy Coupling
1884 DILLIP KUMAR MOHAPATRA Physical Sciences PHYS02201504025 Studies on parameters influencing field induced microstructures in magnetic fluids and its influence on optical properties
1885 K MARIAPPAN Engineering Sciences ENGG02201404008 Study On Tensile Low Cycle Fatigue And Creep Fatigue Interaction Behavior Of Simulated Microstructures And Actual Weld Joint Of P91 Steel
1886 DEVENDRA KUMAR DWIVEDI Physical Sciences PHYS01201404013 Development Of 3D Multi Physics Simulation Tool For Coupled Neutronics Thermal Hydraulics Studies Of Safety Transients In High Temperature Reactors
1887 Pragyesh Dixit Life Sciences LIFE11201404007 Understanding Phosphorylation Mediated Changes in the Subcellular Localization and Functioning of Siah2 Protein in the Context of Helicobacter pylori Mediated Gastric Cancer