Academic Programs

S. No. Program CodeProgram Name
 Department Affiliation: Chemical Sciences  
1CHEM00PGD (Chemical Sciences)
2CHEM02M Phil (Chemical Sciences)
3CHEM04PhD (Chemical Sciences)
4CHEM13Integrated MSc (Chemical Sciences)
 Department Affiliation: Engineering Sciences  
5ENGG00PGD (Engineering Sciences)
6ENGG01M Tech
7ENGG03MSc (Engineering Sciences)
8ENGG04PhD (Engineering Sciences)
9ENGG05Int. MSc-PhD (Double Degree) - (Engineering Sciences)
10ENGG18Int. PhD (Single Degree) - (Engineering Sciences)
 Department Affiliation: Life Sciences  
11LIFE00PGD (Life Sciences)
12LIFE04PhD (Life Sciences)
13LIFE24PhD(Computational Biology)
14LIFE13Integrated MSc (Life Sciences)
15LIFE18Int. PhD (Single Degree) - (Life Sciences)
 Department Affiliation: Physical Sciences  
16PHYS00PGD (Physical Sciences)
17PHYS02M Phil (Physical Sciences)
18PHYS04PhD (Physical Sciences)
19PHYS25PhD (Earth &Planetary Sciences)
20PHYS05Int. MSc-PhD (Double Degree - (Physical Sciences)
21PHYS08MSc (Physical Sciences)
22PHYS13Integrated MSc (Physical Science)
23PHYS18Int. PhD (Single Degree) - (Physical Sciences)
24PHYS26MSc (Medical and Radiological Physics )
 Department Affiliation: Applied Systems Analysis  
25APSA04PhD (Applied Systems Analysis)
26APSA18Int. PhD (Single Degree) - (Applied Systems Analysis)
27APSA27PhD (Humanities & Social Sciences)
 Department Affiliation: Mathematical Sciences  
28MATH04PhD (Mathematical Sciences)
29MATH28PhD (Computer Science)
30MATH29PhD (Theoretical Computer Science)
31MATH05Int. MSc-PhD (Double Degree)-(Mathematical Sciences)
32MATH13Integrated MSc (Mathematical Sciences)
33MATH30Int. MSc-PhD (Double Degree)-(Theoretical Computer Science)
 Department Affiliation: Medical & Health Sciences  
34HLTH04PhD (Medical & Health Sciences)
35HLTH05Int. MD/DM/MCh-PhD (Double Degree - (Health Sciences)
40HLTH11Dip RP
41HLTH15MSc (Nursing)
43HLTH17MSc (Clinical Research)
44HLTH19M.Sc. (Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging technology)
45HLTH20M.Sc. (Hospital Radiophamacy)
46HLTH21M.Sc. ( Public Health and Epidemiology)
47HLTH22M.Sc.(Occupational Therapy in Oncology)
48HLTH23M.Sc.(Patient Navigation)